Football night nookie

Football night nookie asian sex story

Asian Sex Story: September 14, 2009. That was the day that I knew I finally had her. Heather and I had been together for a little over three years and it had been one long sexual adventure. We never knew what we were or what we were going to be. She loved to be called a slut when she was being fucked. Most people would say she fit the definition. She loved to fuck. Men, women, groups, she didn’t care. She had been fucked by as many as ten people at once. She had fucked people because I had told her to. She had fucked people when I asked her not to. She had fucked people with me there and without me there. With me knowing and without me knowing. At 22 years old she had been fucked by 83 different male partners.

I was number 18.

She was 19 when we started dating. I was 46 and married. I really liked her a lot and I couldn’t resist the constant flirting. It was like I was a challenge. She would whisper to me that she was wearing Tinkerbell underwear when our group of friends was at a local bowling alley. Then she would find an opportunity to show me.

The first time I saw her glorious tits was at a midnight showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. That night when I took her home, she gave me a blowjob in her driveway while I watched for her uncle to wake up. Then I had to explain to my wife where I had been when I got home at 3 am.

Soon, we were fucking regularly. Then we began to meet up with people we met on a swingers site. Then we started meeting people locally or going out specifically looking for people to fuck. It was one big adventure.

I left my wife and we moved in together. Things really began to progress then. We pushed each other. She would mention big cocks and I would find the biggest cock I could to fuck her. I would mention I had never fucked a black girl, and that weekend she had a black couple over.

But then, something happened. We began to push past each other’s limits. She would wait until I was feeling a little insecure and then go off, fucking everyone in sight, at times even having me break down in tears. She loved being a slut, but hated the term whore. So, I almost exclusively called her a whore.

It was emotionally taxing, but we both loved it.

What I wanted, I had told her, was completely amoral whore with no limits. I wanted her to be ready to fuck anyone anywhere at any time. I pushed hard to make that happen. I pushed her. I made her fuck people she didn’t want to. I got her to sell herself. I got her to strip. I pissed on her. I let other guys piss on her.

But, there was always a little resistance. Once, we went to meet two black guys to fuck her. She had always been a little reticent with black guys. Her family was a bit racist and she had never been with a black guy before we met. So, of course, I forced black guy after black guy on her.

When we went to meet these two guys, she didn’t say no, but she sat there with such a dour look on her face that she thought that we would cancel.

We didn’t.

They both fucked her. She sucked them both. She swallowed both of their cum. And I was calling her a whore and telling her how much she loved be defiled the whole time. She started to cry and we continued to fuck her and degrade her.

It was glorious.

But, on September 14, 2009 I knew I had her.

We had invited some friends from work over to watch Monday Night Football. It was a Patriots-Bills game and Heather and I were both huge Patriots fans. Two of the guys we worked with, Jay and Bob, were brothers from the Boston area and they were both Patriots fans as well. Adam liked football, but was an Eagles fan. He came anyway. Jason, a new guy at work who was only 18 and had heard stories of the life Heather and I led, but I was not sure he believed the stories.

We had some beer and had made some Jell-O shooters. We drank beer and did shots at the beginning of the game, of each quarter and at each Patriots score.

I must admit, my plan was to watch the game. But, as always, my mind turned to sex.

It didn’t occur to me to change the tone of the evening until I realized that those were the only people coming. We had invited others, but they didn’t show. None of the girls that Heather worked with and neither of the managers.

So, it was me, Heather and 3 other guys.

I am really into football, so it really started out as a night to watch the game, but Heather was in her pajamas with no bra and her tits bounced ridiculously with every step. I saw her nipples straining at the thin white fabric of her Tinkerbelle pajamas. A white baseball style shirt with purple ¾ length sleeves and a glittery Tinkerbell on the chest. She was wearing matching purple Pajama pants. Her long, curly, strawberry hair hung to the middle of her back.

She would go upstairs to get beers and I would watch her tits bounce. She would hand out shots and I would watch her nipples press at the fabric of her shirt. I noticed the other guys watching her too. If you looked hard enough, you could see a bit of color from her nipples through the white part of the shirt.

That’s when it hit me. That sexual urge. The urge to push limits.

There had been no discussion of sex tonight. As far as I knew, she wouldn’t be into it. But, we were going to find out.

