Wife plays around at husband’s workplace

Wife plays around at husband's workplace asian sex story

Asian Sex Story: Abigail and I were newlyweds in love. That didn’t stop her from fucking other guys though, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Most guys were good about it, like my pa and my uncle Scott; they enjoyed fucking Abigail and treated her just the way she wanted while remaining respectful to me. Sex was fun for us as long as no one got possessive and tried to supplant me as the main focus of my wife’s affections. Occasionally, we ran into guys who just didn’t get it. Usually we could avoid anyone we had a bad experience with, but we had some trouble with a foreman at my work.

We worked long days logging; often I didn’t get home until well after supper. Sometimes when I got home Abigail was entertaining one or more men or was lounging around after some man had just serviced her. Most guys get scared and run off when I arrive, but those that know us and how we live our lives stay and let me watch before I have my own turn with her.

The point is, all the guys in our crew usually got home after supper, so most of them had little time to do more than eat and sleep before going back to work the next day and that was if they were married and had a wife to cook for them. The single guys, which were most of them, had to either make or buy their own supper before they could eat and sleep. So, during those long hour days most of the complaints heard around the logging site were guys bitching about their lack of pussy either because their wives or girlfriends were too tired or they didn’t have a regular fuck partner. I was a rare case; married with a wife who loved to fuck more than anything else in the world.

Shortly after we got married, Pa, tired of hearing all the guys complain, came up with an idea. He didn’t even bother asking me first, but went straight to the foreman and asked if one day he could bring a woman to fuck all the guys throughout the workday. The foreman, not believing Pa could pull it off, laughingly agreed as long as she agreed to fuck all the guys (she couldn’t call it quits halfway through) and as long as we still got all our work done. Now logging is hard work, but one guy missing for twenty to thirty minutes wouldn’t cause too much trouble; hell, some guys spent that much time in the shitter. Pa assured him he knew a gal who’d fuck everyone, no problem, and that we’d do the same amount of work.

I usually rode with Pa and Uncle Scott to work so on the ride home pa told me about his plan and asked if Abigail could come up the next day. I was twenty at the time and Abigail was eighteen, fresh out of high school and she hadn’t found a job yet. She spent most of her day finding guys to fuck so I didn’t think she’d mind coming up to the site to fuck the guys there.

In fact, when I told her about it that night she was very excited at the prospect of having a whole crew of cocks to service her during the day. We had a pickup with a canopy, which I usually left with her during the day while I rode with Pa. We had a mattress for the back of the pickup that we threw in the bed of the truck when we went camping. We decided to bring that so she’d be comfortable while she serviced the guys.

Pa and Uncle Scott arrived at our place the next morning and the four of us piled into the truck. Abigail sat between them while I drove. I couldn’t see everything that was going on as it was still dark out, but from her giggles I assumed they were pretty free with their hands while during the drive. Who could blame them? Abigail wasn’t wearing very much, just a tank top, shorts, and flip flops which had become her standard attire since graduation.

The sun was just coming up when we arrived at the logging site. One of the trucks was already there waiting to be loaded. Our crew consisted of six guys, plus the foreman who graded the lumber, and the truck driver made eight. Sixteen eyes were on Abigail as she got out of the truck.

The foreman, a short but well built bull of a man, walked over to us cockily. “God damn Allan!” he exclaimed to my pa, “I didn’t think you’d come through.” He looked Abigail up and down hungrily. “This must be your wife Scotty,” he said to me. Rumors about my wife had circulated through the crew and I suspected at least one of the other guys besides me, Pa, and Uncle Scott had fucked her before; an eighteen year old who had graduated high school at the same time as Abigail.

“Yes sir, she is,” I replied.

