Asian Wife’s Fantasy

Asian Wife's Fantasy asian sex story

Asian Porn Story: Pam was swimming laps in the pool. There was a family at the other end of the pool, two young girls playing with their father, while near John was a quartet of young men relaxing at the edge. 

The couple had arrived at the hotel an hour ago. After a bout of passionate sex, they had come down here, Pam to swim, John to relax and watch his wife swim. Tomorrow, they would visit their daughter at college, a tour of her favorite spots on campus already planned, followed by dinner with her and her roommate.

Movement near the edge of the pool drew his eye.

Pam was getting out, her slender frame glistening with water, cherry red one-piece sticking to her skin.

Their life had changed for the better recently.

It had all started at a teachers’ conference that she had attended back in the spring. There, she had met and befriended Tanya, who on the last night of the conference had seduced Pam. That night had been long and lewd, with Pam indulging her submissive side with the lustful shemale; the many things that Tanya had done included introducing her to anal sex, which combined with her authoritative dominance, had awakened some hidden creature that had been hibernating at the edge of Pam’s sexuality. After that night, their sex life had gotten spicier, with Pam newly eager to take him in her ass, often herself initiating it.

And then Tanya had visited back in the summer, spending the weekend with Pam while he and the kids were away. The two women had spent much of that weekend in the heat of passion, fucking multiple times under their roof, but also in such places as a restaurant bathroom and the alley behind a seedy bar. He had returned home to find his wife again changed, now a much more sexually uninhibited woman with a stronger appetite. Along with more and kinkier lovemaking at home, it had led to them fucking in many a public or semi-public place, from a quick screw in a wooded park to an enthusiastic blowjob in a dark movie theater. While at first he had been slightly apprehensive as to this new exhibitionistic flair in her appetites, he could not deny that it was incredibly hot to take his wife in public, with the danger of being discovered always lingering. Before Pam had met Tanya, neither Pam nor John would have said that their sex life was lacking. They made love frequently, with neither losing desire for the other. Nevertheless, their sex life had improved, the result being the two of them feeling as if they were younger, back before the responsibilities of raising multiple children had retarded their romantic endeavors.

Another change in his wife was that she was now more open in discussing her fantasies. Most were mild enough, him fucking her at work or the two of them being covertly watched by a stranger; occasionally, the fantasies would be hotter and kinkier. Lately, she had begun to confide in him of several different ones that had sprung up in her mind, tending to be of the same variety.

“Just imagine,” she had murmured one night, when he had pressed her for the details of her latest fantasy, “four, five, six, seven men, fucking me over and over. Doesn’t matter where we are, they just take me and use me.”

It had turned him on to see her so turned on, touching herself shamelessly at the thought of being used so lewdly. He had interrupted her masturbation to take her in a heated round of passionate sex.

Afterwards, they had shared a conversation that had stuck in his mind.

“So,” he had asked, as she snuggled up to him, “would you actually want to have a gangbang if I were able to set one up?”

She had jerked away, a look of enthusiasm and curiosity plastered across her face.

“I’m not planning anything now,” he had said hurriedly, “I wouldn’t even know how to go about doing it. But if I were able to set one up, would you actually want to do it, or is this just a fantasy?”

She had shaken her head firmly.

“It’s not just a fantasy. I want to do it.”


“Yeah. I told you how Tanya put the idea in my head. Now with every video we watch, and the more and more I think about it, I want to do it.”

“Okay. And you’re sure?”

“Yes. It’s just…”


She had hesitated, glancing away briefly, biting her lip.

“I feel like if you set it up, you need to not give me much choice.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if you give me too much time to think about it, I’ll probably overthink it, and back out. And I really want to do it. So if you set it up, you might have to surprise me or just not give me much choice or time to think it over. Do you know what I mean?”

He had nodded at that.

“But,” she had continued, “I don’t want to do this if you don’t want to. If you think it’ll be weird or uncomfortable, then we don’t have to do it.”

Her statement had drawn a laugh from him.

“Babe, I’ll be fine. Trust me. It’ll be hot.”

“Would you be involved or would you leave the room after you set it up?”

“I would be involved. I’d probably watch at first, but then I’d join in. Just like you want to do it the more you think about it, the more I think about it I want to share my wife.”

She had bit her lip at that, snuggling closer to him.

“Then it’s settled,” he had proclaimed, already thinking about contacting Tanya, sure that she had set up gangbangs herself for the women who were her sluts.

Over the following days, he found himself imagining what it would be like to have his wife gangbanged. She certainly had taken a shine to the idea, talking to him about the way the men would fuck her, about how they would use her over and over again, claiming her for their pleasure.

It had not escaped his notice, the more she talked about being gangbanged, that this fantasy tended to involve the same type of man: young, strong, and dark-skinned.

It also did not escape his notice that the four males relaxing at the edge of the pool had those aforementioned qualities.

Two of the quartet had their eyes on Pam as she approached him.

She had never minded the occasional glances she might receive, past fifty but still fit; he had never minded himself either, choosing to take it as a compliment.

So as the two young men ogled his wife, he allowed himself a small smile.

One of the two oglers noticed him watching them, and nodded at him, matching his smile.

John nodded back.

“Ready to go back?” he asked his wife.

He had little doubt that once they returned to their room, they would fall back into the realm of passion.

“Just let me dry off,” she said, grabbing a towel.

The automatic doors slid open for John and Pam as they returned to their hotel, fresh from their dinner with their daughter and her roommate.

It looked to him as if their daughter was enjoying herself. The worry that any parent had was still there for him, but he knew that at least she was making friends and figuring out her intellectual path. She had told them that she greatly enjoyed her Intro to Psychology class, while at the same time feeling dreadfully bored by her Intro to Film class.

As they crossed the lobby, he caught sight of the quartet from the pool, approaching from the opposite direction. All four had athletic bags slung over a shoulder, looking as if they had just come from the gym or some equivalent physical exercise.

The two groups reached the elevator at the same time; all of them piled in.

“Which floor?” one of them asked Pam.

“Four, please,” she chirped.

“No problem.”

As they ascended, John peered over, watching as the same two from yesterday could not stop themselves from sneaking peeks at his wife.

Once again, he locked eyes with one of the oglers.

Once again, the ogler gave him a nod, which he returned.

“So meet back down at the bar in an hour?” one of the other guys said to the other three.

“Yeah, man,” another answered, “just need to shower.”

The door whispered open, and John and Pam strode out, leaving the young men to their plans.

Pam flipped from channel to channel, head on John’s shoulder.

This was their second and last night at the hotel. They had visited their daughter, seen her favorite parts of the campus, and taken her and her roommate to dinner. Tomorrow, they would visit her again, and go to brunch before heading home.

But right now, it was her and John. They would undoubtedly fuck at least once before bed. She had packed lingerie, to wear for him at some point; yesterday their passion had been too frantic for her to put on the outfit, but she knew that tonight she would give him that treat.

His phone buzzed on the bedside table.

John reached over to grab it.

“It’s work,” he said, sliding off the bed.

“What do they want?”

He shrugged, slipping his shoes on, grabbing a room card off the table.

“I’ll take this downstairs,” he said, heading towards the door.

Pam was left alone in the room.

