Her Blacked Out Experience

Her Blacked Out Experience asian sex story

Asian Sex Story: Erica and I have been married for 10 years, and every day I count my lucky stars. She is gorgeous, sporting a very trim and busty figure. With long blond hair and a very pretty face and flirty manner she attracts attention whenever we go out. On weekends we sometimes grocery shop together and she wears impossibly tight leggings, and a low cut top which shows more cleavage than she really should. In fact, she dresses more like a teenage bombshell than a 35 year old married wife. 

Often we play a little game whereby I stay in the distance as she moves around the store. I like to watch other men, and sometimes women, staring at her. If she senses an older man ogling her, she will stand close to him and bend over to look at items on the bottom shelf giving the man a good long look down her front. Then she smiles sweetly at him and apologizes for getting in his way.

We are always looking for ways to spice up our sex life and when we get home from an outing where she has been flirting, we often have steamy sex. She loves it when I whisper in her ear what the man would have done to her back in his car. She is very vocal in bed and our fantasies have become more and more erotic over the years. When we were first married she would dress in very sexy corsets and push up bras to seduce me. Now she has taken to wearing revealing clothes more often even to her workplace.

She loves to flirt with her boss, and it has proven to be most rewarding as he often gives her higher raises than most of the other employees of the insurance company where they both work. However, she is also very talented and hard working and so she certainly earns her promotions and raises.

Last week Erica told me her boss had suggested to her that she accompany him to a conference in New York. He is married and very wealthy, she guessed he and his wife were both in their mid fifties. The conference was very suited to Erica’s skills in sales and marketing. I encouraged her to go, and she agreed.

In our lovemaking that week I whispered that Robert was going to seduce her on the trip, but as much as she enjoyed flirting with him, occasionally standing unnecessarily close to him, and giving him the occasional brush against her big breasts, she said she was not attracted to him, as he was black, and her parents had always discouraged her from dating black boys. Her bosses skin color had never been mentioned before.

The next night I tailored my fantasy to their upcoming trip and Erica started to get very turned on . The more graphic I got telling her she would love having his black cock in her mouth, and his older black head between her thighs, she moaned uncontrollably and went over the edge with a crushingly loud orgasm. The truth was that I had watched a lot of porn when she worked late or was out of town, and the subject that turned me on was always black men with white willing beautiful wives, often while their husbands watched and took pictures or video. I worked her up again eating her pussy and fingering her ass ring gently, which always got her steamed up. I told her I was hard thinking about her with Robert and she should try it to see if she liked it. I even mentioned it would enhance her career to accept the boss between her legs, and for her to sleep with him.

Nothing more was brought up as she had a lot on her plate and was very busy in the days before they were to leave for New York.

Erica went shopping for the trip. She had asked Robert if there were to be any special events that they would attend as she wanted to be appropriately dressed for the occasions, and he replied that over the four days there would be several cocktail parties, often followed by dinner parties, he told her that anything she would wear would be fine because she was so lovely. She blushed and giggled like a schoolgirl.

She took more care in watching Robert during the days leading up to their flight. He really was very tall and handsome, she thought. As an accomplished CEO he had worked his way up through all departments in the firm, and so was very well qualified for his role. She decided once and for all to ignore her parents antiquated biases. She decided to press her husband, James, to see if he was serious about her being seduced by her boss. That night at dinner she asked him straight up, and he stood and showed her his hard on in his pants, and said that just thinking about it made him hard. She decided to stop talking about it and let events unfurl whatever way they did.

James did not make love to Erica the last three nights before she left, which was not unusual, but she did notice that he was on his computer quite a bit in the evenings.

The morning of their departure Erica took extra care with her hair, nails and makeup, especially eye makeup which she did not always wear. She selected a crisp white blouse, and a conservative grey suit. The jacket was designed to button under the bust, or to be left open. She decided to do up the button as that seemed to emphasize her ample breasts. Her husband wished her well, but she did not kiss him goodbye as she did not wish to muss up her lipstick.

The limousine arrived promptly at 9 am to pick her up, and she was delighted to see Robert in the back seat as she had assumed they would meet at the airport.

He jumped out of the car before the driver could, and opened the back door for her.

She blushed as she tried to maneuver into the seat while not letting her skirt ride up too high on her stockings. Robert greeted her warmly, taking her hand and offering a brief hug. His face lit up with a smile of welcome. She was somewhat surprised as hugs were not expected in their workplace. His cologne or aftershave was almost mesmerizing and despite her not wanting to, she felt herself getting damp between her legs being at such close quarters with a man other than her husband.