The foreman’s smile grew wider and he took Abigail’s hand and kissed it. “Welcome to our worksite Miss,” he said trying to act gallant but he didn’t even bother getting her name. He called all the other guys over and explained what was happening. They all came over, including the truck driver. “This little lady has agreed to fuck all of us today,” he told them. “Now, we’re all going to take turns; I’m going first, then you Emmitt since you’ll have to leave once the truck’s loaded, then the rest of you go by seniority,” he explained. That meant I’d be second to last and would get to hear her accounts of the six guys before me and possibly a seventh if the second truck of the day arrived before then. “I expect you all to work hard and do the same amount of work as any other day, or I’ll file complaints on all of you and this will never happen again.”

Murmurs of consent ran through the crew. “Come on little lady,” he said taking Abigail’s hand, “let’s get you started.”

I watched the bullish foreman lead my sweet wife off to our truck. I had asked Abigail to leave the canopy open and the tailgate down if she could so I might sneak a peak of the action but was disappointed to see the foreman pull both closed behind them as they climbed into the bed. I shrugged to myself thinking that as the day got hotter most of the guys would opt to leave it open for comfort.

I didn’t like the foreman much. He was one of those guys that tried to make up for his shortcomings with his overbearing personality. He was often putting the rest of us down to make himself feel better. Still, he was a bright man, but he lacked genuine confidence and tended to manage the rest of us with threats and fear tactics.

My truck remained still for a few minutes but then started rocking, slowly at first, but was soon shaking back and forth so hard I worried that the brake might not hold it steady. The logging site was of course noisy so I couldn’t hear the cries and wails I knew would be spewing from Abigail’s mouth as she got fucked but I could tell from the truck’s movement that the foreman was giving her a good hard fucking.

It probably lasted about fifteen minutes but it seemed like I stole quick peaks at my truck as it rocked back and forth for an hour before it slowed and stopped. All the other guys were looking too and looking at each other with giddy smiles on their faces. A few minutes later the foreman slid out the back of the truck still buckling his belt. He nodded at the driver, Emmitt, who hadn’t been doing anything but watching the truck the entire time. Emmitt eagerly walked over to the back of my truck while the foreman strutted in his cocksure way over to one of the choke setters, Dan, who was the only guy on the crew who got along well with him.

I could tell the foreman was bragging to him about what he’d done to my wife. I usually found such bragging laughable as my wife was the easiest lay in Crenshaw County, always eager to fuck any man anywhere that asked, but this situation bothered me. Usually we’d just leave if someone behaved this way, but here we couldn’t without jeopardizing not only my job but Pa’s and Uncle Scott’s as well. I did my best to brush it off. At least he wasn’t making comments directly at me yet.

Emmitt didn’t last as long as the foreman or maybe it just seemed that way because I wasn’t paying as close attention to the truck during his turn, but by the time he emerged his truck was half loaded. Pa was next and smiled encouragingly at me as he headed towards the truck. Pa left the canopy and gate open after he climbed in. I resisted the urge to remove my ear protection to try to hear when he was in there.

Pa lasted quite a while, no doubt because he was overly familiar with Abigail and her pussy. He had to have been in there with her for half an hour before he finished. He came out and Uncle Scott went in while the rest of us worked to finish loading Emmitt’s truck. Emmitt took off while Uncle Scott was still with her. The next truck was still at least an hour off.

After Uncle Scott finished with her it was supposed to be Dan’s turn but the foreman waved him off and walked back to the truck himself. He crawled back in and a few minutes later my truck was rocking hard again. He must have really been pounding her and he lasted a good long time this time, at least as long as Pa.

He finally emerged looking as cocky as before and Dan went for his turn. Without Dan to talk to this time the foreman acted even more obnoxious and even tapped me on the shoulder so he could tell me how much my wife liked his cock and that she admitted that he was one of the best fucks she’d ever had. I just shrugged; my wife said that to a lot of guys.

Clay, the man working beside me gave me an apologetic look. He was a couple years older than me, about the same height but was built more like the foreman and the only man who could probably take the other man in a fight one on one. But Clay was a quiet thoughtful guy, a true gentle giant. After the foreman left, Clay asked me about the relationship Abigail and I had and if I was really okay with what was going on. I assured him that we did things like this all the time and that we both enjoyed it. He didn’t press but I could tell he had a lot of questions that he was too afraid to ask.