Somewhere near the middle of the first quarter, she joke about her duties as the beer wench, and went upstairs to get beers. I asked her to bring shots down too, and watch her happily bounce up the stairs. I watched the others watch her go, as well. But, they quickly started watching the game again.

Bob, Jay, and I were getting upset because the Bills were not a good team, and yet, the Patriots didn’t look good. They seemed to be flat. We were talking about the probability that Brady would get hot and the Pats would pull away.

Heather arrived with the drinks, holding a tray in front of each guy so he could take a beer and a shot. When she got to me, last, I took both remaining beers and she sat the two remaining shots on the coffee table in front of us.

The, she climbed on my lap, letting her butt fall between me and the arm of the loveseat. Her legs were dangling between me and Bob. I had my arm resting on the arm of the loveseat, so t was naturally around her when she sat.

I almost immediately started stroking her back. She looked me in the eyes and smile as she leaned in to kiss me. I kissed her back and slid my hand under her top. I purposefully didn’t go from the middle of her back, where my hand couldn’t be seen. I went in from the side where anyone looking could see my hand disappear under her shirt.

I stroked her side, again feeling the wonderful curve of her waist. Up and down with my fingertips, lightly caressing her. Each stroke I consciously got a little closer to her tit. When my finger lightly touched the underside, she smiled but didn’t turn her gaze from the game.

Each stroke brought me a little more contact with her tit and would lift the bottom of her shirt a little more. When my hand reached her tit, I began to cup it in my palm. I squeezed and played with it and her gaze never left the game, although her smile was getting bigger and bigger, as was my erection.

She started shifting her weight around on my lap, grinding her ass into my ever-stiffening cock. That just made me hornier and made me knead her tit more furiously, until I finally sat my beer down, and surreptitiously slide my other hand up the other side of her shirt.

I was now squeezing her tits together under her shirt, but it was riding up higher and higher. She continued to watch the game, with only a momentary glance to me.

I moved my hands down and them up, lifting her shirt and completely exposing her beautiful tits to the entire room. She smiled and kissed me. Bob, his face no more than a foot from her exposed breasts, was watching intently. I held them up and out, getting them as close as I could to him, while continuing to kiss her.

“Put you legs up on Bob’s lap” I said.

She did without question. As I continued to kiss her, caressing her breasts, she began to squirm, causing her legs to move around on Bob’s lap. He placed his arms across her legs and let them lay there, obviously waiting for an objection.

None came.

I lifted her shirt, and she obediently raised her arms so I could slide it off over her head. She made no effort to resist. No effort to cover her exposed breasts. No effort to stop Bob from touching her

He was emboldened, and started to caress her legs, sliding the legs higher and higher up to near her knee as he stroked her calves. I felt her hidden hand, the one against me, slide between us and begin to squeeze my cock through my jeans.

It was at that point I decided what I wanted to happen.

“Suck my cock” I whispered to her. She looked at me, but made no move to doing what I asked. Instead, she was looking into my eyes, questioning if I was serious. I knew she would if I told her again.

“Suck my cock” I said more loudly, intentionally letting everyone hear.

She stood, and as she was getting to her knees in front of me, she placed one hand between my leg and the arm of the loveseat, and the other on the cushion between Bob’s legs. She lowered herself, and began biting at my cock through my jeans, waiting for me to pull it out. I think she doubted I would.

I proved her wrong.

I unbuttoned them and unzipped them, pulling my underwear down to expose my raging hard on. She immediately took it in her mouth and engulfed it. Her right hand moved to hold my cock as she sucked it, but her left was stroking Bob’s cock through his pants.

Her oral skills were magnificent. As she licked the underside of my cock, then slowly took it deep until it bottomed out against the back of her throat, I forgot about my long-term goals for the night, and focused on feeling her wonderful mouth.

I did notice, however, that she was squeezing Bob’s cock through his pants. Squeezing and stroking it, while sucking my cock, she was obviously up for whatever was going to happen. That made me extremely horny, because not only was this a chance for me to get the whore that I wanted, it was also a chance to fulfill one of her fantasies.

“Suck Bob’s cock” I directed in a matter of fact, ‘go get me a beer’ kind of way.

Without a word, she left my hard cock, and moved to his, fumbling with his button and zipper as she tried to pull it out. He lifted his rear off the loveseat to make it easier to get his cock out, and within a moment, she had it out and in her mouth.