They boarded the plane first and were seated in first class and handed a glass of champagne for the three hour flight to New York. She had never flown first class in her life and she was careful consuming the champagne as she didn’t want it going to her head so early in the day. Robert thankfully started talking business and going over their schedules for the next few days. He wanted her to take in the sales meetings while he was more keen to attend financial management and tax areas. They fell into an easy conversation. More than once Robert reached out and touched Erica’s arm to emphasize a point he was making, and she felt a thrill as his hand lingered on hers.

He offered to help take her jacket off and his arm went around her shoulder to do so, and she leaned forward. Instantly the flight attendant arrived to take the jacket to hang it up. Robert’s eyes dropped to admire her bust, and she blushed.

They enjoyed a delicious lunch with wine, and she realized that she had talked to Robert more in the past two hours than she had in the past two years. It was obvious why he was the CEO of the company, as he was erudite, funny and charming, and she was finding that she liked him very much more than she had ever considered. After lunch they agreed to have a quiet time and he promptly fell asleep on his pillow. She welcomed the time to think. A week ago she thought that what had happened since then would have been impossible. The night before, after her husband had fallen asleep having made no effort to even kiss her goodnight, she slipped out of bed and went to his computer. What she found made her heart race. James had been watching a high definition movie in which a busty blond woman was seduced by a black neighbor with a large cock while her husband watched and filmed the scene. She felt sure James must have wanted her to see it. Her heart was pounding and her hand went between her legs as she watched the blond suck the black man’s cock. With her eyes shut, the beautiful actress kissed the glistening black erection licking and sucking while her husband actively encouraged her. Erica was on fire, and she quickly gave herself an orgasm. She left the movie on and secretly hoped James would know she had seen it, and she slipped quietly back into their bed.

As the plane continued east, Erica thought about how many times her husband encouraged her to allow her boss to seduce her. She concluded that she would not seduce him, but if the handsome man whom she was now quite fond of, found her of interest she certainly would enjoy his attentions. After all, she reminded herself, Robert is also married, and being CEO he would be the one to make any decision regarding her future. Just as she was feeling totally relaxed the pilot came on the intercom to announce their landing and Robert woke up. He stretched his long arms and she wondered if she would soon feel his loving embrace.

The first class treatment continued as they were met by a chauffeur, who whisked them though New York in late afternoon traffic to the luxury hotel where they would be for the duration of the conference. Robert had thought of everything including a two bedroom super en-suite accommodation. They each had their own large bedroom/bathroom for privacy, and they shared a large living room area with a fully stocked wet bar and a fabulous view of Central Park.

Robert suggested they unpack and reconvene in an hour dressed for dinner.

Erica was feeling more and more appreciated as a person by her companion. She was becoming bored with her husband treating her like a plaything and his antics of having her dress like, and act like a slut in their weekend excursions. She wondered if he was watching his porn movie, and secretly hoped he realized that she too had seen it.

She enjoyed a long soak in the tub, and scrubbed her skin until it was pink and rosy. Standing in front of the full length mirror she smiled happily to notice very little sag in her magnificent breasts, and she was glad she had shaved her pussy area leaving just a thin line some of her girlfriends delightedly referred to as their landing strip.

She touched up her makeup and donned a lacy black bra and matching brief black panties. Her cocktail dress completed the outfit. It was a new acquisition, very low cut, but certainly within the realm of good taste, as she found most dresses much racier now than when she was a young girl. A lovely string of pearls which James had given her for her birthday, and pearl earrings and a pearl ring for her right hand to compliment her wedding rings on her left hand completed her jewelry for the evening.

Robert stared at his reflection in his mirror.

Not bad for age 51 he thought.

He showered and spent some time answering his email from the office . Then he phoned his wife to let her know they had arrived safely. He often traveled with members of his sales team, and his wife knew that this trip included a woman, though he had not shared the split room accommodations with her. His wife was ten years his senior, and they met at university where she was a professor and he was one of her top students. They had had an enjoyable, fun marriage, with no children which was her choice, and he did not object. He reflected on their sex life, as in her early sixties she had gone from occasional interest to none. Or so she told him. He, on the other hand, was sexually vibrant and took opportunities when he traveled to hook up with available white women, always white women, and always when he was on his own in a distant city. As he traveled often on business there were always opportunities to meet available white women, more often than not they were married, which he also preferred.

He reflected that he was taking a bit of a chance traveling with a married white employee, and a gorgeous one at that, but so far they had only flirted very lightly. There was no doubt however, that should the evening present an opportunity that he would be sorely tempted. He quickly changed into a crisp white shirt with tan pants and a leather jacket, he looked handsome, and successful, and he knew it, but not at all in a self absorbed way.

Then Erica came out of her suite to meet him as arranged, for dinner. She took his breath away. Stunning in a short black dress with sensational cleavage and he tried his best not to stare. She coyly asked him if she should call him Mr. during their time in New York. He thanked her for being so thoughtful, but that Robert would be fine until they returned to the office.

