Wife gets facial shots from a Photographer

Wife gets facial shots from a Photographer asian porn story

Asian Porn Story: I don’t really know how it started, only that it did and then my life changed in so many ways. I had better explain. My name’s Dave Cousins, and I am a photographer. I inherited the business from my father, he died when I was 25, and over the last three years I have managed to expand it a little.

We do all the usual stuff, weddings, kids, portfolios. Up until last year I had never considered adult material, had no idea about the market for it.

The idea started when I was watching a XXX video when my wife was away, the women were just a little too perfect for me, the clothes too sexy, and the panting …well… a little hammy. I had just leased another studio space and hadn’t really had time to do anything with it yet, when I put these two ideas together I found myself getting pretty excited. It was something for me, I must admit, not for profit.

I suppose there is a lot of the voyeur in every photographer. I wanted to see real woman on video, the ones we pass on the street, or work with, or live next door to, and just see how far they would go. And all the panting had to be genuine.

So, with that initial idea I put some fairly low key adds in various places; free newspapers, porn magazines, some trade papers. “Models wanted for adult video, no experience preferred.”

The first week a few replies arrived, I sifted out the ones from the professional models with glossy photos and narrowed the field to one. Ironically it was a reply to one of the local free newspapers, a very tentative letter from a woman called Lucy, in her letter she said she was 25, had a husband who she wanted to surprise, but was very nervous.

The photo clinched it, it was a passport photo, head and shoulders, she was pretty in a girl-next-door sort of way. No makeup, a thin face framed by short blonde hair.

I wrote to her and invited her to an interview session for the next week, then I set about creating a set in the new premises. I put together two sets, a bedroom and a lounge, I also brought a box full of toys in case it got that far.

The day arrived and I was putting the finishing touches to the sets when there was a timid knock. I answered the door and found Lucy smiling nervously on the doorstep.

“Hello, Mr. Cousins?”

“Yes. Dave, call me Dave.”

She shook hands nervously and I invited her into the cluttered reception, I had made sure there would be no other staff there that afternoon.

She was dressed smartly, wearing a matching dark skirt and jacket, black tights and a cream blouse. She was slight, 5′ and slim, and she was already blushing.

“Well Lucy,” I said, “Thanks for answering the ad, I think it is a good idea to be upfront from the start.”


“I operate the equipment, there are no other staff involved in this project, on completion of the shoot I will pay you a £100 fee and the video stays with me, plus a copy for you.”

She nodded, the red flush spreading across her pale cheeks.

“It will be for my husband, a surprise.”

“He is a lucky man. Now what I want is for you to start off in normal clothes, then undress, then go as far as you want.”

I could feel my cock springing to attention at the very idea, it felt strange how easily I had adopted the role of porn maker. Lucy nodded her head slightly.

“Do you have any problems with that?”

Her cheeks were almost scarlet now, her eyes riveted to the desk. She shook her head very lightly and bit her lip.

“Can we do it now?” She asked in a quiet voice. My cock convulsed, that is the only way to describe it, I expected her to say she wanted to think about it.

“Sure, I will show you around.”

I took her through to the studio, she looked very nervous the whole time.

“I have a camera on each set, so it is best to point everything at me.” She nodded and looked away nervously before pointing at the bedroom set. I set about positioning lights and checked the cameras. She stood where she was, seemingly in a trance.

“Okay. Ready when you are. Take your time.”

“Do I have to talk?”

“Not if you don’t want to.”

“Will you help me through it?”

“Of course, walk in the door and slowly undress, try and turn yourself on as you do.”

She stared at the floor, biting her lip again, then nodded and went off the set.

“Ready! Action!”

She sidled into the room like someone at gun point, looking at the floor and trying to take off her jacket.


She almost jumped out of her skin.

“Lucy, I think you need to relax a little.”

She nodded again, fleetingly meeting my eyes.

“Can you tell me…” She started, then her voice trailed off.

“Okay, come in again and follow my instructions.”

She took a deep breath and looked at me for a second then went off set.

“Action! Come in and sit on the end of the bed.”

She sauntered in this time, still as awkward as hell but better than before.

“Think about the last time you had an orgasm.” God knows where that came from.

She sat tentatively on the end of the bed, her face blazing red now, I could see it went down her neck and under her blouse. There was a surprising amount of power in this and my cock was absolutely solid in my trousers.

“Think about it and stroke one of your breasts.”

