Affair with her husband’s boss

Affair with her husband's boss asian sex story

Asian Sex Story: The annual work do was pretty much over, the band had stopped playing and the remnants of the guests had decanted to the bar. It was getting quite late and she found herself between two mingle groups. Her husband seemingly in occasional deep raucous laughter, with one group was distracted, trying to fit in. The other group was their wives and partners and she didn’t really know them that well. They women were nice enough in themselves but a bit of a clique and so she didn’t fit in or even want to fit in.

Her husband’s boss came in to get himself a drink before bed and being ever the gentleman rescued the lone female. They chatted amiably and she was relieved to be occupied. The wives group drifted out of the bar to find a quiet table and the men just eased away because they didn’t want to be too close to the boss.

Her husband noticed the boss and his wife and he was pleased she was entertaining him that must be a good thing. But he was slightly unsettled that the conversation looked a trifle to familiar with giggling and just a hint of flirting. He hadn’t been in the company many months and was apparently doing really well but there were persistent rumours of cutbacks, so best to keep the big man ‘happy.’ Let them flirt.

The boss talked about how much he liked her husband and his great potential for the future. He asked her about herself and they talked about silly stuff like holidays and gardening and general small talk. It seemed to her the boss was invading her body space a little and manoeuvring himself between the male group and her. He bought her another drink and for sure he placed himself between the men and her, or more specifically her husband and her.

The bar was pretty empty but for them but whilst the men remained she was safe enough.

But the men decided to adjourn to the pool room for a few frames and her husband was encouraged to join in and bond.

She was alone in the bar with the boss and a barman that kept disappearing out the back.

The boss was rather older than her, and she relatively newly married. Pretty and in the boss’s eyes really rather attractive. He closed the gap between them further and edged her to one end of the bar where it was a little more concealed. He talked of how he was alone since his wife was lost to a long term illness some years before. He said how he appreciated the company of a young beautiful woman, if only a borrowed woman few moments. He said he really appreciated her kindness in not running off with her husband, who he could see she loved very much, when he left to play pool.

And hearing of his loneliness and vulnerability, she melted and touched his arm and said it was her pleasure to be able to share some time with the #big boss,’ and she performed a mock curtsey, and they both giggled.

But he seized the moment and thanked her again and as he thanked her he slipped his arm around her waist. And she froze; this was a level of intimacy she had not expected. She didn’t stop him, but she didn’t encourage him. And he stroked the curve of her waist and squeezed gently and told her that he knew she may be a little uncomfortable but it had been so long since he had held a woman close and that it was really a great kindness her putting up with him.

And foolishly she melted again and relaxed allowing his caress.

He invited her to slip her arm around him, just to make an old man happy, and she did.

And he knew he had her on the hook like a fish. If he played this carefully she would be reeled in and a very dainty dish she would make for his late dinner.

His stroking became a little more adventurous. His hand moved way up her side, brushing the side of her breast; it snaked down following the contour of her hip. She was not sure what to do, but even though her brain was saying she should bring this to conclusion, something between her legs was stirring and saying to her, this attention was actually rather pleasant, let it go on.

The boss chattered on whilst stroking and occasionally just through reflex she respond by clutching or stroking him back, just a little, but enough to give him all the signal he needed to proceed.

And that is what he did, he proceeded.

He proceeded to let his hand slide slowly but purposefully across the cheeks of her behind and he squeezed. And the squeezing continued as he started to trace the line between the cheeks of her lovely backside.

And she came to her senses, just, beginning to pull away… ‘Oh my, you are naughty.’

‘I am’ he replied and held her more tightly so she couldn’t escape…

… unless she absolutely wanted to.

He whispered ‘If I let you go now, you won’t be invited back for a second chance’ he paused for effect, ‘ ever.

What did that mean she thought?

He was not bad looking, he was powerful, and he held their future in his hands, perhaps letting him go on wouldn’t be such a bad idea she thought. And the ache between her legs was telling her how much she was enjoying the attention.

And she relaxed into his advance again.

His hand had slipped a little lower and she suddenly realised that his hand had made its way under the hem of her dress, her legs were bare and she now felt his palm on the back of her leg. Her brain froze; her senses were in melt down. If this wasn’t her husband’s boss would she be allowing him to slip his hand under her skirt and make its way upwards, now very close to the join at the top of her legs.