After a few more minutes of random television, she decided to change into the lingerie, to surprise John when he returned. It was a classic outfit, an understated corset with a slim garter belt, fully-fashioned stockings, and delicate panties, all of it in black. The soft caress of the silken material was a sensorial delight, leaving her biting her lip as she checked herself out in the mirror. It was one of her favorite things, to wear lingerie for John, his reaction always an aroused excitement, as if he were seeing her dressed that way for the first time. But she did not wear it just for him; wearing these outfits also made her feel sexy.

As she ogled herself in the mirror, she could not help but think of Tanya, the woman who had expanded Pam’s carnal horizons. While they had not seen each other since Tanya had visited her over the summer, they kept in regular contact, whether it was chatting as friends or something steamier.

Inspiration came to her, so once she was clad in the lingerie, she grabbed her phone and snapped a few pictures of herself, striking flirty poses, biting her lip, running her hand down her belly to tease at her panties.

She sent a few pictures to Tanya.

[John’s going to get a surprise when he comes back to our hotel room,] she texted her lover.

Hoping that he would return soon, she padded back into the main room, slipping underneath the blankets.

A few minutes later, her phone buzzed.

[Damn, girl,] came Tanya’s response, [you’re a sexy little slut.]

Pam blushed, quickly typing a reply.

[I bet you wish you were here.]

[I do,] came the quick response, [John will have to fuck your ass once for me.]

[He won’t need the extra motivation.]

[Why should he, when he has a wife as slutty as you?]

Her hand slid down, teasing over her panties.

[I bet you’re touching yourself right now,] Tanya texted a few moments later.

[Can’t help myself.]

[Show me.]

Her hands were already sliding into her panties before she even began to angle the phone. Pam bit her lip, making sure to include her face in the shot, flushed with excitement.

[I bet you’re soaking wet.]

Two of her fingers traced along her slit, finding errant nectar.

[Like I said,] she replied, [I can’t help myself.]

[I want to see you taste yourself.]

Pam was quick to indulge that desire, slipping her fingers back out of her panties, sucking the two cream-slicked digits into her mouth, taking another lewd selfie.

[How does it taste?]

[So good,] she wrote, groaning softly as she did.

Her hand returned to her mound, stroking gently over the panties.

[Fuck, you’re getting me hard,] Tanya texted, making Pam lick her lips.

[Show me.]

A few moments later, her lover sent her a picture of that majestic shaft, rising into frame, its power practically oozing out of the screen. Pam sighed, remembering the times it had leashed her to its carnal will, wondering when the next time would be when she would be at its mercy again.

Another picture sent a few seconds later was of that shaft, thick and veined, this time the angle also showing those fat balls resting underneath. The sight made Pam’s mouth water, remembering the times she had worshipped those swollen testicles, wondering when the next time would be when she would be able to pay homage to them again.

[You’re such a dirty girl,] came a text soon after that picture, [texting me when you should be waiting for John.]

[You’re right,] she texted back, [I won’t send you any more pictures for tonight.]

[Let’s not get too hasty here.]

Pam giggled, shaking her head in bemusement.

[Have a good night,] she texted back, [talk to you soon.]

[Sure thing, babe,] came the response, [have fun with John.]

Pam put the phone back on the bedside table, snuggling back underneath the blanket.

The television entertained her until John came back, a little while later.

“All taken care of,” he told her.

He clambered back onto the bed, but she held up a hand to stop him.


She grinned, and threw off the blanket, smoothly standing.

His eyes lit up as he drank in the sight of her in her sleek lingerie.

As always, his attention made her blush, feeling so sexy that she could provoke such a response from him.

“Come here,” she purred.

He padded over to her, drawing her into an embrace, their lips quickly meeting. His strong arms encircled her, one hand sliding down to cup her ass. The contact made her sigh into the kiss.

“I have an idea,” he said once they separated.


He walked over to their suitcase, and rummaged through it for a few seconds.

When he turned around, Pam gasped.

“I didn’t know you brought those,” she murmured as he jangled the handcuffs in his hand.

“Thought we might need them,” he said, grinning at her.

She bit her lip.

“How do you want me?”

His grin grew wider.

She followed the subsequent orders, shimmying onto the bed, stretching her arms back behind her, sliding her hands through the slats in the headboard.

John was quick to snap the handcuffs on her, the cool metal bringing back lewd memories. One curious tug proved that she was immobilized, at his mercy, unable to do much besides squirm.

“One more thing,” he said, going back to the suitcase, again rummaging for a few seconds.

Pam waited, wondering what this other thing could be, wondering if it would dial up her helplessness.

He came back with the sash from one of her robes.

It was not until he clambered up next to her that she understood.

She bit her lip again, staying still as he wrapped the sash around her head, using it as a makeshift blindfold.

The bed shifted as John clambered off; Pam focused on the noises in the room, trying to pinpoint where he was. Just as she thought she had located him, the volume of the television raised, enough to throw her off. She squirmed on the bed, imagining how she must look, dressed in her finest lingerie, handcuffed to the bed, a blindfold impeding her sight.

A few long moments stretched out, lessening her patience. This additional submission was a delicious experience, hiking up her lust, making her writhe breathlessly, eager to have John unleash his desires upon her. What made this submission hotter also made it more frustrating, as she could not see what he had planned, and could only wait for him to initiate whatever it was.

“John?” she called out, hearing little beyond the television.

“Right here,” he said from next to the bed.

She groaned, spreading her legs, hoping that he would take the hint and ravish her.

The bed shifted again, John clambering back on.

His hands took a firm hold of her hips, angling them up slightly. The handcuffs and blindfold had in little time severely aroused Pam, to the point where the silk of her panties was damp from her errant juices.

With an insistent tug, her panties were tugged down, most likely cast aside once past her ankles.

A light breath blew on her folds, making her gasp, the sensation delicate and dangerous.

A few seconds passed, those strong hands gripping at her hips, her breath halting.

“Please,” she whined, jerking her hips up.

Another light breath tickled her slit, drawing another soft gasp from her.

And then John dove in, licking up the crease of those soaked lips, his tongue sliding back down quickly, repeating the maneuver, quickly settling into a thirsty rhythm. She moaned shamelessly; her instinct was to twine her fingers into his hair, but when she went to, she met resistance, the reminder of her complete submission making her moan again.

His tongue was assertive and affectionate, sliding further north on every upswing to leave a quick peck at her clit, adding a sudden spike of pleasure on every pass. Streams of her juices flowed freely, intercepted by his mouth, the taste drawing a satisfied sigh from him. His hands moved from her hips, sliding around to her ass, squeezing at the pert cheeks. She bit her lip, tugging once again at the handcuffs, wanting to stroke at her husband’s hair as he gave her such pleasure.

“Oh god, John, that feels so good,” she murmured.

That statement came as his tongue reached the top of her womanhood on another pass; in response, he left a longer kiss at her clit, sucking briefly on it, her back arching harshly, a strained cry spilling from her lips.

As his tongue slid back down, it began to poke at her folds, slipping deftly inside, her slit gripping at the slick muscle. Wet and warm met wet and warm as his tongue pushed deeper, stimulating her walls, the flesh receptive and sensitive. Pam groaned, the pleasure increased, her body heated and flushed.

It did not take her long to notice that he had changed up his usual style of pleasuring her.

John was always reactive, paying attention to which place in or on her would provide the most pleasure, adjusting accordingly whenever he needed to. At this point in their marriage, after many years together, he knew where to go, but always kept an eye on her responses, on how her body jerked or her lower lips twitched after a certain action.