She looked at the floor and licked her lips, then one hand hesitantly moved towards her breast, she stroked it softly, her eyes glazing. I let her carry on for a second, zooming right in on her hand, her breasts were small but when her hand moved I could see the outline of an erect nipple through her blouse. She leant back on her other arm and her legs parted a little, I zoomed in and realised she was wearing stockings, there was a hint of white flesh between her legs. My cock was taking on a life of its own.

“Take the jacket off and stroke the other one.”

She absently shrugged off her jacket, her erect nipples bulging as she arched her back. As she changed position I zoomed in between her legs again, seeing the flesh of her thighs and the crutch of a pair of white lace knickers. Her eyes were closed now.

I spent time zooming on her breasts, her bra was visible through the blouse, both nipples seemed to be making huge, erect bulges through the thin material.

“Stand up and take off your blouse, do it slowly.”

She nodded slightly and moved off the bed, her eyes still half closed. Slowly she began to unbutton her blouse. As she took it off I noticed how flat her stomach was and the flair of her hips. She was small but definitely in proportion. I could feel pre-come dribbling down my inside leg.

As with most women with small breasts, her bra seemed to be slightly too large. They hardly seemed to fill it. What hypnotised me was the size of the nipples pushing against the lace. Without being asked she unzipped the skirt, letting it drop and stepping out of it. She was wearing a tiny pair of lace knickers outside the garter belt, her cheeks bulging slightly over the tight elastic. She stood still then, absently stroking a breast.

“Lie on your back on the bed and stroke whatever feels good.” I surprised myself again.

Again she nodded slightly and manoeuvred her way on to the bed, she lay with her ankles crossed and her eyes closed. I zoomed over the slight bulge of her mons, and the flair of her hips up to her breasts. Her blush ended in the cleavage of her bra. One of her hands started running across her belly, then up to her neck, then back again.

She looked entranced, eyes closed. After a while she changed position, her legs opened slightly, revealing the crutch of her knickers, I immediately zoomed in and spotted the spreading damp spot on the lace.

It was then that she moved on to her side and removed her bra. There was an urgency to her motions and I told her to take her time, amazed I still had a voice. Her nipples were incredible. I had to sneak a stroke of my cock, just to relieve the unbearable tension. Her breasts were small and drooped a little, almost V- shaped, but my eyes were glued to the nipples.

Her areolae were at least three inches across, and sprouting from them were nipples as thick as my finger and at least an inch long. She began to tap them with her index fingers, jolting a little as she did, and they seemed to grow another few millimetres. It was all I could do to remember what I was there for, I just wanted to chew on them, to lick them and shoot over them.

“Can you lick your own nipples?” I asked.

She didn’t seem to hear but carried on flicking the thick, rubbery teats.

“Lucy? Can you lick them yourself?”

Her eyes opened and she shook her head slightly. I went to the box of toys and put them on the bed within her reach.

“Help yourself to whatever you want.”

She levered herself up and looked in the box, if possible her blush deepened. She took out a six inch vibrator, a sleek, pink tube. I got behind the camera again as she lay back down and turned it on. She put the end of it against a nipple, pushing the teat to one side, then she slowly moved it round and round her areola.

As she was doing this her legs were opening, I could see the outline of her labia through the stretched material of her knickers. She was shaved. Again I had to reach for my cock. This timid woman had shaved herself bald before coming here.

I had her crutch in focus when the vibrator appeared in the shot, she ran over the bulge of her lips, the damp patch was growing and I could hear her panting now.

“Take off the knickers,” I croaked.

She lifted her bum off the bed and pulled them down, casually kicking them away. Her cunt was completely shaven. She had what I think of a busy cunt, a good three inches of thick crinkled lips. I saw a dribble of liquid leak from the bottom of her slit and trickle over her tiny, puckered arsehole. It was then she put down the vibrator and pulled her labia apart. I almost came.

They were two fleshy triangles that framed the glistening insides of her cunt. More liquid dribbled down as she massaged her labia. One of her fingers rubbed the hood of her clitoris, which slowly began to swell, another finger dipped into the glistening centre of her lips. She was moaning now, her eyes closed.

I was focusing on her cunt when she moved, after I had refocused she was on her knees with her arse to the camera, one hand shoving two fingers up her cunt. They eased in and out slowly, covered in a layer of juice. I saw her look in the box of tricks again, her head jerked round and one hand grabbed something. It came out with the biggest dildo I had found. It was at least 12 inches long and so thick I could just about get my hand around it.

She immediately turned round and lay on her back, spreading her legs wide. The dildo was the shape of a huge cock. Dreamily she rubbed the huge glans over her gaping slit, one finger teasing her clitoris from its sheath.