I tucked my cock back into my pants and sat there watching her for a moment, trying to figure out how to proceed. She was going to do anything I asked, apparently, and I wanted to push it as far as I could. First, I would concentrate on her fantasy.

“Tell Jay to come and take your pants off” I said.

She lifted her head just enough for Bob’s cock to leave her mouth, but still almost touch her lips.

“Jay, take my pants off, please.” She added politely.

He looked to me, and I nodded. He got up and went to her, and as he touched the waist of her pants, she lifted her ass into the air so they could be removed more easily. He slid them down and when they were at her ankles, she dropped back to her knees and continued to suck Bob’s cock.

“Tell Jay to fuck you”

“Jay, please fuck me” she said.

Jay didn’t move, and almost immediately, she removed her head from Bob’s erection and turned, furiously pawing at the clasp to Jay’s shorts, dropping them to the ground and taking his erect dick into her mouth. She took it so deep that his stomach flattened against her face and she held it there. She stayed there, buried against Jay’s plump belly for probably ten seconds, until she began to stroke his cock deeply with her throat.

Luckily, Jay was about the same size as me, and she could do this. That was one advantage of an average sized cock.

Then she pulled off, and turned to face Bob again. She took his cock in her right hand and guided it toward her pussy as she took Bobs cock in her left to guide it back toward her mouth.

Jay thrust his cock deep into her, and she almost fell forward onto Bob’s cock, which was forced deep into her throat. He thrust again. And again, and with each thrust, Bob thrust against her throat.

It was almost as if these two had done this before, and were well versed on how to treat a whore being DP’ed. But, what it really was, was Heather’s fantasy; to be fucked by brothers at the same time.

Jason was sitting on the couch, unsure of how he should act. This was obviously all new to him, whereas everyone else had heard of our exploits before. Although Jay and Bob had not fucked her before, Adam had. They all knew it.

Adam wasn’t interested in watching the show. He liked to fuck, but wasn’t really into the sharing of a partner. When he had fucked Heather before, even though I had practically stripped her for him, he didn’t touch her until I pretended to have to go to the bathroom and left them alone.

Jay continued to pound her pussy and drive her onto Bob’s cock relentlessly. She was working his cock in her mouth, furiously trying to earn his cum. In a few minutes, Jay began to moan and shudder a little as he thrust, and then he groaned loudly as he thrust deep into her shaved pussy, and held it there. He was cumming and she pushed back against him, taking his cock deeper into her, gyrating slightly to keep sensation on him.

With a final thrust her was done, and immediately Heather got up and turned around to sit on Bob’s lap and take his still erect cock into her. As she slid down on Bob’s cock, she pulled Jay’s into her mouth and began cleaning it. She licked all the cum and juices from her pussy off as she rode up and down on Bob.

It was as if she were living out a porn title. In effect, she was. I had found out she was so ill equipped for relationships. She had been exposed to porn since she was 11. Everything she knew, she learned from porn. All her goals and desires were riven by things she had seen in porn. She didn’t like to kiss, but when she did, it was porn kisses.

When she fucked someone and I was there, it was like I was the guy with the camera, and she was performing for me, just as she was now. And she was making a damn good film.

Then Bob came, and she got on her knees between them, and began the task of cleaning their cocks, while watching me for approval. I smiled at her and slightly nodded. She smiled in return

“Would you go get us all beers? Shots too.” I said.

Without hesitation she got up, and grabbed her clothes.

“No” I instructed. “Just set them over in the corner.”

She did, and left, naked, to go upstairs and get drinks. Bob and Jay were looking at each other.

“Damn” Bob said. That was all.

Our focus turned to the game briefly, and none of us were happy with the Patriots performance. They were letting Buffalo hang around, and even take the lead. Then, Heather came down the stairs with a tray full of alcohol.

Naked, she stood in front of Bob, holding the tray out to him. Her breasts hung magnificently over the back half of the tray. Bob took a beer and a shot of fireball.

Heather turned and came to me. I put my hands around her and caressed her ass before taking my drinks. She smiled.

She went to Jay, beside me. Then down the couch to Adam and Jason. She came back to me, the last beer and shot still on the tray. I took them off and sat them on the end table and she sat the tray on the floor.

I put my hands on her hips and guided her to my lap. She leaned back into my arms and turned sideways. I immediately started to massage her tits, while everyone tried to feign that they were watching the game.