The a****l within had suddenly come alive, big time, she was on fire; she had definitely been turned on by this unexpected, uninvited attention.

But what was happening was definitely wrong, surely she should stop him. However in the few moments she was wondering what she should do, his hand had reached journeys end and he was stroking her most intimate part with only the thinnest layer of silly undergarment preventing him from total access to, what was supposed to belong to her husband.

And more than that, she was surrendering herself, her innocence, in a public bar, in a hotel.

Through the fabric he had reached her love button and his experienced finger excited it in ways she hadn’t imagined possible. He moved his hand and let his finger slide as deep as the material would allow into the tunnel of love that was until now reserved for her husband. He could feel how hot, and how wet she was.

And as if reading her mind the boss spoke, ‘your husband is a very lucky man, he has you all the time, this is just a temporary, I am just borrowing you for a few moments, I know that is all and I am grateful that you indulge me so.’ And he leaned into her face and kissed her cheek tenderly.

She felt herself powerless to stop him. His emboldened fingers slipped underneath the elastic of her brief panties and he was granted free access to her most intimate parts. She parted her legs a little in acquiescence and he slipped fingers inside her and then stroked her love button and she swooned and gasped.

The barman could see what was happening and sort of tried to watch whilst pretending not to.

The other ladies kept well away. He had tried it on with most of them one way or another with varying degrees of luck.

And of all things, whilst he had fingers inserted deep in her, her husband appeared in the bar to check she was OK and to reclaim what was his. He could immediately see how flustered she looked and how close she was to the boss… was he touching her, surely not? Surely he couldn’t be touching her. The husband couldn’t tell at this distance, not for sure.

The boss instructed her quietly but firmly not to rearrange herself, he was going to continue fingering her whilst her husband approached. He was the boss!

The husband could now see what was going on and was totally confused as to what to do. This was his lovely young bride, but it was his boss that was helping himself to what wasn’t his, taking a complete liberty and to the husband’s bewilderment she seemed to be agreeable.

Was it OK to let your boss have his way with your wife, especially if you needed the job and there were persistent rumours of cutbacks?

No. This was wrong, but what should he do.

‘Your charming and beautiful wife has been good enough to entertain me for a while,’ he said innocently. Meanwhile under her skirt he had just found, what is nowadays referred to as, her G spot. A few gentle strokes and he made her gasp audibly, she was so hot, so turned on, the idea of the boss amusing himself, playing with her charms, and her husband looking on not stopping what was happening and she therefore assumed tacitly giving his apparent approval, y… it was such an unexpected aphrodisiac to her.

In his maturity the boss had learned how to pleasure a woman with his fingers and she was now helpless. He had taken her past the point at which she wanted it to stop.

She wanted more. She wanted him to go much further.

The boss suggested they adjourn to his room, they would be more comfortable!

Actually it was more of an instruction and he was taking charge before either of them changed their minds and they both accepted without question. There was no doubt he was about to have his way with her and her husband would be there to watch, take part and/or assist.

Once in the room the boss told the husband to sit and wait his turn. He obediently accepted the instruction.

The boss then embraced the wife and kissed her on the mouth, first touching her lips then sucking then inserting his tongue. And she responded passionately, accepting his embrace, then kiss and finally respond with her own tongue. Deep sloppy and needy kissing.

They stroked squeezed and touched each other through their clothes. And the boss invited the husband to come and unzip her dress, and once he had carried out that simple task, he was instructed to unhook her bra. In this way he was making sure that the husband was totally submitting to the boss’s will and that he wouldn’t try and stop things as they went further.

The boss continued his cuddle and kissing whilst her dress was flapping about. He stroked her young lovely back and reached as far into the dress as he could to hold her. She in turn parted her legs and was grinding herself against his leg.

The boss stepped back a fraction and asked the husband to remove her dress totally and hang it up, he didn’t want it to get creased.

He then prevented the husband from sitting again and got him to remove her bra.

The boss stood the wife, now just in panties and shoes, in front of the full length mirror and stood behind her admiring her body. He slipped his hand around her waist and pulled her close. He kissed her neck, and her ear. She wanted something more intimate but played her role of patient submissive.

He slowly moved his arm and then made sure both hands were in position to hold and caress her lovely breasts. Her nipples were tingling, demanding attention. Finally he played hell with her senses by expertly stroking and fondling them whilst continuing to kiss her neck.

