Secretary had a hard day at work

Secretary had a hard day at work asian porn story

Asian Sex Story: I was in a hurry to get out of the office to make my nine thirty doctor’s appointment when Billie stopped me. 

“Do you know what today is?” he asked.

I knew he was going to make some weird comment about Administrative Assistants Day, so I simply replied, “No Billie, what day is it?”

He quickly shot back, “It’s Sexy Tarry’s Day, Chuck and I are taking you to lunch at Queen’s Kitchen.”

I explained that I was on my way to the doctor but I would meet them there as soon as I could. Queen’s Kitchen was the closest restaurant to our office and you often saw others from our office taking advantage of the businessman’s lunch which included happy hour drink prices. I’m not sure why I so quickly agreed with having lunch with them, but it was my day of appreciation for putting up with their crude remarks and innuendoes.

After I checked in at Dr. Horton’s office I waited over thirty minutes before being called to the examination room. The nurse took my vital signs, handed me a gown and said the doctor will see you soon. I did not understand why the change to the gown was necessary for today’s visit. I just wanted to discuss the effects of my Valium. I thought to myself, “He is the best fertility doctor in this area. Who am I to question him?” I had just put my clothes on a hanger and was reaching for my gown when the door swung open and the doctor said “It is good to see you. What can I help you with today?”

As I stood there trying to cover my naked body, I wondered about his “good to see you” comment. I pulled the gown onto my shoulders and took a seat in front of the doctor. I managed to focus on the purpose of my visit and said, “I wanted to see if my Valium dosage was okay.”

He studied the data the nurse had taken earlier then stood and walked behind me. He slipped his hands under the top of my gown, rested them on my bare shoulders and took my pulse at my carotid artery. He noted that my pulse rate was slightly elevated from the earlier reading. I could have told him that it was stronger too, but I remained quiet. Dr. Horton wrote on his prescription pad and sent the nurse to retrieve some sample packs that the pharmaceutical representative had left. He then said, “I don’t see any reason why we can’t adjust your dosage. Let’s try this for a while and see how you are feeling. Call me in two weeks. If you are more at ease there is no need to come in. If not we will see you soon. He left the room and I quickly dressed.

As I settled my bill the nurse handed me a double hand full of samples and asked if I wanted to take one now. I dropped them into my purse nodded yes and one would be nice now. She opened a package and handed one of the pills, saying, “There is another in here for later.”

I checked my watch and saw that I had just enough time to make it to the Queen’s Kitchen before the the eleven o’clock opening. That way I could lunch and make it back to work and only have to use a few hours of leave. I arrived at the restaurant and saw a short line with Billie and Chuck at the front waiting for the doors to open. I was a bit unsteady as I walked toward them. I attributed the feeling to having skipped breakfast and medicine on an empty stomach. The doors opened just as I reached Billie’s side and were quickly seated. I thought, this is going just like I planned it.

Billie ordered a rye,as did Chuck, and asked if an Absinthe Frappe would suit me. Not wanting to show my naivety I said sure. While waiting for our drinks Billie asked how the doctor’s visit had gone. I replied, ” Dr. Horton gave me just what I needed.”

The conversation then took a hard left turn. Billie’s ex-wife had recommended Dr. Horton to me and he knew exactly who he was and what he did. ‘Well, did you get your birth control refilled?” he asked.

Just as he said that our drinks arrived. I explained that my problem did not relate to birth control but quite the opposite.

He quickly replied, “we can help with that ,too.”

I was becoming frustrated when as I showed him the sample from the doctor’s office and remembered that one was to be taken later. I popped it into my mouth and took a long sip of my frappe. It tasted like a licorice slurpie. I had no idea of the reputations of the green fairy and did not appreciate the chuckle I received in reply to my assessment of the drink. I did not realize that Dr. Horton had increased my dosage by a factor of five instead of reducing it, nor that I had doubled his recommendation by taking a second pill within an hour of the first nor that I was drinking a super strong cocktail of a fabled hallucinate in conflict with accepted medical recommendations. I took another big gulp from my slurpie as the second round of our luncheon special arrived. Billie handed me a menu and suggested that it might be time to eat. I finished my first drink.

I was feeling very much at ease as I perused the menu. By the time I had settled on the Caesar salad with grilled salmon I had nearly finished my second slurpie. These drinks certainly went down smoothly. We ordered our lunch and a second round of the special drinks. Billie stood and said, “Let’s go.”

“Huh,” I stammered.

“Didn’t you notice we ordered from the room service menu?” he replied.

I guess I didn’t mention that the Queen’s Kitchen was located at the Queen’s Inn. In my current drug and alcohol induced state, leaving for the room seemed like the logical next step. As we arrived at the room that Billie and Chuck had earlier rented the second round of the luncheon special was awaiting us. We sat around a small table and sipped our drinks as we awaited our meals.

My mind wandered to something that one of the other secretaries had told me about Billie. I wondered if he was really as large as I had been told. A knock on the door brought me back into the room. The waiter’s tray carried my salad and the second half of our luncheon special. Billie generously tipped him and we decided to share the salad in order to expedite the after lunch experience. We quickly finished our meal and drinks.

