She likes to be tied up

She likes to be tied up asian porn story

Asian Sex Story: It happened much quicker than I expected so I still struggle to explain exactly why I did what I did.

We were both newly eighteen and Heather, in particular, was proving to be a ‘late bloomer.’ i.e. she still hadn’t bloomed at all. She weighed next to nothing, had no hips to speak of and only boasted small breasts on her skinny frame. But she was pretty and one of my best friends. She had slept over at my house after a party the night before – we had been friends for so long that her parents (perhaps foolishly as it turned out) thought it was much safer for her to sleep near me than walk home alone.

In the morning, we woke up bleary eyed but giggly; probably still a little drunk. She was just in her knickers and a vest top (she had no use for a bra). I was in my boxers and a t-shirt. We were joking around in my room when she found a pair of handcuffs from a fancy-dress outfit I had worn to her birthday. Unusually, these ones happened to be made of metal and have no safety release. While they were not ‘cop quality’ they were still almost impossible to get out of. What she did next set a train of events in motion that neither of us were expecting.

‘Click-click-click-click. Click, click, click, click.’ She snapped the cuffs tight around her own wrists, behind her back. At this point we were still just messing around but something dark was already stirring inside me. We laughed and joked about her being my captive. Years later I now know she had been in love with me for a long time but I was ignorant of that fact when it mattered. It was her that brought up the seminal scene in Chasers where Erika Eleniak is handcuffed to the bed for the start of sex. The mention of this, put my teenage body into gear and my dick stiffened a bit as I looked at Heather’s slim legs and prominent nipples, aware, seemingly for the first time that she was a woman, rather than just my friend.

Heather must have noticed my arousal and rather than freaking out, did something that sealed her fate. She told me that Cosmo had recently praised sex in handcuffs as a way of heightening pleasure. That dark thing in my mind took over completely and I used my body to back her up against my desk. My hardening cock bumped up against her tummy and my hands grabbed fistfuls of her hair. I pulled her face to mine and kissed her aggressively, ending it by biting her lip until she winced. “I’m not sure we…” She started, but I stopped her talking by grabbing the handcuffs and pulling down on them, hard. As the metal bit into her wrists she shrieked and arched her back. I took the opportunity to grip her slim throat with my spare hand and gently squeezed while I bit her, hard on the collar bone. She shrieked again and I squeezed harder, closing her airway for a second. This quietened her down very quickly.

Still controlling her movements with my hands, I turned her around and bent her over the desk, her knickers pulling tight over her pussy lips. Unable to support herself on her hands she had no choice but to lay flat on the desk, turning her head to the side. Getting down on my knees I tugged the gusset of her underwear to the side and drank in the sight of her pussy lips, naturally bare, with a small, fuzzy tuft of pubic hair above them. I roughly pushed two, thick fingers past her lips and as deep into her cunt as they would go. This earned me another shriek, and a longer wail. She was wetter than I would have expected, but in the mood I was in, I am not sure I would have cared either way.

Heather was not a virgin, as her friend I knew that, but I also knew that she was pretty inexperienced. Now, as her tormentor I used that knowledge to overwhelm her. I pushed a third finger inside her, stretching her uncomfortably. This turned her wailing into a scream. At the same time I slapped her as hard as I could on her skinny butt cheek while biting the other side with enough force to leave a perfect set of teeth marks in her pristine, white skin. Her screaming got louder.

I stood up, walked to the side of the desk and pulled off my boxers and t-shirt. She turned her head away from me, smearing tears on the table top, so I grabbed the handcuffs again, twisting them until the metal bit cruelly into her. Without raising my voice, I told her to face me and open her mouth. Another twist of the cuffs and she did as she was told. I happened to know that Heather had given her first blowjob a month before. She had ‘not hated it, but didn’t really know what she was doing.’ I knew this time was going to be different in a number of ways.

With one hand holding her hair, and the other holding my steel-hard shaft, I fed my cock into her mouth slowly but firmly. She made a decent effort at sucking me as it passed her mouth but I wasn’t planning on this being like the head she had given her last boyfriend. Instead, I tightened my grip on her hair and pushed harder with my cock. I cannot emphasise enough how tiny Heather was and my thick shaft stretched her mouth obscenely. As I got to the back of her throat she started to struggle but with no hands free, and her head immobilised, all she could really do was wiggle her arse which I enjoyed immensely.

With a sloppy sounding gag, I bottomed out my dick in her throat and held it there. I could feel her struggle but the sensations were too good to give up so I held her there until her entire face went red and her eyes bulged. At that point I decided she had had enough and let my dick, covered in thick strands of drool, slide out of her mouth.