The boss continued his breast holding with one hand, but let the other roam elsewhere and his fingers were soon inside her panties, parting her love lips and reacquainting themselves with the charms between and deep inside her legs. He was using two fingers to pump her and she was coming to climax so quickly it even took the experienced boss by surprise.

The boss spoke to the husband who was sitting watching in horrified fascination. ‘You are such a lucky man to have such a beautiful and sexy lady to live with. She is as gorgeous as any woman it has been my pleasure to set eyes on, and she is playful too. She was soaking wet between her legs before I even touched her. She must be very demanding; you must be worn out much of the time keeping her satisfied. You are so lucky and I am genuinely so jealous. And I thank you for letting me share her for these few moments… Now be a good sport and remove her panties so I can attend to her better.’

And he came over and dutifully removed the last vestige of decency she was wearing… Her hair was only trimmed a bit down below not shaved. The boss was a trifle disappointed, he would have liked and had been anticipating a bald area to lick, as lick he soon would, but hey ho, he wasn’t about to complain. It had barely been an hour since they started chatting to have her in his room, naked, wet between the legs and her husband submitting his wife to the boss’s will. No a few hairs were not something to complain about but perhaps next time…

‘My dear’ he addressed her now, ‘I think you know what Ii want you to do’ but actually she was far more innocent than he realised and she really didn’t. And for the second time he was disappointed in her and in irritation he smacked one of her breasts quite hard and she yelped with pain.

Her husband just sat not moving he did nothing to help her. If the boss would have thrashed her with his belt the husband would have just sat and watched. But it was in fact just one irritated smack.

‘You should be kneeling by now and undoing my trousers.’

She suddenly knew what was required and before long her mouth was full of him. He was big stiff and throbbing and thrusting into her mouth. He didn’t like this angle much so he lay her on the bed, on her back but with her head hanging over the edge. Now he had full unfettered access. He was able o thrust deep into her mouth.

And he did.

He instructed her in no uncertain terms how he wanted her to address his pole.

She wasn’t a fan of oral sex but she was certainly performing like a highly paid professional now and he was deeper in her mouth than any other man had ever been and much, much further than her husband, who was looking on in astonishment and wondering why she had not performed anything like this for him.

And the boss whilst enjoying free use of her mouth, even making her gag from time to time, repeated more than once to the husband how lucky he the husband was. Her mouth was a rare delight and the site of her naked body was a joy for any man lucky enough to have such access. And the boss couldn’t help commenting that he felt sure with such a relaxed moral attitude she, the wife, must have had many men enjoy the benefit of her mouth and other orifices. A pleasure to know there were still women with a promiscuous attitude…even though the boss knew this wasn’t true; he liked taunting them both thus.

Then he pleasured her with his tongue and fingers. And whilst licking and sucking her clitoral love button he inserted fingers in both front and rear passages, double penetrating her if you will, and made her climax more than once.

Then he climbed on her and drove into her and she was in heaven with her hips bucking and writhing. She was gasping and egging him on to be harder and faster.

The boss got the husband to come and hold her legs back. She was folded in half and the boss drove deep into her helpless body and she screamed with pleasure. The boss was driving into her frantically, and suddenly… It was over.

The boss’s fluid had spurted into her.

They lay panting and sweating. The husband had been dismissed from leg holding duty and sat down again.

When a few moments passed the boss enquired if the husband, having seen so much sex was ‘horny.’ And the husband had to admit he was. So the boss urged, or other might say, instructed the husband to follow his lead and make use of the wife, and he did.

She enjoyed the feel of her husband and was glad she could show him tenderness too and that his fluids had joined f***es with the boss’s deep inside her. And she caressed her husband tenderly to reassure him and to show how much she loved him.

But he boss had one last trick up his sleeve to show who was really in charge.

Once the husband had finished attending to his wife and they had cuddled a bit the boss told him to get dressed and he sent him home. He was keeping the wife for the evening and would arrange for her to go home, ‘when I am done with her, probably tomorrow, but maybe the day after I will put her in a taxi and give her back.’

It turned out that it was the next day she went home and the boss wanted to show his appreciation to the husband for being so considerate. He, the boss, wanted to surprise the husband, so he made sure when she went home she was fully shaved.

The boss shaved her himself.

It was the least he could do to show his appreciation.



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