It was only moments before I knew the truth. Billie and Chuck stood before me naked. I also discovered that Nan, Billie’s ex, was not missing him. It seems that Chuck who was currently dating Nan was equally or more greatly endowed than Billie. I realized that I might be on my way to heaven. Trying to catch-up, I quickly removed my clothes and pushed Chuck backward onto the couch. I kneeled in front of him. As I took his member into my mouth Billie entered me from behind. It was a very “full feeling” experience. After several minutes of pure pleasure Billie suggested that we change positions. I took Billie into my mouth and tasted my juices. Chuck entered and I could immediately feel the increased girth. This was truly fulfilling and I experienced the most massive orgasm I could remember. Of course I really could not remember very much right now. I did not believe that I was the first to come. Chuck was soon to follow. I had a warm but somewhat stressed feeling in my pussy as I repositioned to bring Billie to a climax.

My jaws ached from stretching around Billie’s cock. I continued until I felt Billie’s scrotum tense. He suddenly stepped backward and shot a massive load into my face. It seems that he was not only blessed with a large penis, he had very productive testicles as well. Stream after stream of cum splashed onto my face, running over my lips and chin, then down over my breast. I thought he would never stop as he covered my head and body. When he finally finished he invited Chuck to repeat the performance.

Chuck stepped forward in a semi-hard condition with his dick glistening with a mixture of my juices and his cum. The taste was delightful and Chuck quickly responded to my ministrations. I felt his deposits from our earlier encounter trickle down my thigh as he neared his second climax. It was a significant performance,especially for an encore.

Just as Chuck finished Billie’s phone rang. He gestured for everyone to be quiet and spoke in what was a subdued voice for him. There was no doubt that the future Mrs. Billie was on the line. He talked for a fe w minutes, said “Yes dear” and hung up.

He announced, “I’ve got to go.”

“Chuck, you’ve got to get Annie home. She’s in no shape to drive.”

“Call Ed, he will help.”

“Drop Annie and her car at her house. It’s only a few blocks down Weatherly.”

“Then he can give you a ride back to your car at the office.”

I stood there nude, with my own cum filled juices running down my leg, and gobs of warm sticky cum in my hair, on my face and smeared over my tits. Billie opened the door to leave, paused in the opening for a few seconds, and I said “I’m not finished!”

Chuck was already on the phone with Ed:

“Ed you have to come to room 136 at the Queen’s Inn right now.”

“Oh, you are celebrating Tyler’s eighteenth birthday.”

”I understand he has plans for later but they have an excellent prime rib here. This won’t affect his schedule much at all.”

“Good, I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

“Yes, we will be ready to go when you get here.”

Chuck was doing his best to get me cleaned up and covered up in spite of my continued claims of “I’m not finished.”

He was not particularly effective. My hair was plastered flat around my face and I felt sticky from head to toe. I wore my sheer white blouse partially buttoned with the tail out. My white skirt with embroidered sun flowers had a hole in the center of each flower. The outfit was socially acceptable with the right underwear and subdued lighting. Neither was the case as I stepped out into the sunlight to dry some of the cum induced stickiness.

Chuck searched my purse for my car keys. Having found and pocketed them, he stuffed some of my underwear into my purse and some into his pocket. I guess round one was over.

The sunshine made me feel better. In spite of the twenty milligrams of Valium and the four Absinthe Frappes I felt somewhat lucid and alert. I was also extremely horny. Chuck left the room, closing the door behind him, as Ed and Tyler arrived. Chuck told Ed to drive around front to my car, while Tyler exited his car and helped me into the front seat. He then squeezed in beside me. We drove around front and followed Chuck to my house.

During the ten minute ride to my house Tyler constantly stared at my thinly covered breasts. As I gazed into his eyes I realized that I was much closer to his age than I was to the other nearby gentlemen. Chuck drove my car into my driveway and we parked behind him. As Tyler helped me from the car I whispered that I had a birthday surprise for him inside. Chuck had gone ahead and was searching for the key to the front door. Ed, Tyler and I made our way towards the door. We were on the top step when my husband Dave arrived and parked at the curb.

We waited for him just inside the door. I greeted him with a kiss and explained that we had been celebrating “sexy tarry day”. Dave replied, “you taste like you had a good time.” I nodded yes. Tyler quickly explained that he had just arrived. I introduced Tyler to Dave and informed him that It was Tyler’s birthday. Since it was a special birthday, I had a special present for him. We proceeded through the house to the den. It was a smallish room with a couch, a recliner, a stereo and a TV.

When I entered the room all the seats were taken. There were only the ottoman and a thick wool rug open. I pulled Tyler to his feet and began unbuttoning his shirt. He was hesitant at first but warmed to the task after I removed his shirt and my blouse. We were naked in the middle of the room with three men watching. I asked them to remain quiet until the present was opened.