She took his arm as they went to the elevator, her fragrance, her beauty, her wonderful figure and her easy confidence, made him feel a stirring in his groin and a flash of passion. In the beautiful dining room, Robert saw some of his competitors from the insurance industry, and they agreed to meet for a drink in the lobby bar after dinner.

Near the end of the meal, a hotel hostess stopped by their table to introduce herself, and she brought words of welcome from management and inquired whether everything was acceptable. She was very beautiful with a gorgeous figure and Erica noted that Robert practically undressed her with his eyes. She felt a flash of jealousy, but then dismissed her feeling as being silly and immature. A few minutes later another hostess walked by. Erica was amazed at her beauty but noted Robert hardly glanced at her, She was black or at least mixed race, and his indifference surprised Erica, as she knew Robert’s wife was black. Clearly, she thought, her boss prefers white women.

As they shared a bottle of lovely french wine, Robert returned to touching her arm and hand as he talked, and she decided to respond in a similar matter. He looked deep into her eyes and complimented her repeatedly on her looks, her dress, and her pearls which caressed her cleavage.

After dinner they went to the lobby bar to meet the other executives, and Erica noticed that there were very few women in the group. The hostess that had spoken to them earlier seemed to read her mind and came over to chat with her. She mentioned to Erica to enjoy the use of the hotel’s facilities and pointed out that there was a wonderful spa, and that if she was interested in a workout the first session was at ten am, and if she was interested in a massage she should book in advance. That sounded like a good idea and she mentioned to the woman, who’s name was Nicole, that her sales session did not begin until 2 pm the next day, while Robert was tied up from 9 am. Nicole took out her cell phone and booked a massage and spa treatment for her at 11 am. She said she had ordered a special massage, and smiled at Erica, saying she would find it most enjoyable.

A piano and small group of musicians starting playing, and Robert was suddenly by her side suggesting they dance. The dance floor was rather small and crowded. He embraced her, and she happily put her arms on his shoulders and she snuggled into his neck. She murmured into his ear that she was having a wonderful time, and thanked him again for bringing her. He responded by squeezing her closer to him and running his hand up under her long blond hair and stroking her neck. They rocked erotically to the music as other couples seemed to do the same. His arms were around her and she felt his hands on her bottom. She moaned. As the song ended, his hands came to her sides, and he cupped her breasts ever so discretely. In response she moved her arms around his neck with one hand caressing the back of his neck, obviously approving as he brushed her full breasts again. Her nipples thickened. He brought his mouth to her ear and asked if her husband would be upset. She whispered that James had encouraged her, that he liked her flirting, and that she would be most careful about what she told him. She also said that she would protect Robert’s privacy with her life.

Robert felt his cock stiffen and he thanked her and rubbed it against her midsection.

Erica whispered in his ear and asked about his wife. He replied very honestly that they rarely, if ever, had sex, and that this was the first time he had ever openly flirted with a fellow employee.

She took her head off his shoulder and looked up into his eyes, he moved his mouth to hers, their lips met and their mouths opened for a passionate french kiss.

The music ended, and Robert suggested they go upstairs in their suite for a nightcap.

The other men in their group had departed, Robert had made sure they were not witness to his wonderful dance with Erica. They kissed in the elevator, they kissed in the hall outside their doorway, and Erica thought to herself that she was about to enter heaven.

Robert suddenly lifted her off her feet and with ease carried her to her bedroom, as the door quietly closed behind them. She slid from his arms. He unzipped her dress and it fell to the floor. He told her she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She grabbed at his belt buckle as he took off his jacked and shirt. His ebony body was sculpted like an Adonis, She moaned with pleasure. His kissing had her emotions in flames, She had never been kissed with such passion by anyone, anytime. His pants fell down and he kicked them aside. She reached for his white undershorts and pulled them down as she knelt in front of him. His large erection popped out of his shorts, and with her hand trembling she reached out to touch her first black cock.

Rather than grab and stoke his eleven inch masterpiece, she teased him by barely touching it with just her fingernails, first one hand tickled the side of his erection, then she used both hands, stopping and starting, teasing him as her mouth stayed inches away from it and her eyes looked up at him. Her fingernails traced the mushroom cock head around and around as he moaned.

She said she wanted to do something for her husband and she took a selfie photograph on her phone holding Robert’s cock with the other hand. She made sure her pearls and her wedding rings were in the photo, with her warm wet willing white mouth poised to take his cock in her mouth.

She whispered that she would send it to James the next day when he was at work.

She took his cock in her mouth and then she pushed him back on the bed.

