Wife gets naughty at her friend’s wedding

Wife gets naughty at her friend's wedding asian sex story

Asian Sex Story: Everyone gets horny at a wedding, right? Something about that public celebration of intimacy, and all those folks dressed up, looking their best. And the champagne, of course. Or, in my wife Chrissie’s case, Prosecco. And a little rum.

It had been one of those fun weddings, with a flash mob gathering around the happy couple straight after the vows, to dance and sing along to the bride’s favourite song. Everyone smiled and held hands and swayed together, singing and laughing. This ended with lots of hugging. It started with people hugging the bride and groom. This quickly spread through the joyful crowd. As the couple next to me pulled me in for a group hug, I saw Chrissie being held and kissed by her best friend Zoe and then by Zoe’s husband, Cameron. Not for the first time, I noticed that Chrissie and Cam themselves made a handsome couple, and that they looked very easy being close to one another. I felt slightly aroused as I watched Zoe stroke my wife’s blonde hair, as her husband held my wife close to him.

After the journey to the plush hotel, we all found our places at the magnificently presented tables in the ball room. The room hummed with excited chatter as people introduced themselves to one another, or caught up with old friends and acquaintances. We shared a table with Zoe, Cameron, and two other couples who I had never met before. These turned out to be old school friends of Chrissie and Zoe. The Prosecco flowed plentifully.

After the meal and the speeches, some of the guests left to change for the evening. Everybody at our table remained, chatting and drinking and exchanging anecdotes from their shared teenage years. I noticed that all four of the women were looking exceptionally eye-catching and desirable in their party best. We men gradually started to remove our jackets and loosen our ties. Cameron was in formal Scottish dress, looking quite the part in his kilt, sporran, waistcoat, white shirt, and bow-tie. I noticed Chrissie glance from time to time at his bronzed, sportsman’s legs, which were set off nicely by his formal white socks, with a Sgian Dubh knife tucked into one of the socks. She and Cameron exchanged smiles and laughs a number of times. Zoe is a tactile woman, none the less so after some drinks, and she frequently held both her husband’s and my wife’s face in her hands as she spoke directly to them. Zoe often planted a kiss on her husband’s lips, and on my wife’s lips. I got the impression that Zoe was being a sensual conduit between her husband and my wife, or that she was giving her blessing to them in some way. I found the public displays of love between these three people arousing.

Chrissie’s eyes were sparkling, and she looked beautiful as she laughed and listened and gossiped with her friends. There was a warm closeness in our group as stronger spirits replaced the bubbly. We lost sight of the rest of the room, and were immersed in our party of eight.

Eventually Zoe announced that she was going back to their room to freshen up before the evening’s party began. Chrissie and I left too. Rather than leaving Cameron alone with the two new couples, I invited him up to our room for a beer while we waited for the ladies to get ready.

Cameron sat in an armchair with a cold bottle in his hand, and I sat opposite him on the wooden stool by the dressing table. We exchanged ‘daft things I’ve done or seen at weddings’ stories while Chrissie showered.

Chrissie came into the room a few minutes later, wrapped in a white bath towel. She looked to me, and then to Cameron, and then to me again.

“Well, you two,” she said, “if you are interested, I have permission from Zoe to share Cameron for an hour or so, while she has a doze. So that would be the three of us. In this room.” She looked to the emperor size bed. “Here and now… If you are both up for it, of course.” Chrissie looked to me and waited for my response. I did not need to think about this for more than a couple of seconds, having seen the natural chemistry between her and Cameron, and knowing that this new dynamic in our sex life could be very exciting for all of us.

“Well I’m certainly up for it.” I smiled.

Cameron had initially looked a little awkward in the situation. But once I had given my consent, he relaxed and smiled and turned his eyes towards the towel in which my gorgeous wife was currently wrapped. Then he looked to me and to Chrissie, and raised his drink.

“All friends together.” he announced in his melodic Scots accent, and took a final swig before placing the bottle down on a table.

Chrissie looked to me but walked across the room towards Cameron. I smiled and nodded. “Have some fun, honey.” I said. “Present from Zoe and from me.”

She smiled back and mouthed “Thank you.” She turned to look at Cameron.

Cameron sat forward on the armchair and reached out towards Chrissie. He placed one hand on each of her hips, looked up into her eyes, and held her there. This image looked timeless to me, a traditionally dressed Scotsman holding a robed female towards him. A gaze of desire between the two that crossed centuries. An anticipation of intimacy.

Cameron stood up. He moved one hand around Chrissie’s back, and held her face in the other. I could see his eyes exploring the soft skin of her face and her dark brown, cavernous eyes. He was falling as I had fallen many times previously. Even though I had not expected this to be happening today, it felt natural, and respectful, and very gentle. I wanted to know how Chrissie and Cameron would look as they undressed one another and found each other’s bodies.

Cameron placed his lips softly onto Chrissie’s slightly open mouth. Their lips brushed against each other’s for a while. Chrissie placed one hand on Cameron’s back and drew him closer to her. The gentleman-warrior and the alluring woman embraced, and felt their shared closeness for the first time. Chrissie licked gently at Cameron’s lips. She sighed loudly as his tongue responded. Their mouths locked together and moved against the other. Both had their eyes closed. Both were savouring this unexpected treat. Tasting the forbidden fruit. It was clearly delicious.