I watched amazed as she slowly eased the head into her cunt, I could see how much it was stretching her lips just getting the head in. She stopped for a breather and grunted, then she slowly pushed the thing further in. I watched it disappear, watched the juice running over her arse as she slowly pushed. I undid my zip and took my cock out, she was so far gone she would never notice.

She was making great, heaving, snorting noises now and I realised the huge dildo had vanished up to its oversized rubber balls. She was grinding her arse into the bed and grabbing the sheets with her free hand, her stomach muscles twitching, she left the dildo where it was and rubbed at her clit, now fully out of its hood. She whimpered and her hips twitched on the bed, I zoomed in on her stretched cunt, the lips gripping the base. I began to wank with my free hand, my cock now almost bursting at the sight before me.

She then put both hands on the dildo and began to draw it out, the whole length was coated with her juices, I could even smell her musky scent from where I stood. She pulled it almost all the way out until the glans were nudging her soaking lips, more rivulets of juice dribbled over her arsehole and onto the sheet.

I noticed her whole body tense, then she pushed the great shaft back in, faster this time. I heard the slippery, squelching sound it made and the grunting whine Lucy let rip. Then she started pulling it out again. I watched as she got into a rhythm, both hands gripping the rubber balls of the dildo, juices dribbling down her thigh, the regular squelching and grunt, and the musky scent filling the room.

I was focused on the dildo when it stopped, still stuffed to the balls. I shifted the camera to Lucy’s face and froze. Her eyes were wide open and she was looking directly at me, he eyes riveted on the engorged cock in my left hand.

“Here,” She mumbled thickly, one hand leaving the dildo and pointing at her mouth. I hesitated, this was never what I had in mind, this woman wanted to suck my cock.

“You won’t be able to move, I have the camera focused on your…” I gesticulated to her cunt, stuffed with 14 inches of rubber yet unable to say the word.

She nodded dumbly and grunted. I checked the focus and joined her on the bed, she turned her face to me as I knelt to the side of her head and lay beside her. Both her hands returned to the dildo and she opened her mouth and grunted again.

I moved my cock close to her mouth and she moved slightly and the head disappeared into her mouth. I was in heaven, her tongue worked busily under the helmet. She had done this before.

She grunted again and I moved closer, pushing more of my cock into her mouth. She began to move her head back and forth, running her tongue under my helmet and nibbling when she could. I looked between her legs and could see she was bashing the dildo in and out at quite a speed. The smell of sex and the squelching were too much for me, I felt the sperm begin to rise.

She turned her head to the ceiling and arched her back a little just before I came, her tongue was running along the edge of my helmet when I shouted. The first spurt shot a rope of sperm across her cheek and hair and landed on the bed two feet away. She started to turn then, as the second spurt splashed her teeth and splattered he temple, by the third she was slurping greedily on my pulsing cock as I tried hard not to grab her head.

Sperm was drooling down her chin and she was groaning and gurgling. When my soft cock slid from her lips followed by a dribble of sperm that splashed across her cheek she was working the dildo in and out at blurring speed. Every time it went in she let out a little grunt which got louder and louder, suddenly she went one handed and rubbed her clit with the other. Now she was beginning to squeal and I realised she was desperately trying to keep her body in line with the video. Then her orgasm hit.

Her hips rose off the bed a little and her legs scissored wide open and she began to scream, it was an animal noise, the pitch rising and falling. I was glad that the studio was quite far from another office. Juice was pouring from her cunt now as she suddenly stiffened, eyes tight shut, pelvis spasming, back arching and a let out a huge scream.

Her whole body spasmed in time to the screams which seemed to take an age to taper off into whimpers. I was getting hard again looking at her flushed and spunk splashed face. She pulled the dildo out with a loud squelch, followed by what seemed a pint of juice.

I rushed to the camera and thought it best to withdraw.

“There’s a bathroom behind the set.” I said pathetically, pretending to mess with the lights.

She opened her eyes and smiled nervously.


She came back to the reception half an hour later, dressed and none the worse for the experience. This was what I had wanted, plus a little extra. She was the kind of woman you could sit next to on the bus, or work with, and never guess she was capable of such a display.

“I’ll copy the video and send it to as soon as I can.” I said, handing over the envelope containing ten tenners.

She took it and glanced at my face.

“Thanks again.”

The blush was returning and so she stuffed the money into her jacket pocket and left. I went to copy the video, my first experiment had worked. Who would be next?



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