She knelt between his legs while he laid back with his head on a pillow. She worshiped his magnificent cock, her saliva running freely from her mouth as she kissed, licked and sucked the eleven inches from the tip to the base with a fervor he had never experienced. Erica moved up his body kissing his chest until she was french kissing him again. He was loving the way she was taking command, she wiggled out of her panties and his hand immediately went to her pussy. She brought the panties up and gently rubbed the silky lacy material across his lips and face. He adored the musky smell and told her so. She turned around and opened her legs to put a knee on each side of his face and he proceeded to lick and kiss her wet pussy while she went back to sucking his cock. Erica reached into her sexy black bra and took out first one and then the second big breast, leaving the bra on pushing her breasts out.

She smiled mischievously thinking to herself that if her husband asked her if she was naked with Robert, she could honestly say that she hadn’t taken off her bra.

Robert sucked first one nipple then the other and marveled that they stood up like mini erections. He nibbled on them being careful not to hurt her. He could feel her juices flowing against his chest and he reached down to rub his cock against her anus. She moaned loudly with excitement. She told him no-one had ever done that. She begged him to fuck her.

He lifted her off his chest and laid her down, kissing her mouth again and again as he spread her legs and told her he would be gentle and for her to relax. He slid his huge hard on slowly into her vagina two or three inches, she cried out with the fullness of his size. She looked down and watched in amazement as she accepted his massive black cock. He pulled it back and forth, then took it out and rubbed his cock head over her clit.

Again and again. She begged him for more. Kissing her deeply he started the ancient moves and she had her first of many orgasms, she cried out his name over and over. James was well and truly forgotten for now. Her whole being was dedicated to satisfying this wonderful black man who was now taking full control of all of her senses.

He turned her around and entered her doggy style and she felt his full cock reach her inner being, she came with a thunderous orgasm as he exploded inside her at the same time.

Exhausted after their wild lovemaking Erica and Robert fell asleep intertwined in each other’s arms.

James read and reread the text Erica had sent him from the hotel before she was to meet Robert for dinner. She had described the plane trip and the luxurious hotel in detail

and wrote that Robert was all business as she had expected.

She signed off writing that she loved him, and that she would be a good girl. His mind raced as to what that meant, and he concluded that he had really pushed her to take a black lover, so if it happened, well, they would cross that bridge when they came to it.

He had discovered a new young porn star. She was billed as being eighteen years old and had small perky tits and absolutely loved black cock, the bigger the better. She wore cute little sundresses which made her look even younger and she had long black hair and an enthusiastic, fun approach to her lovemaking.. He loved when there was an effort made by the producers to create a story line, so he went to his computer for the first time since Erica left to see if he could find a new movie of her.

He immediately noticed when the computer came out of sleep mode that Erica must have had it on the movie he had been watching the night before. He got hard thinking of his beautiful wife watching it.

Erica woke to the sound of Robert in his shower. The adjoining doors were open and he soon popped his head in and said he had ordered breakfast and it would soon be delivered. She quickly showered and put on fresh underwear, a white lacy bra and pantie set, and wrapped herself in the robe provided by the hotel. It was the finest silk. There was a knock on the door and she opened it to a young, black, room service delivery boy.

He asked her to sign for the breakfast and as she bent over at the desk to do so, her robe fell open to the delight of the young black man who was transfixed by the sight of her beautiful white breasts in a perfect lacy white bra. She laughed happily and said breezily that she had just put on the robe and forgot to tie up the belt.

Robert arrived to give her a big hug and kiss, and the young man nearly fainted, but he managed to stammer something they could not quite understand and he left.

Robert asked what had happened and she showed him opening her robe again.

Roberts said it was no wonder the poor lad was tongue tied and they both laughed.

At breakfast Erica told Robert that she had decided not to send the selfie photo to her husband as she felt it was private and could do not good, only harm. Robert seemed very pleased with her decision.

Robert left after they had agreed to meet for a drink after her afternoon session. She decided a workout was not in the cards, as she had had quite a workout with Robert the night before, so she lounged around and got her papers in order for the afternoon meeting. She would, however, go to the Spa appointment as arranged by Nicole.

There was a knock on the door and she opened it without looking as she thought probably Robert had forgotten something. It was the delivery boy to pick up their breakfast cart. Her robe was still open, she didn’t bother to wrap herself, rather she showed herself off to him. He took his time tuning the cart around. She cupped her large breasts in her hands, the hotel door closed by itself. She walked towards him, took his hands which were shaking, and put them on her breasts, telling him that her husband liked it when she flirted with black men. She unbuckled his belt pulling his pants down and stroked his nice cock until he erupted all over her lovely white silk robe. He thanked her and quickly left. She laughed to herself noticing that she was turned on and her juices were flowing. She tossed the robe into the laundry hamper, and donned some casual loose shorts and a top to wear to the Spa.



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