But right now, he was proactive, simply digging into her sex without subtlety or patience. His tongue slipped deeper, curling as it went, meeting streams of her juices. The wet slurps coming from down between her legs were obscene, sounding like the noises a parched man might make, guzzling down water with a hedonistic zeal. She liked this different style that John was deploying, how he simply gave her pleasure, seemingly confident that what he gave her would be good enough.

And it was certainly more than that, the pleasure mounting, her body writhing and squirming, sweat dappling her brow. Her lustful restlessness resulted in several strains at the handcuffs, the trussed housewife occasionally forgetting that she was in fact immobilized. The enthusiastic movements of that tongue made her cunt clutch, the juices flowing abundantly, quickly pounced upon by her husband. His hands squeezed at her ass cheeks, keeping her hips tilted upwards, to give him easy access to her dripping folds.

One hand slid around from her ass, quickly finding her clit.

She gasped, again pulling unconsciously at the handcuffs, the pad of a finger rubbing at the sensitive nub. It hiked up her pleasure quickly. Her next moan was met with a chuckle from John.

“Does that feel good?” he asked.

“Yes,” she breathed, “so good…”


“So fucking good…”

He chuckled again.

She groaned as the tongue inside her kept up its assertive rhythm.

Wait a second…

In her lust-and-pleasure-addled mind, it took her a few seconds to realize that something was amiss.

Two things stood out to her.

The first was that during her brief exchange with her husband, the tongue had not stopped moving.

The second was that John’s voice had come from next to the bed, not on the bed.

At the same time, the bed shifted on either side of her.

She bucked, pulling at the handcuffs.


“Relax, babe,” he soothed her, “relax.”


“You’re okay, Pam, just relax.”

A soft chuckle came from beside her.

She bit her lip at the implications of the situation.

There was one stranger down between her legs, pleasuring her enthusiastically, with two others on either side of her.

And here she was, helpless and sightless, at their mercy.

The cherry on top was that her husband was the architect of the situation.

Part of her felt that she should be angry, or embarrassed, or fearful, or anything other than incredibly aroused and nervously excited, which was her current mood. A small moan slipped from her lips as a picture came to her mind, of the men around her, salivating over her body like wolves around cornered prey. Her pussy clenched around the questing tongue, bathing it in more cream.

Since Tanya had coaxed out the slut inside her, many fantasies had sprung into her mind.

There was the ‘sucking John off in a movie theater’ fantasy, which they had done a few weeks ago. There was the ‘dark alleyway tryst with a mysterious woman’ fantasy, which was yet to happen. There was the ‘suck John’s cum out of another woman’, which was also yet to happen. There was the flipside of that, ‘have another woman suck John’s cum out of me’, which like the previous two fantasies was yet to happen.

And then there was a fantasy which seemed to dominate her mind as of late.

It did not matter the setting or the plot.

What mattered were the participants.

There was her, a submissive and sluttish housewife.

And there were several men, more than two but less than ten, taking her again and again, each one using her for their pleasure. They cared little for hers, but in these fantasies, she always had plenty. Not so long ago she would have viewed these fantasies with shame, but now, they only provoked excitement and arousal. She had confided in John of these fantasies, and he had mentioned the possibility of setting something up.

I didn’t think it’d happen so soon.

“Just relax, Pam,” John said, “relax.”

Now the blindfold makes sense…and I did tell him he should surprise me.

It was exciting to her that she had no idea if there were three other men or ten. There could be a crowd watching her right now, a group of lustful men stroking their thick cocks.

She licked her lips, suddenly aching to know how many men were waiting to ravish her.

“Take off the blindfold,” she begged, “I want to see them.”

“Not yet,” John said.

She whimpered softly.

The tongue was still moving inside her; the finger at her clit had left.

“How many are there?”

“Just relax,” John urged, “enjoy it.”

She whimpered again, unconsciously yanking at the handcuffs.

The bed shifted again; she became aware of somebody near her, moving closer, sidling up to her head.

Something nudged against her shoulder.

The bed shifted beside her, and as she breathed in, she caught the scent of masculinity.

A finger pushed at her lips, prying open her mouth in a decidedly disrespectful way.

When Tanya had been visiting Pam, the housewife had spent a lot of time worshipping the shemale’s testicles. And since then, she had spent just as much time sucking lovingly on her husband’s. The texture and flavor of a cum-laden ballsack was easy to remember, the feel of those rounds orbs occupying her mouth, the piquant taste of the flesh, the smell of potent musk wafting into her nostrils.

So she knew immediately, when something was shoved between her lips, that this mysterious man had just put his balls into her mouth.

I don’t know what he looks like…I don’t know his name…I don’t know him…

Pam sucked obsequiously, moaning around her mouthful, feeling sluttier than she ever had before.

“Yeah, that’s a good slut,” came a deep voice from above her, making her quiver.

The sour-spicy musk was incredible, his crinkled sack sitting on her tongue, searing her taste buds with that incomparable flavor. Her cunt seized around the insistent tongue, reacting to the pair of balls sitting in her mouth, not just the oral administrations the other stranger was giving her. She slobbered eagerly all over, the sounds lewd and lurid.

“Damn,” came another voice, “when you said she was a slut, I didn’t think she was this slutty.”

“Yeah,” agreed the first voice, “she’s fucking bathing my balls like her life depends on it.”

She moaned, loving how they discussed her, how John chuckled at their comments.

“How do my balls taste?” asked the first voice, an upward tug depriving her of those round orbs.

“So good,” she whimpered, “put them back in my mouth, please…”

He chuckled.

“Whatever you say,” he grunted, leaning forward to drop his sack back between her lips.

She squealed happily, sucking enthusiastically, wanting to put on a show for these men, to let them see how slutty she could be.

As she pleased this stranger, the one between her legs worked to please her. Turned on as she was, it took little time for him to make her come undone. She climaxed with a stranger’s balls in her mouth, her pitiful mewls making him chuckle, his hand stroking at her hair. The stranger down between her legs did not leave his post right away, instead taking some time to lap up the cream that streamed out, sighing as he savored her orgasmic nectar.

“Good job, Jordan,” came a third voice.

“Yeah, I think we should switch,” agreed the first voice, “so you can get a reward for making her cum.”

There was a chuckle from between her legs, and then the bed shifted.

The owner of the first voice moved away, once again depriving her of his testicles.

As he switched places with Jordan, she groaned, wanting to see them move about, to see the men taking such lustful liberties with her body.

“Take off the blindfold,” she begged, “please.”

“Not yet,” John replied.

She whimpered, feeling Jordan come closer, sidling up the bed until once again the scent of masculinity was wafting into her nostrils.

Something hot nudged against her cheek, a splash of liquid trickling out.

Her tongue slid out, knowing what it was before her mind understood, and she turned her head, licking at the head of the rigid length, catching a dollop of tangy pre-cum. The taste made her mouth open wider, waiting for the debasement that she sorely needed.

A few seconds later, Jordan dipped his balls into her mouth.

She sucked immediately, slobbering all over him with gusto, grateful for the climax that he had given her. His response was a low groan, his thickness slapping down onto the bridge of her nose, letting out another small stream of pre-cum, the sticky fluid dappling her forehead.

“You are one lucky man, John,” Jordan grunted.

John chuckled.

No one took up position between her legs, but she needed little stimulation, so turned on that she was partway to climax just from sucking on a stranger’s testicles. It registered in her mind that she should feel something negative about herself in this situation, but the taste was too good, the feel too decadent, the submission too exquisite.

