Making love with a hot Asian neighbour

Making love with a hot Asian neighbor asian porn story

Asian Porn Story: I had to get out of my apartment. I was getting ‘stir crazy’. Not to mention horny. I’d been girl crazy from a young age. I got it from my dad. I found out he was fucking other women behind mom’s back. Dad was a really good looking guy and he knew it. It gave him a big head, but between his good looks and his charisma, animal magnetism, whatever it was, all women were willing to do whatever dad wanted.

When I caught dad he felt he needed to ‘buy my silence’. He had the woman he was banging take my cherry. I was only twelve at the time but she was willing to do it for dad. Both she and dad were impressed with the size of my cock, something I inherited from him. I wasn’t freakishly huge at that age, but dad said I was longer and thicker than he was at twelve. Turns out I inherited dad’s charisma and animal magnetism, too.

After that first time I was able to bed any woman I set my sights on. Now that I’m twenty-nine, I’m a handsome as dad AND I have a huge cock. I’m also rich but the ladies I fuck don’t know that and don’t care. I own my own business which I rarely step foot in. I’ll go in for a few hours on Mondays, mostly to keep my girls happy. I make the rounds, fucking as many of my female employees as I can. The rest of the week I keep in contact with my business via webcam [though one-way because I’m usually naked and banging some woman], though I’m rarely needed for business matters.

I keep a small but nice apartment, I’m all about the sex, not the ‘high life’. It suits my needs. This day in particular it was about three-thirty in the afternoon. As I said, I was going stir crazy and horny as hell [though I’d just fucked a women all night until nine that morning] so I just had to get out. I just got out of the door when a gorgeous Asian babe passed by, flashing me a bright smile.

Well, hello, there… I thought to myself.

She was about 4’10 and slim. She had a large C-cup which looked like a D on her small frame. Her hair was jet- black, eyes dark brown, small nose, lips made for cocksucking, and skin a little darker than most Asian women I’d seen. I hadn’t actually banged any Asians before, I this one I definitely wanted to bag, and bag her bad.

“Hi, there,” I said, giving her a big smile. “Haven’t seen you before. Are you one of my neighbors?”

“Yes,” She nodded, smiling again. She had the most perfect Asian accent… “Just down the hall,”she pointed.

“Well, I’m Jim,” I said.

“Pleased to meet you, Jim.” She said, putting out her hand for me to shake. “I am Christine Nguyen.”

Pleased to meat you, I thought to myself.

I took her hand but to kiss it instead. Christine giggled. I unlocked my door. “Why don’t you come in?”

“Okay,” she said, entering my apartment.

I didn’t waste any time. “You have amazing breasts, Christine,” I said as I cupped them.

“Thank you,” She giggled. “How can you tell?”

“Well, first of all, you’re braless. Second, your top is molded right to them. And third, I can see your areolae and nipples right through your top.” I really could. Christine’s nipples were hard and poking through. The top was so freakin’ thin I could make out her brown areolae perfectly, even the little bumps on them.

“Oh,” Christine giggled once more. “My boyfriend, he loves them, too.”

“You have a boyfriend?” I asked, still massaging her tits.

Christine nodded. “Yes. But he is always out of town working,” she pouted.

“That’s too bad,” I replied, trying to sound sympathetic. “When will he be back?”

Christine shrugged. “Not for weeks.”

I grinned. “Good.” I untucked her top and pulled it up, exposing her perfect tits.

Too slow, Christine exclaimed with a look of terror, “No, you can’t do that I’m only 18!” As soon as Christine said it her face turned red. “Oops. My boyfriend say I’m not supposed to tell anyone my real age…”

“How old is your boyfriend, Christine?”

“He’s thirty-five,” she admitted. “Please don’t tell no one! He would go to jail, and I really care for him. He take care of me and I have no place to go if he go to jail…” she pouted.

I pulled Christine top all the way over her head. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell,” I assured her. “But only under two conditions.” I began to remove the rest of Christine’s clothes.

“Anything! I do anything!”

“First, you will tell your boyfriend nothing about me,” I said as I pulled off her panties. Christine’s pussy was covered in a thick mass of black curls.

She nodded vigorously. “Okay.”

“And second,” I began as I pulled Christine to me, “I want to enjoy some of this jailbait whenever I want!”

Christine smiled and giggled. “Yes! You may do anything you want with me!”

I pushed her down on the armrest of the sofa and quickly undressed. “Suck my cock!” I ordered. Christine leaned forward and took my half hard cock in her hand. She wrapped her lips around my thick cock head and worked most of my length into her mouth.

Christine jerked me off as her head moved up and down my cock. Her mouth and hand were in perfect sync. I moaned as my cock quickly hardened. Christine increased her pace and I felt like I’d spurt off at any moment. I closed my eyes and let my head roll back.

This girl was good… Really good. I actually lasted another ten minutes before I exploded in Christine’s mouth with a loud groan. I pumped spurt after spurt of my thick white jizz into her mouth and she just as quickly swallowed it all down. After she drained my nuts and licked me clean, Christine marveled over how my cock was still stiff.

“My boyfriend, he never stays hard after he makes it shoot off,” She giggled. I grinned. Another advantage I had over him. I pulled Christine down on the floor and on top of me. “Ride my cock,” I ordered.

Without a word Christine straddled me, took hold of my throbbing cock, and lowered herself on it. She was wet, but very tight. I guess her boyfriend wasn’t I thick as me… She moaned as she went down, forcing herself to take my cock. Christine was breathing heavy before she even began to fuck me. She moved slowly at first, eyes closed, moaning and groaning loudly.

Once she had her first orgasm and her pussy got wetter Christine was able to take my cock more easily. She began to ride my cock hard. She screamed out loud in orgasm after orgasm as she pounded her tight hole down around my cock. Christine was sweaty and exhausted long before I was ready to cum again. But she kept at it like the good little Asian slut she truly was. Her voice was hoarse from all the screaming and I’d bet her pussy was sore as hell.

I held the underside of her thighs and pounded my cock up into Christine harder. She tried to scream but could only manage a gasp. Finally, forty minutes after we’d started fucking, I blew my load up into Christine’s exhausted pussy. She squealed as I shot in her and came once more. Once she caught her breath, Christine managed to gasp out, “You came in me… You came inside me…”

I shrugged. “You’re on the pill, right?”

“The pill?” Christine repeated, giving me a blank look. Oh, boy…



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