Dan came out after about twenty minutes. Clay gave me a questioning look and I smiled to let him know it was okay. He shrugged and headed towards my truck. Clay climbed into the bed and despite the heat closed it up. The truck rocked slowly while he was in there and I guessed it was more from his size than anything else. Before he came out, the next truck came. We started loading it while the foreman explained to the driver what was going on and clapped the man on the back as a wide smile split the driver’s face. The foreman gave me a smug look as if to say I’d have to wait some more to have my own wife.

Clay emerged and the new driver went in while the foreman stared me down as if challenging me to argue. I just shrugged and smiled. My truck started rocking hard after the driver went in there. We started loading his truck. I couldn’t help stealing glances as I patiently waited for my turn with my cock rock hard in my pants.

It seemed like forever before he came out. I walked eagerly to my truck as he was walking away buckling his pants with a grin. I climbed into my truck bed staring at my naked wife lying there with a contented look on her face. Her body was covered in love bites and marks where strong hands had held her. Her legs were splayed open obscenely and cum trickled out of her cunt, pooled under her butt, and coated the insides of her thighs.

She looked up and smiled when she saw it was me. “Oh good,” she said. “I thought the last guy was going to be you but I must have lost track.”

“You didn’t,” I told her. “The last guy just arrived with a new truck.”

“Oh,” she said throwing herself back against the mattress and breathing heavily. “I’ve had so much fun today. Thank you for letting me do this.”

I laughed. “No problem. I think I’ve scored points with all the guys today.” We talked for a few minutes even after my pants were undone and my cock was out. I asked her about Clay and she made a face and said that he had a good body and a good cock but that he was too gentle and asked too many questions about her comfort to be any good. I smiled knowingly at that.

Then she went on to rave about the foreman saying that he had an excellent cock and fucked her hard just how she liked it. She talked about his stamina and technique and even said she liked the way he talked dirty. She only stopped complimenting him when she saw the growing frown on my face. When she asked what was wrong I told her about the way he was acting. She immediately apologized and promised she’d talk to him later and said I only had to endure for the rest of the day and then she would never see him again.

As further apology she invited me to climb aboard. I eagerly accepted the invitation and crawled over to her. There is nothing like the feeling of slipping my hard cock into my wife’s well used cum filled pussy and boy was she full. Amazingly she still felt tight like she always did just exceedingly wet. Her pussy squelched as I bottomed out inside her and I could feel cum from the last man seep out and run down my balls. Abigail’s arms came up and encircled me and pulled me down for a kiss. She whispered into my ear that she loved me right before I started pounding my cock into her hard and fast.

Abigail never ceased to excite me and this time was no different. After watching man after man enter the truck to be with her I wasn’t going to last very long. I asked her if any of the men had taken her in the ass and she gasped out that they hadn’t but that if the foreman visited her again she doubted it would remain that way.

With supreme effort of will I pulled out of her and maneuvered her onto her hands and knees. I wasn’t sure if the foreman would want to fuck her again but if he did I wanted to make sure I got her ass first. Enough cum had seeped down between her ass cheeks that her small puckered back door was actually well lubricated. Still, it was tough going getting the head of my cock past her sphincter but I wasn’t going to be denied. I finally managed it with a short cry of pleasure mixed with pain from Abigail.

I fed my cock up her ass little by little allowing her time to adjust but my patience paid off and soon I was completely embedded inside her with my balls resting against her pussy. I rested for a moment enjoying the feeling of being up her ass then started fucking her tighter hole in earnest. Abigail cried out loudly every time I pushed in. I reached underneath us with one hand and started rubbing her clit in quick circles. A few minutes later I was rewarded for my efforts with an orgasm from my beautiful young wife. I’m sure it wasn’t her first of the day but I was proud that I could pull it out of her even after she’d been fucking all morning.