Chrissie’s other hand massaged Cameron’s muscular shoulders under his dress-shirt. She ran her hand up the back of his head, feeling his soft, long hair against her fingers. She grabbed a fistful of his hair and tugged at it as their kiss became more intense. He groaned and pressed his body into hers.

Chrissie ran her hands down Cameron’s back, pushing herself into him. Her hands landed on his buttocks. She began to knead him through his kilt. I heard her gasp as her fingers plunged into his tight cheeks. She pulled her head back and gazed lovingly into this beautiful man’s blue eyes, framed by long, thick black lashes, drinking in his dark features and dimpled smile. She kissed him again, harder this time. She wanted him.

Cameron placed his hand where Chrissie had tucked in the corner of the big towel. He held the corner of the towel. He looked at Chrissie. He looked at me.

Chrissie gasped and breathed “Oh please say yes, Alex. Please tell him it’s ok.” I smiled at the two of them, aching with lust for one another. There was no way that I was going to get in the way of what was coming next. I had never watched my wife, my soulmate, make love to another man before, but now that it was happening I was aroused in a way that I had never experienced previously.

“I think you should both go with your instincts here.” I said, “Do whatever you want to do.” As I said this, my own erection reached poker hardness. I needed to unzip myself to feel comfortable. I held myself, stroking my length slowly and gently as the scene before me unfolded.

“Oh God. Thank you Alex. Thank you so fucking much darling.” Chrissie almost growled as she pulled up the back of Cameron’s kilt and took his naked backside into her hands. She bit his chest through his shirt, as she let herself be swept away by her primal urgency. She looked like she was going to devour poor Cam, given half a chance.

Cameron winced then smiled as my wife started to tooth and claw at him. I saw his hand pull up slightly then release. The towel fell to the floor around Chrissie’s feet. Realising that she was now naked, and that she had unconditional access to this most cute of cute men, seemed to stoke Chrissie’s sexual fire yet further. Chrissie wrapped one leg around Cameron’s legs. She pulled her exposed breasts and pussy as tightly into him as she could. I could see the large bulge under Cam’s kilt against which Chrissie was pushing her shaved flower.

Cam reached up and removed his bow-tie, then unbuttoned his waistcoat and shirt. Chrissie helped with the rest of his buttons. She looked with admiration and lust in her eyes as she pushed the waistcoat and shirt back off Cam’s ripped torso. She moved him across to the bed, turned him around, and pushed him onto his back with his feet still on the floor. His tool rose up majestically under his kilt. Chrissie knelt between Cameron’s legs. She moved her hands up and down his thighs, sometimes kissing and biting them as she did so.

Chrissie then focused her gaze on the solid pole which stood under the kilt, just inches from her face. She lifted the front of her best friend’s husband’s kilt, and pushed the kilt and sporran up onto his stomach, to reveal all of his manhood and his dark, pubic forest. I heard my wife groan loudly, and then shudder slightly, as she took in the view. This was the longest and thickest cock that I had ever seen other than in porn movies. A true monster of an erection. While I do not find men’s bodies sexually arousing myself, my wife’s reaction to this beast turned me on immensely. I knew she would be wet just from seeing this majestic vision.

Chrissie placed both hands around the rampant cock, leaned forward, and kissed its tip softly. As she leaned forward I was treated to her parted legs revealing her sweet, shaved haven. She was glistening there. Her inner lips were already emerging from that most intimate of partings. I had admired, and worshipped at, that woman-alter countless times, but this time I was watching it respond to another man. The feeling was altogether new. I felt so tense with anticipation and excitement that I had to remind myself to breath.

I moved to the side of the bed in order to better watch my wife’s mouth loving this man’s throbbing monster. I saw her twisting her hands in opposite directions around its shaft. I saw her take the thick, wet end into her mouth and savour the taste for a while. Then as she continued to twist the column with her hands, she used her tongue and mouth to lubricate some of the length. She worked down and up, down and up, her blonde hair bobbing as worked slowly. Then I saw Chrissie release his shaft and take his balls into her hands instead. My wife began to knead his testicles as she took him further and further into her mouth. I heard my wife gag a couple of times as the thick rod reached her throat. But she persisted, and deeper into her he went.

I now knelt behind my wife and touched her hairless, damp mound with my fingers. She was wet and she yielded easily. I then moved closer to her. I pushed my own erect cock inside her hot wetness. From her smell I could tell that she had already cum at least once. The juices were hot inside of her. I began to pump slowly and rhythmically, the front of my thighs slapping against the back of hers hers each time I pushed forward.

She mumbled what sounded like “Mmm, mmm” which I took to be a good thing. As I continued to pump my wife from behind, I could see her head moving up and down more regularly now as she throat-fucked her friend’s husband. Cameron meanwhile lifted his head slightly in order to watch my wife pleasuring him. He reached down and stroked Chrissie’s face as her head lifted and fell, lifted and fell.