She was only given a minute or so to enjoy this musky mouthful, when Jordan moved away.

As the bed shifted once more, she keened pitifully, her tongue licking at her lips to collect the sweat and musk left there by two sets of swollen balls.

“Take off the blindfold,” she begged a third time, “please.”

“Not yet,” John answered.

She whined, squirming as someone moved closer.

“Open up, whore,” came a voice, a lilting amusement evident underneath the steely tone.

Her obedience was natural at this point, so natural that she needed no second thought, barely even a first, her mouth opening wide to let him slide his nuts past her lips. She moaned shamelessly, her thighs rubbing together.

Once again, she was not given much time to indulge, this stranger moving away after less than a minute of her wet adoration.

The four men cycled through, letting her suck at their balls for about a minute each, before letting the next take their place. Thanks to their chuckles and grunted comments, she became aware that there were four strangers, plus John, who was still sitting to the side of the bed. Although her mouth was never left empty for long, she was so caught up in her own slavishness that every time one of them moved away, she whimpered in abject need, desperate for the next set of testicles while already aware that it was only seconds away.

At one point, as the strangers shifted about, she found a few spare breaths.

“Please,” she begged, “take off the blindfold.”

“Should we?” one of the voices asked John.

“Go ahead,” he answered.

In moments, she was relieved of the blindfold, a most wonderful vista just in front of her.


John strode back into the hotel, the automatic doors swishing aside.

As he passed the bar, on the way to the elevators, he noticed the quartet of young men from before and last night. They were sitting at a table, chatting and laughing, each one with a glass of beer.

They’re just what Pam would want.

He stood there for a few minutes, weighing the positives and negatives.

I know Pam well enough to know that she would go for it in a second.

She had been talking about this fantasy a lot, and he was sure that if she were presented with the chance to make it a reality, she would not hesitate. There had been little restraint recently in her desires, only a lustful voraciousness. Each time they had done something different or kinky, he had been the one with reservations.

The main issue was that he had no idea who these young men were.

If I can figure out who they are, and if they’re clean, they’d be perfect.

After some deliberation, he walked over to the quartet.

“Hello, gentlemen,” he said, stopping behind them.

They regarded him curiously.

“What’s up?” one of them asked.

“I couldn’t help but notice you guys checking out my wife.”

“Hey man,” one of the oglers said, throwing his hands up in a defensive gesture, “we didn’t mean anything by it.”

“Yeah,” the other ogler agreed, “she’s a cute little thing.”

John chuckled.

“Relax, I’m not here to accuse or judge. In fact, I take it as a compliment.”

He noticed two of them were wearing t-shirts emblazoned with ‘Henrickson College’.

“You guys are from Henrickson College?”

“Yeah,” one of them supplied.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why are you in town? Henrickson is a few cities away.”

“We’re on the basketball team,” another said, “we’re in town because we played Harrison College today.”

“Do you guys ordinarily celebrate with a postgame drink?”

One of them shrugged.

“Coach is more lenient with us,” he said, “since we’re seniors.”

“What are you doing in town?” another asked him.

“My wife and I are visiting our daughter. She’s a freshman at Durham.”

“Cool,” another said noncommittally.

“I’m John, by the way,” he offered.

“Victor,” one of them replied.

“Luke,” was another.

“Jordan,” was the third.

“Marshall,” completed the quartet.

“Look,” Victor said, “not that I mind small talk, but why are you talking to us? Just to say that you caught us checking your wife out?”

He shook his head.

“So why are you here?”

“I have a problem,” he said with a small smile.

“What sort of problem?”

“Well, I was going to invite you guys back to my room, to gangbang my wife with me, but I have no idea if you guys are clean or healthy, if you follow my meaning.”

His statement hit three of the four like a bomb, their surprised expressions making his smile grow wider.

But Victor was unaffected, quickly reaching into his pocket, pulling out his phone.

He hit a few buttons, and handed it to John.

‘Coach Matthews’ was the contact that he was calling.

“What do you want?” came a terse voice a few seconds later.

“Ask him about us,” Victor urged.

“It’s late, Vic, I got no time for your shit,” the voice continued.

“This isn’t Victor, this is…”

“Tell him one of us wants to date your daughter, and you’re worried about whether or not we’re healthy or whatever.”

“If this isn’t Victor, who the fuck is this?”

John sighed.

“This is John…”

“John who? Why do you have Victor’s phone?”

He looked around, his gaze settling on the four glasses sitting on the tabletop.

“My name is John…Glass.”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Glass. Who the fuck are you and why do you have my player’s phone?”

“Your player?”

“Have you heard of Henrickson College?”


“I’m the basketball coach. Victor is one of my players. Now do you want to tell me, finally, why you have Victor’s phone?”

“Do you have kids, Coach Matthews?”

“Yes. Three. What do they have to do with this?”

“Victor wants to date my daughter. And I want to know if he is a good guy, specifically if he is, you know, healthy, clean, and drug-free. He said to talk to you to find out. So father to father, is he good?”

There was a sigh from the other end.

“We test our players every three weeks, for drugs and STDs.”


“Yes, Mr. Glass. Our athletes are representatives of our school. We want to make sure they are healthy and at least appear respectable.”

“So he’s good?”

“Their last test was last week. If you’re asking about drugs and STDs, he’s good. Can’t say I’d want him dating my daughter, but that’s your choice.”

“Thank you, Coach.”

“Is that all?”


“Okay. Good night, Mr. Glass. Good luck with your daughter.”

John handed the phone back to Victor.

“What did he say?” Victor asked, with a wide smile, already knowing the answer.

“He said you’re good.”

Victor chuckled.

“Hear that,” he said to his friends, “we’re good.”

John hesitated.

“He said you’re good,” he corrected, gesturing to Victor, “but he didn’t mention your friends.”

Victor shrugged.

“They’re on the basketball team with me. If I’m clean, so are they.”

John hesitated.

“What, you don’t believe they’re on the basketball team?”

“The coach only cleared you. I didn’t ask him about your friends.”

“We all get tested. Not just me.”

“I know. But this is my wife. I need to make sure.”

“You could call Coach back and ask him about us,” Jordan offered.

“And tell him what?” Victor shot back. “We want to gangbang this guy’s wife?”

“Look up the Henrickson Hunters basketball team,” Marshall cut in, “our names and pictures should be there.”

A quick search yielded the team roster. Victor Guardado, Luke Archer, Jordan Gentry, and Marshall Wilson were all there, the pictures matching the quartet sitting at the table in front of him. It had seemed cut and dry, but he had wanted to make sure.

This is my wife we’re talking about here.

“You’re all there,” he admitted finally.

“Like I said, if they’re on the basketball team, they’re just as good as I am.”

“Can’t argue with that logic.”

“So,” Victor said, leaning forward, “what’s this about gangbanging your wife?”

Back in the present:

It’s like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one.

John was off to the side, watching from one of the chairs in the room.

Surrounding her were four young men, each matching the type of man that had recently infiltrated her fantasies: young, strong, and dark-skinned. These four in particular were also tall and broad, bigger in size than John as well as her.

Making the picture even better was that all four were naked, and stroking their rock-hard cocks, a predatory hunger in their eyes.

“Please,” she begged, “fuck me…”

The quartet shared a glance.

“Who goes first?” one of them asked.

“Pick a number?” another offered.