Soon after she came my cock erupted deep in her bowels as I let out a loud roar of pleasure. Afterwards, I kissed my wife and told her that there was only one more crew man left but that is was still before noon and I wasn’t sure what would happen after that. Abigail assured me that whatever happened would be all right. She could take us all again if that’s what was decided.

I exited the truck bed and nodded at Ben, the young eighteen year old kid who hurried over for his turn. I know I had been in there for quite awhile and the foreman had an annoyed expression on his face as I returned to work. I went back to work with gusto so he wouldn’t have anything to complain about. The truck rocked unsteadily while Ben was in there with Abigail. He emerged after a short time and the foreman walked back over to the truck.

He didn’t climb inside, but I could tell he was talking to my wife. A few minutes later he was helping her climb out of the bed and then started giving her what looked like a tour of our operation as if it wasn’t self apparent. He led her around with one arm around her as if they together on a date. When they got over to me he didn’t even acknowledge and was obviously trying to flirt with her (totally unnecessary with my wife). She gave me an apologetic look as the foreman fawned all over her.

The second truck left soon after and we all took lunch. The foreman invited Abigail to eat with him in his air conditioned SUV while the rest of us sweated out in the humid air. I could tell Abigail was uncomfortable but she didn’t want to jeopardize my job so she reluctantly agreed and played up to his flattery. My Pa and Uncle Scott were eyeing the foreman angrily while we watched him laugh continuously through lunch as he and Abigail sat in relative comfort.

As we were getting back to work, they came out of the SUV. The foreman reminded us about our promise to get all the work done and then told us he’d be with Abigail in the truck bed for the rest of the afternoon. We were only to contact him by radio if a truck showed up with a driver that hadn’t enjoyed Abigail yet. They headed off to the truck hand in hand like lovers but after a few steps Abigail turned her head back to me and mouthed, “I’m sorry,” with a sincere look on her face before turning back and laughing at something the foreman had just said.

My trucked rocked on and off for the rest of the work day. The only saving grace in the situation was that it was so hot the foreman had to leave the canopy open so I was able to get a few peaks at them as they fucked. I even managed to get a look at them while he fucked her in the ass one time. Emmitt and the other driver were the only two that showed up so there was never any need to interrupt them.

At one time during the day Pa swore and cursed at the foreman while the truck was rocking. He apologized to the rest of the crew for the day not going as he’d planned. Everyone understood and assured him it wasn’t his fault. They didn’t come out until we had cleaned up for the day and it was time to leave. The foreman looked reluctant to return my wife to me but he grinned superiorly at me after giving her a goodbye kiss that lasted longer than was necessary and letting her know she’d be welcome back any time.

Pa and Uncle Scott let Abigail sit next to me on the ride home. The two of them were fast asleep minutes after we headed out anyway. Abigail apologized again and said that at least the whole thing was over with.

“If you ever run into him again and he asks for a fuck, will you?” I asked.

She paused thoughtfully before she answered which told me all I needed to know. “Honestly, Scott, I don’t think I’d be able to tell him ‘no’,” she said. “Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like him as a person, but his cock…” she didn’t finish the thought. She didn’t need to. I knew what she meant.

We fucked again when we got home. As tired as Abigail was she never says ‘no’ especially to me. After I emptied my cock deep in her pussy we both fell asleep. She was still sleeping when I left for work the next morning.

When the three of us arrived at the logging site the foreman seemed disappointed and although he didn’t say anything I could tell he was anticipating Abigail being with us again. I laughed inwardly at his assumption. As if Abigail had nothing better to do than come to work with me every day. At any rate, he seemed irritated all throughout the day and rode me especially hard.

When I got home that night, Abigail wasn’t home although our truck was there, but arrived home a few minutes later with takeout. When I looked at her questioningly she explained that she’d been parked a few blocks away with the delivery guy giving him an extra tip because he’d been afraid I’d come home and catch them. Abigail never trades sex for anything of monetary value so when she called it an extra tip she meant that she’d paid him a regular one and then sucked him or fucked him as well. It didn’t matter to me, except that it meant what had happened the day before hadn’t affected her at all. She was often giving delivery guys extra tips.