I took hold of the front of Chrissie’s thighs and began to thrust harder, and more suddenly. I know that she likes that. She moaned and pushed back harder into me with each stroke. Somehow, while fucking me, she was still providing Cameron with the mother of all blow-jobs. His own moans and his pelvic thrusts increased in response. His was fucking my wife’s mouth while I fucked her smooth tightness from behind. This was blowing my mind, in an unexpectedly good way, and I wondered how it must be feeling for my darling Chrissie.

Before I had cum, Chrissie pulled forward and off me. She turned and kissed me deeply. I could taste Cameron in her mouth. The fact that it was another man’s taste was exciting for me. What was exciting me most was that all of my wife’s sexual arousal and burning were in response to somebody else, which meant that I was able to watch what I was normally too close to see. She looked as lithe and as hungry as she felt when we had really good sex, and this was the first time that I had been able to watch from so many angles. I loved it. I wanted the two of them to keep taking this further and further.

Turning from me, my wife climbed up onto the bed and sat above Cameron’s face. She lowered herself onto his waiting mouth. Chrissie began to swing herself back and forward, back and forward. I could hear Cameron eating her pussy. Chrissie moaned and leaned back, holding herself up by stretching her arms behind her. She held onto his torso and the tops of his thighs, digging her fingers into all the solid muscles that she found there. I moved to the side of the bed again and I watched Cameron massage my wife’s wonderful, full, bouncing breasts, as he his mouth worked its magic around and inside her flower.

“You need to fuck me!” Chrissie shouted suddenly, surprising us both. She looked down, held Cameron’s face in her hands, and gasped “You need to fuck me right now. You need to fuck me so hard. I need to feel all of you inside me and I need you to cum inside me! Stretch me and fill me up, Cam.”

My wife worked back down her best friend’s husband’s body, and knelt above his pulsing manhood. She lowered herself onto him. She was so wet now that the top half of his cock slid straight in.

“Oh my God,” she gasped as she felt him inside her. “Oh my actual Christ. And there’s still the rest!” Her eyes were wide in anticipation as she looked down at what was yet to enter her most secret place. The length and the girth that remained outside her at that time would have been a respectable size for a lot of men. For Cameron though, and right now for my wife as well, that length and girth was going to be in addition to what was already inside her. Chrissie placed her soft, manicured hands on Cameron’s six-pack and with straight arms she leaned into him as she eased the rest of him through her lips and into her very being.

“Oh Jesus H fucking Christ! Oh my Go-o-o-d!” Almost all of the shaft was now in. I saw my wife cum as she pushed herself down onto her lover in order to take in the last of his length. She came again once he was fully inserted.

I saw her juices seeping out onto Cameron’s dark, thick pubic hair as she threw back her head and shouted “Oh fucking hell, Cam! Oh fucking hell, Cam baby!”

She bit her lower lip then whispered “You filled me up. You totally filled me right fucking up. That is all of me. You have taken all of me. There’s no more of me.”

Then she looked adoringly into Cam’s eyes and said in a deep, sensual voice “I am completely yours” She leaned forward and kissed Cam passionately on his open lips, writhing herself against his pelvis. My wife and her best friend’s husband were entirely lost in each other. Their bodies were in flames, and their mouths expressed love to one another. The only word which came to my mind as I watched them continue like this for a long time, was ‘complete’. This was a complete union. There was nothing more that could make it better or more powerful. They were joined as a complete couple at that time. And their pleasure was complete.

I had, in the past, occasionally wondered if seeing my wife with another man, a bigger man, would make me feel inferior, or weak in some way. As it turned out this was not the case at all. I felt wonderment at seeing my wife more full than she had ever been before, scratching at her lover’s skin and muscles, chewing his lips, and bouncing on his towering shaft. Her pleasure excited me. Her abandonment released me as I watched.

I got onto the bed behind Chrissie and I lubricated her back hole with her own love juices. As she continued her back and forward strokes, I eased my cock inside her. Once my wife had a cock in both of her secret places, she looked and sounded in complete ecstasy. I felt her cum a number of times, and saw her juices glisten on Cameron’s balls. He and I continued to double penetrate my wife for a wonderful, long time.

Then I heard Cam say “I’m going to cum.” I relaxed and allowed my own orgasm to arrive as his did. We both shot our load into my wife at the same time. Cam shouted out. I shouted out. My wife let out a loud moan. Then she fell forward and lay on top of her friend’s husband, resting on him. Exhausted.

After showers and dressing, we joined Zoe and the rest of the guests back in the ball room. The music had started, and the youngsters were running across and around the dance floor. I saw Cam whisper something into Zoe’s ear. Zoe grinned broadly.

Then she turned to Chrissie and said “I am so pleased you enjoyed it, honey.” She took my wife’s face between her hands again and kissed her full on the mouth, holding her mouth there for a few moments. Then she said “He is a real treat, isn’t he?”

My wife laughed loudly at this and said “Oh yes. A real treat.” Then my wife turned to me and kissed me on the mouth, holding the back of my head to keep me there. After the kiss she leaned towards my ear and whispered “Thank you Alex. That was a real wedding treat for me. Something borrowed.”

I grinned at my wife. “Something blue, as well,” I replied.



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