They all nodded in agreement.

The one who had proposed this method turned to Pam.

“Pick a number between one and twenty,” he ordered.


“Done,” she said, amused by this method of choosing who would be the first to fuck her.

“Alright now,” he continued, talking now to the others, “no Price is Right bullshit. The closest to her number gets to fuck her first, even if they went over, and then the next closest goes, and so on. We break a tie with rock-paper-scissors.”

“We got it, Vic,” one of them said.

“Alright then, I’ll take eight,” Vic said.

“Seventeen,” another said.

“Six,” the third chose.

“Ten,” the fourth chose.

A few seconds passed, during which Pam was strangely reminded of times with her kids, when she had to choose somebody to go down the waterslide first at Six Flags, or somebody to pick a movie to watch, or somebody to choose which restaurant they would eat at.

“What’s the number?” Vic asked.


“So, Marshall, you’re first,” he directed, “then Jordan, then me, and finally Luke. Everybody cool?”

A chorus of affirmative responses followed, and the other three slid off the bed to watch.

Marshall moved up towards her, every inch of his approach making her breathing quicken. His hands found her ankles, using that grip to spread her legs. A smirk crossed his lips as he glanced at her, seeing the desperate need written so plainly across her face.

“You want it bad, huh?” he asked.

She nodded, biting her lip.

“Please,” she begged, “fuck me.”

He chuckled, arranging himself between her legs, her impatience leading to another series of tugs on the handcuffs.

Her eyes fixed on his cock, long and thick, aiming at her vulnerable slit.

When the former met the latter, he groaned and she sighed, both enticed by the sensations, his hard heat finding her slick wetness.

It had been a challenge at first to take Tanya to the hilt.

These four surrounding her either surpassed or rivaled that formidable length that had conquered her. There was a nervousness underlying her arousal, the sense that she might not be able to take all that they would dole out.

I have to at least try.

Her thighs trembled as he put pressure on her lower lips, the slick entrance flowering open, the first few inches pushing inside her. She moaned, feeling him throb, that thickness demanding all the attention she could give it.

“Fuck, she feels so good,” he groaned, gritting his teeth.

Another push sent more inches into her. She yanked mindlessly on the handcuffs, gasping as her channel stretched slightly.

He cursed again, pushing himself deeper in her clutching heat. The presence of that formidable intruder was intense, a force of power and might that stole her breath, that made her quiver, awaiting the moment when he would begin to fuck her, when he would pound into her slender frame, claiming her for his use.

“Fuck me,” she breathed, hitching her hips upward.

He chuckled at her impatience.

Another push further stretched her.

As she gasped for air, he drew back briefly.

And then jabbed into her several times, pumping his thick member with fervor.

Pam cried out, cumming quickly, her back arching so hard that her shoulders hurt. Her sex flooded around the intruder, anointing it with her juices, honoring its inimitable awesomeness.

Marshall had stopped after several punishing thrusts, to let her ride out the orgasm. Through the sensorial haze, she heard chuckles from his friends, enjoying her lustfulness.

Not five seconds after her climax dissipated, Marshall began to pump his hips again, making her whimper, the sound choked with desire. He grunted, plundering her sodden depths, her heightened arousal leading to a drenched cunt, the pink flesh squelching wetly from the impacts. Her channel stretched a bit further, accommodating more and more of him, until he was hovering over her, fucking harder, the smell of his masculinity clogging her nostrils in a decidedly delightful way. A few beads of sweat trickled down his chest; she yanked at the handcuffs, overcome with a need to catch them with her fingers and lap up the musky fluid.

“Fuck, she’s so wet,” he grunted.

She moaned to him, already having scaled one peak, almost at the precipice of another.

The boundless ecstasy made her gnash her teeth, her head turning left and right, catching glimpses of her husband, watching them with a smile on his face.

“How does it feel, babe?” he asked her.

Her only answer was a tremulous whine.

“That means it feels good,” one of the other three supplied.

“Yeah, I figured that,” John snarked at him.

She keened, cumming again, gripping greedily at Marshall’s thickness. The vista helped provoke more arousal; he was looming over her, his large frame thick and powerful, his dark skin gleaming with sweat, the muscles working as he laid into her vulnerable body. Her predicament was a divine helplessness, wherein she was at the mercy of these men, just a powerless slut, easily handled and controlled.

“You like this?” Marshall asked her.

Just like with John, her response was wordless, only a pitiful noise that barely counted as an answer.

Unlike John, Marshall did not accept that.

His hand found her hair, and he yanked her head up, fixing her with his dark eyes.

“I asked you a question, whore,” he growled, “do you like this?”

The dominance made her mewl, a series of frantic nods her next attempt at an answer.

“Tell me how much you like it,” he growled again, “or I might think you want me to stop.”

She squealed desperately, loving this depraved fucking so much that she would do anything to prolong it.

“I love it so much,” she managed to gasp out, “so fucking much, you feel so good inside me, so good, so deep, oh god, yes…”

The continuous pleasure kept her telling him how good it felt to be reamed out by his fat prick. Throughout this obeisant babbling, he just kept chuckling, not letting up on the pace, continuing to pump his hips with a fierce focus.

After a few more minutes, he moved his hands from the mattress up to the headboard. The change in position gave him greater leverage, allowing him to up the pace, slamming roughly into her flooded pussy, making her cry out wildly, another climax arriving quickly, washing over her overwhelmed body. She gazed up at his toned body, devouring his musculature with her eyes, wishing that she could run her hands along his chest, feeling those muscles work.

As she took the fucking, her mind forgot all about everything and anything except cock and cunt. Time passed, but seconds and minutes did not matter beyond letting her know how long he had and would pound her. The only things important to her right now were tied to this physical experience.

“I thought we’d have to take our time breaking you in,” he grunted down to her, “but I was wrong.”

Her response was a husky moan, loving the idea that she had already been broken in by a big black cock. The continued and increased usage on John’s part had certainly helped to keep her body ready for pleasure.

“Yeah, somebody’s already broken in this bitch,” one of the others said, “what was her name, John?”

“Tanya,” he answered, “she helped bring out Pam’s inner slut.”

“Well, she deserves a fucking medal,” Marshall swore.

The others chuckled, including John.

Marshall looked back at her, saying nothing as he pumped into her sopping sex, grunting from the exertion.

Orgasms came and went for her, spasms wracking her body, cream issuing steadily from her, bathing his shaft and balls. The massaging muscles worked incessantly around him, making him fuck her harder, wanting to give her all he had before his finish found him.

“I won’t last much longer in her,” he grunted, “you sure I can nut inside her, John?”

Before John could provide an answer, Pam reacted to his question.

“Please,” she begged meekly, “do it, please, cum inside me…”

“Guess that’s a yes,” he told John, before glancing back down to Pam, grinning.

“Cum inside me, please…” she pleaded, her mind consumed with the thought of having her womb awash in his essence, of taking his seed as a prize for the fucking she had received, the reward for being a good and obedient slut.

“You want it bad, huh?”

She nodded.

“Breed me, please…”

“Damn,” one of the others said, another of them reacting with a surprised laugh.

“She is a right slut,” Marshall grunted.

“Please,” Pam begged.

“You want my load bad, huh?”

“Yes,” she gasped, “I need you to breed me, please, do it, breed me like a bitch…”

He growled, his eyes flashing with desire, enough to spur him to dive down, claiming her mouth in a heated kiss. She cooed into it, arching her back, feeling his warm skin against hers, the sweat all over him smudging onto her in a deliciously illicit way.