I eyed Tyler’s body as he settled onto the carpet. He was not as well endowed as Billie or Chuck, but he had plenty to be proud of. Someone had started some soft music on the stereo. I gently kissed the head of his circumcised penis. It was the first uncovered head I had seen since I left home this morning. He laid back as I mounted him and moved up and down on his rigid shaft. I had positioned him so that the spectators had a clear view of the pussy reactions to our movements. He didn’t last long but his ejaculation was long and voluminous. When his spasms subsided I slipped from his body and prepared to clean him. His member was glistening in the soft light from the north facing window. As I slowly cleaned his equipment with my lips he quickly regained a turgid state. Knowing that a fuck and a suck was every young man’s dream I proceeded to give my best effort. I was surprised at how quickly and forcefully he came. Not wanting to stain the rug I tried to contain it all in my mouth and swallow it. It was several mouths full, but none made it onto the rug.

I rose to my knees facing the men and giggled, “I’m open for business.”

Ed spoke first: “I believe that everyone but me has partaken. I would like to go next if that is okay with Annie and Dave.

I said “sure” and encouraged everyone to get naked so that would be no more breaks in the action. I also planned some parallel performances so that I could double my pleasure. Tyler’s fast acting penis had left me wanting more. I crawled in front of Dave and urged Ed to enter me from my back. I had not gotten a good look at his body but he felt more than adequate. We had a good rhythm going as my head bobbed up and down on Dave’s penis and Ed thrust from behind. My mind drifted back to interludes earlier in the day. I had purposely saved Chuck for later both because I had to strain my jaws to take him in my mouth and because I enjoyed his fullness in my pussy. The thought of my first session with Chuck brought me to a massive orgasm which triggered like reactions in both Ed and Dave. They were both smiling at their great accomplishment.

I was smiling too because I knew where it came from and I knew who and what was next. I moved in front of the birthday boy and told him to lean back and relax. I slowly eased him fully into my throat as Chuck again entered me from behind. I still felt the fullness inside and the gentle stretching of my lips as he slowly stroked into and out of my body. Our slow pace was interrupted by the sudden spasms of Tyler’s dick. I concentrated on controlling Tyler while allowing Chuck to pump. I received a mouth full of cum from Tyler. Impaled on Chuck’s shaft and not wanting to leave I swallowed hard. Chuck reacted to the shiver that ran through my body as the cum slid down my throat and into my stomach. He continued to stroke. I pushed Tyler away and pulled Ed’s dick to my face. I was saving Dave for the after party.

Ed proved his adequacy by quickly achieving a level of stiffness. I wasn’t sure that Ed and I would last until Chuck climaxed. Suddenly I had another mouth full of cum to swallow. My body acted as before, when Chuck felt me shiver he began to spasm. This was all I needed to trigger my fifth orgasm of the day. It seemed to last for minutes as Chuck and l fed from each other’s spasms. When it was over I was fully spent.

“Okay boys, the party is over,” I announced.

As Dave showed them out and moved his car into the driveway, I began my cleanup. I started my bath water. Then combed the dried flaking cum from my hair. I searched my body for any other masses of cum. During this process I realized the physical impact of the day and evening. Even though it was still early I hurried to finish up so I could present a good front at the office. After I sank into my warm bath I heard Dave enter the shower and prepare for bed. I emerged from the bath feeling cleaner both inside and out. I dried my body and my hair and slipped into the bed next to Dave.

I whispered to him, “You know I didn’t break our agreement on purpose. I never would have started this if I had not taken those pills. After that it seems that one thing turned into another with no pause in between.”

He reassured me saying, “I know what I saw today was not the real you.” We had a quickie to seal our forgiveness. I drifted off to sleep wondering if I would ever experience another day as exciting as today.

I awoke early Friday morning as I left the bed it seemed that my hangover had settled in my loins. My whole bottom ached. When I checked my labia, they were red and puffy. I wondered if I could walk without showing the effects of yesterday’s activities. I had to go on. I chose my most business like suit for the day. I fixed my hair, carefully applied my makeup, donned my suit and headed out the door for work.

When I entered my office there was a huge vase of long stemmed roses. There was envelope saying, “to Annie Happy Sexy Tarry Day”. It was unusual for Billie to be here this early but I confirmed it when I opened the envelope and read the card. “I hope you enjoyed the bukake as much as I did. I wish I could have stayed longer.” The card was signed Billie but the writing looked strangely like his fiancée’s. I slipped the card in my coat pocket and went about my business. Later Billie came in smiled and asked if I got his card. I said “yes and what the hell is a bukake?”

He smiled and replied, “Be careful who you ask.”

I didn’t want to ponder any more cryptic replies so I didn’t ask who wrote the note. I immediately Googled “bukake”. I read the first part of the definition in the Urban Dictionary and backed out of that screen just before Ed walked in. I was glad that he didn’t seethe screen and that I didn’t ask him about bukake. It looked like I would have to completely relive yesterday when Chuck walked in all smiling. I thought maybe some of it wouldn’t be so bad.

Just before lunch the boss called everyone into the conference room and presented cards to each of the secretaries. He seemed to be looking straight at me when he said, “I know some of you had a hard day at the office yesterday, let’s all go to Queen’s Kitchen for lunch and happy hour.”



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