She was not getting much of a breather though. I immediately walked behind her and, using the handcuffs as leverage, pulled her back towards my cock. With a free hand I lined us both up and then watched as my spit-slick head parted her folds. Jesus, she was tight.

Heather resumed her wailing as, inch by inch, I penetrated her tight pussy. Every so often I would stop pushing forward and her wailing would turn to gasping breaths. I would give her a second to get some air in her lungs and then continue my pressure forwards. When I was finally all the way in, with my head pressed up against her cervix I stopped completely and watched as her cuffed hands opened and closed, grasping at air.

Despite our friendship, we had never spoken about birth control so I had no idea if she was on the pill, but that was not something I was going to worry about now. Instead I pulled my cock all the way out of her, smacked her butt again and then thrust myself back in. She seemed just as tight on the second penetration and the third and fourth but eventually she stopped making so much noise. Instead she screwed up her eyes and made balls with her fists as I pounded her hard from behind.

After a few minutes of me roughly fucking her ridiculously tight pussy she started panting under her breath. She was either saying ‘hurt me, hurt me’ or ‘you’re hurting me, you’re hurting me.’ I didn’t care either way.

While continuing to fuck her, I readjusted her knickers so I could have a look at her arsehole. If I thought her pussy was tight, that thing looked like the eye of a needle. Keen to keep exploring, I gripped the neckline of her vest top and tore it completely from her body, leaving red marks on her skin. The muscles in her slim back were tensed and there was sweat on her neck and between her shoulders. Without missing a stroke, I leant forward and licked up her sweat, imagining I was tasting her fear. She groaned for the first time as I did this and arched her back a little. I rewarded her by pumping her pussy even harder (though I am not sure she would have called this a reward).

Knowing that I was close to coming I lifted her with the cuffs again and used them as a handlebar to move her into the middle of the room. My cock slipped free from her as I pushed her, facedown, onto the carpet, so once I had straddled her bum, I had to stuff myself back inside her, helped by her considerable wetness. We both groaned at that one.

I lay my body down flat on top of hers, hearing the air get pressed out of her lungs as my weight pushed her into the carpet. Once I was settled, I started pumping in and out of her again, feeling her slim butt cheeks squish as I slammed into them. I really stepped it up into top gear and she started to scream again. Reaching underneath her chest I gripped a nipple in my fingers and pinched it hard. She screamed louder and started to writhe around under me. I swear her pussy got even tighter and I was far too close to hold off.

With a growl that drowned out her screams, I felt my balls tighten and the cum shoot up my shaft, as deep into her unprotected pussy as I could reach. Heather was a ragdoll in my arms, the recipient of my orgasm, and I kept fucking her long after the cum had finished shooting out of me. As I slowed down I could feel my spunk leaking out of her, pooling in the folds of her cunt. Heather, just lay there gasping for breath, her face still red, her wrists marked by the cuffs, her bum covered in teeth marks and hand prints. I finally let my cock slip free from Heather’s battered tiny, teenage hole and marvelled at how good it looked with my cum seeping out of it.

This had been unlike any sex I had ever had, and some part of me had really enjoyed hurting Heather, but there was something else I still wanted to do. I went to the bathroom and picked up my electric toothbrush. I turned it on as I re-entered my bedroom and Heather craned her neck to see what making that noise. I repositioned her panties over her pussy in such a way that they would hold the buzzing toothbrush in direct contact with Heather’s clit. Once I heard her first whimper, I went to get a drink from the kitchen. Whether she wanted it or not, her orgasm was well underway by the time I got back. I lay on the floor next to her and passionately kissed her as she gasped and panted her way through a climax. Making one final check that the toothbrush was secure I went for a shower and to get dressed. In all that toothbrush was on for 40 minutes before the batteries died. I lost count of the number of times Heather came, but it was a lot. She was completely worn out.

When she was finished, I picked her up, she weighed so little, undid the handcuffs and lowered her into a hot bath. Heather was asleep in minutes.

Heather and I were never boyfriend and girlfriend, although we remain friends to this day. Instead we had a sexual relationship that lasted for many years based on our mutual love of me hurting her. Her friends would often remark on what a pretty scarf she was wearing, unaware that it was covering hand marks on her neck, or she would tell a boyfriend that she was feeling unwell so she could get bound, gagged and sodomised in my flat. Our techniques and equipment got more sophisticated, but it all started with those cuffs.



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