We fucked three times that night after dinner and as we were falling asleep she whispered again that she loved me. She woke with me the next morning, kissed me goodbye, and said she was finally going to get serious about looking for a job that day. When I left she was in the shower.

When we got to the site we had a different foreman who told us our regular had called in sick. I didn’t think much of it at the time; guys got sick all the time or claimed to so they could get a day off from the exhausting work. However, as we pulled into my apartment complex the three of us clearly saw our regular foreman’s SUV leaving the parking lot. We all looked at each other and Pa parked instead of just dropping me off and the three of us ran up to my apartment. When we went in we were faced with an unusual site. Abigail was naked in the living room on her knees with her face pressed into the cheap carpet. Her hands were bound behind her back and rope was wound along her bent legs keeping her from opening them and standing. In fact she couldn’t move very much at all even though she was struggling hard to free herself. The three of us just stood there staring at her as she started babbling how the foreman had show up right after I’d left demanding a fuck. She’d let him in thinking he’d fuck her and leave but he stayed with her all day fucking her again and again. Before he left, he’d tied her up and fucked her one last time in both the pussy and ass and left her like that for me to come home and find.

Pa and Uncle Scott were as angry as I was but after watching her writhing on the floor while she explained everything to us they just looked at each other, shrugged, and started unbuckling their pants. “Might as well not waste the opportunity,” Pa said to my questioning look.

Looking down at my restrained wife with cum leaking from her pussy and ass I realized he was right and took a seat on the couch to watch. Pa knelt down in front of her head while Scott knelt down behind her. Pa and Uncle Scott were the two men I got to watch my sweet Abigail with the most and it always excited me. Abigail liked older men their age; they knew what they were doing and tended to last longer but were still energetic.

Pa’s thick cock entered her mouth at the same time Scott fisted his cock into her open cunt. They had spitroasted her before but never while she’d been bound like this. As far as I knew she’d never been into BDSM. Pa shoved his cock down her throat mercilessly as far as it would go making her gag and choke as he attempted to push it past her tonsils. Scott hammered his cock in and out of her pussy with long strokes making it squelch loudly as more of the foreman’s cum was pushed out.

I could tell Abigail was enjoying it despite the fact she was tied. I had no illusions about whether she enjoyed fucking the foreman all day either. My wife loved cock and rarely minded whose or under what circumstances.

“Your wife’s pussy is the best,” Scott grunted as he sank into her again. “I mean it Scotty boy, I sure am glad you married this little slut so I have easy access to her. Her cunt stays tight no matter how many cocks have been inside it.”

“That’s true son,” Pa added with his cock crammed so far down her throat that her bottom lip was pressed against his sac and her top lip touched his abdomen. “Her pussy’s even better than you ma’s and I thought hers was the best at the time.” My ears perked up at the mention of my mom. Pa didn’t talk about her often and when he did it was usually just to curse her for running off. “You’re a lot stronger man than I am, son,” he continued. “I couldn’t take your ma sluttin’ around.” He pulled his cock back out of Abigail’s mouth so that only about an inch remained inside and held it there so Abigail could catch her breath. “When Scott told me she’d made a pass at him and about all the rumors he’d been hearin’ I lost it and confronted your ma in a rage. I didn’t hit her but I wanted to. I just screamed and yelled a lot. She didn’t react, only a smile when I called her a slut, then grabbed her purse and left. That was the last I saw of her,” Pa said. As he finished talking he slowly eased his cock back down Abigail’s throat.

I was mesmerized as I watched them fuck her, the two men who’d taken care of me most of my life, my pa and his best friend. They used my wife like the filthy slut she was. Even bound she moved as much as she could to service their cocks. “It’s good that you don’t get jealous son,” Pa continued as he fucked my wife’s throat. “Now what the foreman did today, that was wrong,” he said, “but I’m sure Abigail didn’t mind much. Did you girl?” He pulled her off his cock by the hair so she could answer.