The only reason he broke their kiss was to announce his impending finish.

“I’m about to cum,” he growled, right in her face, the bestial fury in his eyes reducing her to a whimpering wreck, submitting in such a natural way to this powerful and dominant creature.

“Breed me,” she begged, her own climax so close, just another in a long string.

Another bestial growl was her response.

He pumped his hips, hammering into her stretched cunt, a wet slap ringing out every time he hilted in her steaming depths, the result of his tensing balls whacking into her taint.

At the apex of one thrust, buried to the base in her clutching heat, he groaned, tossing his head back, eyes closed and teeth gritted.

She knew what that meant, knew that what she wanted, what she craved, what she so sorely needed, was roiling along the ebony shaft currently skewering her: spurt after spurt of hot potency waiting to be unleashed, to seek out her eggs on a mission with a singular purpose, to conquer her most intimate of places for this stranger, someone she had never met until just now.

Just before she was filled by his semen, she had a rational thought, wondering if he was clean and healthy. As quickly as the question was asked, the answer came, telling her that if John had arranged this situation, he would have made sure everything was copacetic. On her end, the necessary precautions had been taken, even if the thought of submitting to this stranger to the point of pregnancy was disconcertingly aphrodisiacal. On John’s end, he would not have offered these strangers the chance to share his wife without finding out the necessary information regarding sexual health and history.

That rationality was wiped clean a moment later.

She felt his length pulse, and then felt the first spurt fire out, coating her channel in white. The heated rush made her cum, mewling out to him, milking him for more already, greedy in her whorishness, wanting to be filled to the brim and beyond, wanting to have her pink completely obscured by his white. The spurts kept firing out, granting her wish, his load generous. The handcuffs rattled as she squirmed, gasping at how it felt to have him breed her, her womb turned into a receptacle for his semen.

The spurts died down, but he had given her plenty, off-white dribbles leaking out around his cock, trickling down her taint, slicking her thighs. He grunted, rearing up off her, his hands sliding along her thighs as he moved back. The presence of his length dissipated as it slid out of her, more dribbles chasing it as it went. Her lower lips clutched desperately at it, as if begging it for more, but in a few moments it was visible again, slick with a mix of her juices and his spent spunk.

Pam saw movement out of the corner of her eye, and caught John moving up to the side of the bed, wielding his phone.

“I’m going to take a picture,” he told her, “so that Tanya can see.”

She cooed, nodding, spreading her legs to better showcase the cum-drooling mess between them. Marshall stayed near her, holding his cock close to her womanhood so that John could get them both in the picture. After a few snapshots, he moved back, gesturing for the debauchery to continue.

“Who’s next?” Marshall called, shooting her a grin as he shifted off the bed.

“Me,” Jordan said, matching Marshall’s grin with a smirk of his own.

“Undo the handcuffs,” she begged him, “please, let me suck your cock.”

Jordan shot John a questioning look.

“Go for it,” John said with a shrug, “do what you want with her.”

She shuddered, turned on terribly so by her husband giving another man his explicit permission to ravage her.

John tossed Jordan the key, and the young man was quick to unlock the handcuffs.

Pam was quick as well, darting forward to close her hand around his manhood, Jordan chuckling at her eagerness.

The feel was exquisite, something foreign and yet so familiar. A bead of pre-cum slipped from the head, so she leaned down to lap it up; she heard him suck in a breath, and ran her hand up the length, provoking another bead of pre-cum. It also was quickly gathered, the bittersweet taste heavy on her tongue. Another series of tugs made more beads spill forth, giving her plenty to lap up. Her cunt twitched at the taste, already dripping with the load that had been just injected into her.

Jordan smirked down at her, his hand running along her tousled hair.

After a few more laps at the head of his manhood, she glanced up at him, making sure their eyes were locked, and then drove her lips down his length, feeling her throat work around it. He grunted, again taken by surprise, his fingers clenching at her scalp in response to the wet warmth surrounding him.

Her hands flew to his hips, using them to steady herself, still staring at him as she swallowed more of him. The task was formidable, but she was up to the challenge, giving herself little time to consider the size of this beast, just shoving forward, taking more past her lips.

“Fuck, where did you find her?” Jordan asked John.

Her husband’s answer was a soft chuckle.

“Get it deeper,” Jordan ordered her, turning his attention back to her, “I want to hear you choke on it.”

The command sent a spark through her. One hand moved from his hip to her slit, sliding along the mess of cum, finding her soaked folds, stroking intently. That brief indulgence was followed by her obedience to his desire; she shoved forward, tears brimming at her eyes as he forced her throat to stretch, a small trickle of drool issuing from her lips. She paused, her gaze still locked on him, an amused smile spreading on his mouth at her obeisance.

“I said I want to hear you choke on it,” he drawled.

She whimpered around his cock, feeling his fingers tighten in her hair.

Another forward shove, and his wish was made reality, her throat working wetly around him, the sounds slick and obscene, helpless gurgling that made her sound meek and pathetic. Despite this achievement, there was still one last pesky inch or so awaiting the confines of her gullet. She steadied herself, ready to move forward again, to feel his balls against her chin and the curls of his pubic hairs tickling her nose.

Jordan moved before she did, thrusting forward, finally hilting in her throat. This time, he took her by surprise, her reaction a surprised squeal, followed by frantic choking, her surprise morphing briefly into panic. It was not until she felt the soothing throb of his fat meat that the panic stilled, that formidable presence reminding her of the task at hand of pleasing this fearsome member. She peered up at him, tears again brimming at the edges of her vision. His smile had become predatory, a dangerous glint in his eyes that foreshadowed his next act.

Every inch of him dragged back along her tongue. She waited patiently, one of her hands stroking idly at her mound, loving how it felt to have his cock slide along her throat and tongue.

Once he had pulled entirely out, he lifted his shaft, brandishing it with authority.

And then he slapped it down onto her face, sending a stream of slick pre-cum splashing out onto her cheek.

She mewled, her tongue darting out to collect said stream.

He repeated the disrespectful act, his wolfish smile only widening at her whorishness, at how she trembled, her hand now sending several fingers past her folds to caress at the cum-coated channel beyond.

“Turn around,” he directed her.

Groaning impatiently, she obeyed, waiting there on her hands and knees.

“I heard you like it up the ass,” he commented, his strong hands grabbing at her ass cheeks.

“I love it,” she corrected, feeling one of his fingers circle at her anus, testing its resistance.

He chuckled.

“Hand me the lube,” he told one of his friends.

She peeked back over her shoulder, watching as Marshall handed the small bottle over, as Jordan squeezed out some onto his fingers.

After a moment, she felt the cool gel settle on her asshole, Jordan intently spreading it there, working it into the flesh.

He spent what felt like an eternity readying her, and then worked on himself; she peeked back a few times, catching glimpses of his cock, its size making her whimper. Although she had taken Tanya there multiple times, he was bigger, although thankfully not grossly so.

“You ready?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she breathed, eager to take him despite her slight nervousness.

One of his hands remained on her ass, keeping the cheeks spread apart, while the other moved away. Pam imagined it wrapped around his manhood, guiding it to her anus.

A pressure landed there.

Her breath caught in her throat as she waited for him to drive forward in the inexorable effort to claim another hole for their use.

