The Submissive and the Dominant

The Submissive and the Dominant asian sex story

 Asian Sex Story: First of all I’m going to strip you down so you have nothing at all on, completely bare. I’m going to put your hair into a pony tail, I can’t be having hair in my face while playing with my toy. I’ll ask you to stand in front on the bed and as you stand there I’ll blindfold you with a red satin blindfold. Then I’ll pick you up and place you on the bed, securing each limb to a post with rope, then placing a few pillows under your lower back to give me an easier time to play with you. 

I quietly get undressed, check all the knots are done correctly so you can’t escape. Once completely happy I ask you a question “have you been a good girl?” To which I watch your lip quiver and you try to think of an excuse, before you get chance I apply some ice directly to both nipples, in shock your squeal but at the same time moan. I then use this ice to trail down your body over and round your breasts, down your sides and down to your bald cunt, once in your most sensitive area I’ll carefully run the ice down your legs and back up your inner thighs, at this point most of the ice will have melted, so I carefully put it away and being to trace the ice movements with my mouth and tongue.

Once I have worked my way down your body I’ll gently kiss back up towards your neck where I will; suck, bite and kiss playfully in order to tease you. After I’ve left a few love bites on your neck I will stop I’ll order you to open your mouth and stick out your tongue, once you have followed orders I’ll carefully place a small strawberry dipped in melted chocolate on your tongue. Whilst you have that in your mouth I’ll quietly and silently lube up my finger and gently and slowly slide it into your ass, moving it around while inside you. Listening to you moan in excitement and pleasure as I gently play with you, then I’ll slowly pull my finger out and listen to you whimper until you feel the cooler black silicon butt plug being gently worked into your ass. Once it is firmly in place I’ll gently feed you another strawberry and giggle at your gentle moans from your tight ass being stretched little by little, once you have finished that strawberry I’ll carefully place the wand vibrator against your clit then I’ll secure it in place with some body tape, once in the correct position I’ll turn it on gently while applying lube to your wet opened entrance and gently sliding in a remote control vibrator and taping in place leaving you stuck tied to the bed with your legs wide apart your ass, clit and inner walls of your cunt all being simulated at once.

I smile and look at you blissfully enjoying everything, the moans and groans leaving your lips only made me want to ruin you to the point that your legs couldn’t hold your weight. I turned both vibrators up to the fastest speed they could go and watched you kick and flail to no use the knots kept everything in place so much so you started to moan hard and loud but with one simple sentence I ended those moans and changed them for begs, “no cumming till I order you too” are the words that left my lips just before I start to pull your butt plug out then push it back in, with my other hand I was lubeing up the other larger dildo but this too was attached to a vibrating console. As you moaned hard from the pleasure of the butt plug being deep in you I pull it out and gently slide the other one side you and then turn it on to max to watch you almost scream in pleasure.

I watch the pain on your face as the orgasm is going to be super powerful and uncontrollable from the holding it in I smile and gently attach nipple clamps to your nipples then whisper “now make me proud and cum..Slut” you scream loud as if it were an exorcism and continue to do so while bucking against the wand that just continued on your clit, you arch your back and cum squirt all over the bedroom I watch in amazement as your orgasm lasts a whole minute and as soon as you are finished you are back to begging to cum again because of the constant torture from everything in place. “Please I need to cum again” you whimpered absolutely worn out from the last orgasm I gently take the feather tickler and trace it over you, “you don’t need to cum, it’s all just in your head” I say gently tickling down your sides and then down your inner thighs while watching you squirm.

I gently take out the vibrator and smile, it’s absolutely dripping in your cum and squirt there is a thick white mass of your cum at the bottom “tongue out” I say as I carefully scoops so of your cum off your vibrator and on to your tongue “eat it slut” I giggle watching your face change with shock as I do “mmmm thank you master” are the next words I hear to my surprise “do you want to clean it all up for master” I ask watching you open your mouth and stick out your tongue. I carefully offer it to you and watch you suck all your juices and cum off of it then beg for more. I carefully untie your hands and feet and position you in doggy style but I tie your feet to the bottom of the bed and I also tie your hands round the same pole but let more rope up so it’s taught but not flipping you over.

It leaves you in a position where you can literally not move and all your holes are easily accessible your mouth is resting on two pillows and your ass and pussy are up in the air the right high to enter from behind, I turn your butt plug vibrator off and take off your wand leaving you here ass filled but up in the air and pussy dripping with wetness I walk round to the front and take off your blind fold “the safe word is LOCK do you understand?” To which you nod, and as soon as you do I place my semi hard cock at your lips “do your duty then you cock sleeve” to which you respond by taking me into your mouth and sucking as much as you and twirling your tongue around the tip of my cock and almost instantly it grows to its full length, to which I can tell because you being to gag more and more and I can feel my cock being to slide down your throat.

Once content that you have covered my hard cock in enough of your spit I’ll slowly pull my cock away from you then walk round positioning my self behind your raised ass and pussy. From there I’ll gently start to smack your ass with my hand getting harder and harder than when you don’t expect it I’ll gently slide my spit covered cock all the way in to your awaiting pussy, to the point where you groan hard as it fills your tight pussy up. I make very small movements back and forth allowing you time to adjust to the member that is now filling your pussy. After each thrust gets a little bit deeper and more forceful I feel you clench around my cock almost trying to make it deposit the load into you sooner. I change the tempo of the thrusts and I’m now slamming into you hard and fast while pulling your hair back in order to keep your pussy in the perfect place I hold you in that position and start to see your need to cum build as I continue to slam my cock into your warm body, I lean over your back almost forcing you to the bed with no warning but as trained you raise your ass to make it easier for me to use you how I want.

I gently bite and nibble on your ear lobe then whisper “I want you to cover my cock in cum right now” and as I finish my sentence I ram and cock as deep into you as I can taking almost all the way out and slamming it back in even deeper and harder truly abusing your pussy as this takes place you throw your head back in pleasure and I take the opportunity to wrap my hands around your neck in order to choke you while destroying your pussy. I grunt softly into your ear and mumble “I want to feel you squeeze my cock as if you need this load of cum to survive” you nod slowly and I feel you instantly clench your walls on my cock milking almost as I thrust into you, I let out a lower groan and mumble “fuck slut you best be ready to explode because I’m about to..” I slam into you even harder and even faster I are a deep breath and ram my cock as deep into you as I can and choke you a little more and moan loudly…

..”cum slut cum now or not at all”

I watch and feel your body tense around my cock, as I pump several thick, warm loads of cum deep inside my favourite opening of yours. Once drained I gently slide out of you and watch the cum already start to drain out of you between your cunt lips, I catch it on my finger and let you lick it off once clean I undo all restrains and let you lay on your back exhausted and full with cum, to the point where it’s trickling out of you.



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