“No, Pa, I didn’t mind,” she answered.

“Did you cum while he fucked you?” Pa asked her.

“Yes Pa, every time,” my wife replied with a wicked smile.

Pa half grunted half laughed then pushed Abigail’s head back down onto his rampant cock. He slid it all the way in her mouth and held it there. “God girl if you keep that up you’re going to make me cum,” he said suddenly. I’m not sure exactly what Abigail was doing but she was very talented with her tongue. “Oh God!” he exclaimed and I could tell he was filling her mouth with his seed. A few minutes later Uncle Scott stiffened and emptied his balls in her pussy.

Pa and Scott were tired from work and although they would have liked to stay longer they weren’t as young as they used to be and we all had to wake up early. As they were leaving Pa told me not to worry about the foreman and that he and Scott would take care of it.

I had left Abigail tied up despite her pleading to be let up. After I closed the door behind Pa and Scott I walked back over to her and unbuttoned my pants. “Please Scott, let me up,” she asked again when she felt my hand on her bottom. “This is getting real uncomfortable. You know I’ll take care of you baby.”

I ignored her and lined my cock up with her anus. It was still wet and slippery with cum and when I pushed forward the head of my cock slipped in easily. Abigail squealed in delight as it slipped past her sphincter. “So you like me like this?” she asked. I couldn’t see her face but I could imagine the smile that was undoubtedly spread across her face.

“So, you just let him in for one fuck to get rid of him?” I asked.

“Well, maybe I was hoping for more than one,” she admitted gasping. “Can you blame me?” she asked rhetorically. “The man has a wonderful cock and knows how to use it.”

“So you two fucked all day?” I asked.

“Yes,” she said unapologetically. “He told me he took Viagra before he knocked on the door, and I watched him take another in the afternoon. It’s too bad such a great cock is attached to such a fucking ass hole.”

“Yeah,” I said as I thrust into her. “I only got a glimpse of you two fucking the other day. I would have liked to see more. If only he weren’t such a jerk.”

“He kept asking if he was better than you while he fucked me,” she said. “I told him the truth,” she continued, “that he was. Then he would ask if he was the best I’ve ever had. I couldn’t answer that question. He’s good but I don’t know that he’s the best.”

Most men would be hurt hearing something like this, but not me. Abigail had always been honest about other men’s prowess compared to mine and I’d never been jealous of the other men she fucked. While I wasn’t her best, she always says that because of the love I have for her the sex between us is different and that she needs it as much as she needs the other. That was good enough for me as it meant we’d always be together.

“He kept asking if I wanted to leave you for him,” she admitted. “I told him ‘no’ but he wouldn’t listen.”

“Pa said he’d take care of it,” I grunted trying to hold back the cum boiling in my balls.

“Yeah, Pa’s good at taking care of things,” she said wiggling her ass. That was it for me and my cock erupted deep in her bowels. I untied her after that and since dinner wasn’t made we had to order out; another mark against the foreman.

The foreman wasn’t at work the next day either and Pa saw me worrying and told me that everything was all right and taken care of. I didn’t believe him until I got home and found Abigail alone and making supper. She said he hadn’t been around that day when I asked but that she’d finally gotten around to looking for a job and that she thought she found one. When I asked what the job was she wouldn’t tell me as she was afraid she’d jinx it. Pa had also asked if we were busy on Saturday and when I told him we weren’t he invited us both fishing. Abigail isn’t big on fishing but she agreed to tag along because she knew it’d please Pa.

On Friday the foreman finally showed up. He was quiet all day and didn’t give his usual harsh comments to any of us. There was also a large dent in his SUV on the driver’s side in the rear. I wasn’t sure all that Pa had done but it seemed to have worked.

When I got home Abigail was all excited. She had heard back and had gotten that job she was after. She was going to be the new secretary to the mayor of Luverne. We went out to eat to celebrate and then went home and fucked. We didn’t have time to find her any extra cocks that night because we had to get up early the next morning to meet Pa at his fishing spot.



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