The pressure increased, Jordan sucking in a hiss of breath, and then her sphincter gave way, allowing the first inch to slide past. Her arms and legs trembled from just that preliminary bit, the head forcing her hole to spread apart.

“Fuck, she’s tight,” Jordan growled, his hand squeezing at her ass, the other now alighting on her lower back.

He paused for a few moments; Pam felt him rummage about on the bed, a backwards glance catching him bringing the bottle of lube back to add more to both of them.

“Reach back and spread your ass,” he ordered, “I want to watch every inch go inside you.”

She obeyed quickly, leaning forward, her cheek against the cool fabric of the bedsheet, her hands moving back to part her cheeks, offering up the view of her degradation to him.

More pressure made her anus flower open for more, another inch sliding past to occupy her bowels. Jordan grunted, feeling her asshole clench at him, the warm confines beyond tight around him.

“Damn, that little asshole’s about to get wrecked,” one of the other ones commented.

Jordan chuckled.

“Damn straight,” he grunted, pushing again, sending another inch through to pack her bowels.

“Your wife might never walk right again after tonight,” another one told John.

He laughed.

“A small sacrifice,” he joked.

Pam drooled onto the bedsheet as more cock pushed into her, Jordan giving her little time in between his intent movements. Another push made her eyes flutter, her asshole clenching and clasping, forced to stretch, her cunt leaking her juices at an alarming rate, the arousal mounting higher with each inch of meat.

“How’s it feel?” Jordan asked.

“So good,” she gasped, “so good…”

“I’m a bit more than halfway in,” he told her.

The declaration made her shiver; her ass felt full as it was, but there was more to go.

His hands moved, sliding up her tensing back to grip at her shoulders. After all the time spent being ruthlessly drilled by Tanya, Pam knew that this meant he was about to fuck, about to throw the careful motions out and switch to a more demanding pace. The change in grip hinted at a need for better leverage, for the increased ability to work his hips against her with ease, to better send himself to the balls in her bowels.

Instead of that anticipated savagery, he pulled back slightly, using one hand to grab the bottle of lube and add more to both of them. That hand quickly returned to her shoulder, joining the other, squeezing in preparation for a concentrated assault.

He thrust, pushing forward with a decided indelicacy, making Pam moan, a second thrust sending more past her already-taxed anus.

They both sighed in satisfaction.

His hips started to pump, sending his prick into her ass, more slipping through her sphincter. The onslaught provoked tremors of pleasure to run along her body, streams of her juices trickling forth, her soft whimpering complemented by his bestial grunting.

“Take that dick,” he drawled, squeezing harder at her shoulders, his pace insistent, her ass taking what he gave, flowering open to accommodate every inch.

The combination of his thrusting and her ass already being used to a cock skewering it meant that it took little time to fit the rest of him inside her.

The last bit crammed inside her when her hands gave way, pitching her forward onto her belly, whining breathlessly, overcome by climaxes. Jordan followed her down, taken by surprise, ending up pinning her down, buried to the balls in her bowels. The surprise did not last long; he was quick enough to adjust his position, one hand bringing both of hers behind her back, the other pushing her head down into the mattress as he began to fuck her, her asshole having submitted as readily as she herself had, now taking each thrust easily, his balls bouncing off her cum-slicked taint.

He grunted and growled, laying into her, his strong hands overpowering her, one squeezing at both of her wrists, the pain there an essential part of the sensorial mix, the other hand using what was probably a modicum of his strength to push her face down into the mattress, Pam not even struggling, further highlighting her docility in the face of his lust. Her climax carried on into another one, the pleasure reaching deep inside of her, finding what felt like every nerve and firing it full of decadent sensations. A wet slapping sound tickled her ears, the aural result of his balls whapping into her mound, a deliciously obscene sound that made her lick her lips.

“You like that, slut?” Jordan asked her, breathing heavily as he fucked her.

She whimpered, overwhelmed to the point of speechlessness, the simple ability to speak proving difficult for her. It seemed as if every time she gathered breath to say something, he would drive into her, stealing that breath, making her answer transform into a tremulous gasp.

Like Marshall, Jordan was not about to let her get away with her silence.

“You seem to have a hard time answering questions,” he growled, yanking back on her hair, making her buck underneath his savage thrusts.

Her mewling did not serve as an answer either.

“Answer the question, whore,” he ordered, “tell me how it feels.”

“So good,” she managed to choke out, “so fucking good, so fucking deep…”

He chuckled, keeping her head pulled back, squeezing at her wrists.

The thrusts were relentless, and so was the ecstasy. The way that fat shaft screwed deep inside her was such a delectable experience, how her asshole was forced to yield, how his meat felt throbbing inside her guts, how deep it reached inside her.

Occasionally, one of the others would make a comment, and Jordan would say something back to them. Each time, Pam had no idea what they were saying, her only focus the pleasure swirling around her. Jordan kept up the assault, yanking back at her hair every so often, making her moans spike higher. The area in between their sexes was a messy froth of her juices and Marshall’s load, leaking heavily out of her, slicking the bedsheets beneath them. The combination of bodily fluids meant that the sounds of Jordan’s balls whacking against her taint rang loud, streams of the aforementioned bodily fluids spraying about each time those fat testicles met her drooling slit.

The lewd rhythm continued unabated, with Pam left unable to do much except take the punishment. Before the spring, when she had met and been seduced by Tanya, it would have been quite the task to even contemplate surviving such treatment. But now, after having been under the shemale’s sway for a full weekend, and after her and John’s lovemaking having turned more passionate and wild, she was able to take Jordan’s thrusts, her body reacting with joy to the savagery, happily accepting it and pleading for more.

The pace was interrupted when Jordan paused with every inch buried in her bowels. He groaned from above her, his length throbbing, his balls pressed tight against her taint. After a few seconds of stillness, he began to rock against her, grinding himself into her asshole. Pam could not help but grind back against him as best as she could, that formidable member lodged in her belly, demanding her attention.

“That feel good?” he asked her.

“Yes,” she whimpered.

He chuckled.

And just like that, he pulled out, the sudden departure making her squeal, her asshole suddenly twitching around nothing. With a sigh, he heaved himself onto his back.

“Ever tasted your ass on a big dick?” he asked.

She nodded even as she crawled over, leaning down to suck him in between her lips. Her gaze traveled up his chiseled form to linger at his dark eyes, a smile curling his lips, his hand moving down to slide into her hair.

Inch after inch slipped quickly over her tongue. The taste of herself made her reach for more, sucking him down to the hilt, her wet gurgles ringing out in the room.

After a few seconds of her throat massaging his length, she pulled off, drawing in deep breaths even as she leaned forward to lap along his shaft, shuddering as she met more of her own flavor, the familiar tang of her insides. The head had been the deepest, so she focused on it, swirling her tongue around the top, gorging on the beads of pre-cum flowing forth.

The hand in her hair tightened, and he yanked her off him.

“You like how your ass tastes?” he drawled.

She nodded, licking her lips, waiting for him to let go so she could descend on him again.

Instead, he had a different idea.

“When I let go,” he told her, “you’re going to get your ass back on my cock.”

She nodded again, whimpering meekly, waiting for him to let go so she could obey him.

A moment later, he let go.