“Put your feet up” I said. Jason and Adam won’t mind. Adam lifted his hands to allow her access to his lap. She put her legs across his lap and her feet on Jason’s. Adam let his arms fall across her legs gently and Jason looked as if her were scared that her legs would bite.

We all started to pay a little more attention to the game, but no one was ignoring the naked girl in the room. I was playing with her tits, squeezing them and pinching her nipples, while Adam was stroking her thighs with one hand and holding his beer with the other. I noticed she was moving her feet in Jason’s lap, almost imperceptible fondling his cock with her feet.

I started to kiss her, knowing that Bob and Jay’s cocks had been in her mouth. They had cum there as well. I didn’t know if they would notice, or what they would think, but it turned me on. Her lips met mine and parted as her tongue searched for mine. Gently, we explored each other’s mouths as Adam stroked her thighs ever closer to her pussy.

Her legs parted, allowing him access. His fingers went for her pussy, stroking her lips massaging her clitoris Jason was looking like he was in shock but was obviously enjoying Heather stroking his cock with her feet.

When he still had not moved or made any advances after several minutes, I whispered to her “I think you need to suck Jason’s cock”.

Obediently, she swung her legs off the couch and stood, walking over to him, and without a word, dropped to her knees in front of him. She leaned into him, pressing her breasts into his knees. They swelled with the pressure and looked enormous. She stroked the sides of his thighs and he looked like a trapped animal, ready to bolt.

She pressed her face into his crotch and began to bite at his stiff cock through his pants. She rubbed her hands down the outside of his pants, while he refused to move at al. He looked like a caged animal. She ground his cock with her face, ending with a slow bite as she looked into his eyes.

She began to unzip his pants and unbutton them, while keeping her face within inches of his cock at all times, her gaze never leaving his. She pulled out his cock and moaned as she licked the tip of his head. She pulled it as erect as she could and took it in her mouth. She went slowly down on it. Sensually. She reached behind him and started tugging on the back of his jeans and he obediently lifted his ass slightly in the air, and helped pull his pants down to mid-thigh.

She let go of his cock and went to his feet, slowly untying his shoes, and pulling them off. She then worked off his socks, and then began to pull his pants off. He let her, but was still too much a fish out of water to participate.

She swept the pile of clothes aside and crawled between his legs, going straight for his cock.

She touched the head with her middle finger and stroked the length of the shaft to the balls. Then, she wrapped her hand around it and held it upright, plunging it into her mouth. She went down on it, slowly working her wat to the base, taking it to the balls. That was one of her many oral skills, and his cock was average and therefore not a significant challenge.

She pumped his cock with her throat, her face completely buried in his crotch. Then she stopped, and slowly backed off, kissing the tip as it exited her mouth. Her hand starter to stroke the she shaft as she took his balls in her mouth. After a moment, she began took his cock in her mouth and began sucking it in earnest.

She stroked with her hand as her mouth took it in and pushed it out, over and over, with increasing ferocity, until his moaned loudly and shuddered slightly, as he obviously came in her mouth. She continued up and down, ever slowing, with her mouth until she pulled it out and licked the tip with her tongue.

We all watched, the game a forgotten distraction at that point, as her hand moved to Adams crotch. He stood and they worked together to take his pants off. She shoved him down on the couch, and began to work on his already large, stiff dick. As she sucked him, she began to stroke Jason’s already stiffening cock.

She was sucking the cock in front of her as deeply as she could. She stopped with most of it buried in her throat and pumped slightly. Continuously. Until Adams was making his deposit. When she was done with him, she pushed him away and walked out of the room, up the stairs.

Adam hurriedly pulled up his pants, as did Jason, and we all feigned attention to the game. Not a word was said until Heather came back downstairs, naked, carrying a tray with 6 beers and some Jello-O shooters.

She had obviously showered, and her usually strawberry hair hung in dark red ringlets to the curve of her waist and her beautiful tits bounced as she walked.

She served each person, ending with me. I sat our drinks down as she climbed onto my lap, extending her legs onto Bob’s lap. She got my beer off the table and handed it to me while getting her own as well.

I put my arm around d her back, resting it on the arm of the love seat and started to stroke her back. We started to watch the game. It was close, but the Patriots still didn’t look right. It looked like the game was over, and the Patriots would lose.

I noticed Bob was absentmindedly stroking her calf when Bren Watson caught a pass in the end zone to win the game.



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