Pam moved quickly, straddling him, her hands grasping at his thighs to anchor herself. As she aligned herself to his member, his hands in turn found her thighs, and he guided her to her target. The second she felt the head of his weapon nudge at her anus, she drove herself down as hard as she could, impaling herself with no hesitation, crying out from the sudden rush of meat. Jordan grunted, helping to fully skewer her by pulling down on her hips. Her hands went back to his chest, giving her something to steady herself against as she started to ride, fucking her asshole down against him with gusto.

“Yeah, you like that?” he asked, taking a long moment to squeeze at her ass.

“Mmm-hmm,” she murmured, unabashedly enjoying how he felt inside her, stretching her asshole, rubbing against her insides.

“You like that big dick in your ass?”

“Yeah, I fucking love it…”

He chuckled, his hands running along her ass, squeezing at her thighs, moving all over her body to appreciate the pert fitness.

For a few minutes, she set the pace of her own degradation, rising up and driving back down with an unrelenting rhythm. What made it all the hotter was her view, of the others in the room, their cocks hard and ready. Part of her wanted them to come over so that she could please them as well; another part wanted to take her time, to wait until this one had found his release before focusing on someone else.

She felt Jordan encircle his arm around her stomach. With ease, he pulled her back down against his chest, her hips still moving with purpose. His other hand found her cheek, and he tilted her head back, capturing her mouth in a fierce kiss. She purred into it, his tongue moving against hers, comfortable in the new territory of her mouth.

As they made out, his hands moved about on her body, settling at her thighs, squeezing there.

And then he moved, breaking the kiss, at the same time using his grip on her thighs to bring her legs back against her chest. The sudden movement and change in position made her squeal, taken by surprise. Jordan was not finished; he reached up, his thick forearms fully pinning her legs to her chest, and wrapped his hands around the back of her neck, effectively putting her in a full nelson.

It took a second or so for her to process what had happened to her.

The others in the room whistled appreciatively, watching as Jordan settled in underneath her. She looked down to see her body locked easily in his grasp. The earlier helplessness she had felt seemed trivial compared to this; the handcuffs had been designed to immobilize, and the makeshift blindfold intended to impede sight, but Jordan was using his natural strength to manhandle her, the same strength he might use to lift a heavy box or open a stubborn jar of pickles. To incapacitate and dominate her this way was something so casual for him, something so easy and simple.

His hips began to pump, fucking into her steadily, his large hands now fixed on top of her head, using that hold to push her down as he jabbed upwards. The sounds she made were whorish and lewd, signifying her immediate acceptance of this new position, showing her instinctive submission to his desires.

The pace increased, until his balls were slapping against her, every inch of him easily hilting. Her pussy was gushing frequently, luring more of her cream to spill forth. The trickles flowed down, slicking his cock as it pumped, sticking to his balls, making everything wetter and messier.

She was so overwhelmed by the fierce fucking that it took her a second to realize that he was in motion, sliding off the bed to stand next to it. As he began to walk over to the window, his pace did not diminish. It thrilled her, the increased powerlessness of her situation, the knowledge that it took very little for him to corral her, only a bit of strength to hoist her in the air and keep her pinned there for him. Pam had been restrained before, had been held down before, had been easily handled, but this was a bit beyond that, a further step in the debasement.

“Open the curtains,” he told one of the others, his voice calm and cool, as if he was doing something other than fucking her into a drunken stupor.

In moments, the parking lot was revealed below them.

Pam flashed back to that fateful night spent with Tanya. At one point, the dominant shemale had fucked Pam against the window of her room. The housewife, scared that somebody might see them, had tried to close the curtains, but the shemale had stopped her. The fear of being seen had made the pleasure burn hotter, especially with one couple in the parking lot actually watching them for a few minutes; it had helped when Tanya had pointed out that nobody would recognize Pam. That part of their encounter had led Pam discovering the delights of exhibitionism, how enticing the danger of being seen could be.

So now, she was eager to be taken forcefully in full view of the parking lot below.

As it was late at night, the parking lot had more cars than people. There was one circling, searching for a space.

“We heard you’re a bit of an exhibitionist,” Jordan grunted.

She groaned, still being juddered and bounced on top of him.

“Bet you’re hoping somebody sees us,” he continued, “sees you getting fucked like a cheap whore.”

“Yes,” she whimpered.

They were on the fourth floor, so it was definitely possible that somebody might see them.

The circling car found a space and parked.

Jordan continued to fuck her effortlessly, her body contorted by his strength, on full display in the window. As the car door opened, and somebody slid out, Pam was filled with a hope that they would spot them above, and watch the debauchery.

A few moments later, as the mystery person made their way towards the hotel entrance, they chanced a glance upwards, stopping to an immediate halt as they spotted the couple in the window.

“There we go,” Jordan grunted, “she saw us.”

Pam watched, as this woman ogled them, her eyes wide and attentive.

“She’s watching you get fucked,” one of the others commented, “probably thinks you’re a whore we bought for the night.”

The speaker edged around the couple, one of his hands reaching to squeeze at her breasts through the corset, making a move to further the salaciousness of the vista. Pam cooed at the assertiveness, at how good his strong hand felt taking stock of her form.

“Damn, now she’s touching herself,” Jordan pointed out.

The mystery woman had slid a hand over to her skirt, using a nearby car for support as she moved the hand up the skirt, obviously enjoying the view.

“You must love this,” one of the others spoke up, walking over, as if to show the stranger just what Pam was dealing with.

“Yeah,” the fourth guy added, “she’s watching you take his cock, watching you be a whore for us, and you must fucking love it.”

“Yes,” Pam admitted, squirming as much as was possible in Jordan’s grip.

He was relentless, the pace not slowing, his thickness reaching so deep in her belly, her orgasms feeling more like one long climax than anything, with tiny valleys of peace in between the carnal chaos. The fact that somebody was watching them only added fuel to the fire.

It also seemed to do the same to him.

The pace he had set, his strong arms flexing to drive her down and slide her back up in a smooth motion, now picked up, his hips starting to pump upwards, fucking her harder. She squealed, her cunt flooding out, stray droplets trickling down to drip off to the floor.

“Come on, whore,” Jordan growled, “scream my name.”

The command made her moan, and the subsequent flurry of punishing thrusts made her obey.

“Jordan!” she cried out.

“Louder,” he grunted, his breath hot on her neck.

“Oh god yes, Jordan, yes, you feel so good, Jordan!”

“Keep going.”

She continued to wail; there was no need for her to act, as his rough usage of her drove the cries from her throat.

“Damn, she’s fucking fingering herself,” one of the others pointed out.

The stranger watching had her hand thrust underneath her skirt; it was moving steadily, its task easily discernable.

“She’s getting hot watching me fuck you,” Jordan growled.

“Oh god yes, I love it, I love that she’s watching us,” Pam mewled.

“She’s watching me pound your ass raw,” Jordan continued.


“And now she’s going to watch as I blow my load in your ass.”

“Yes, fuck yes, please, do it, blow your load into my ass, please, give me all your cum, please, shoot it deep, I fucking need it, please…”

“And she’s fucking watching you beg me for my load.”

“Yes…please, blow your load, please…”

“Here it comes, bitch!”

“Yes! Please, fucking do it, fucking blow your load, fill up my ass while she watches us, please, fuck yes, please!”

The wet slap of his hips against hers rang out so loud that Pam drunkenly wondered if their voyeur could hear. He grunted, squeezing her in his arms, his cock throbbing hard as his load raced towards her.

It blasted out hard, the intensity and velocity making her tremble, her belly suddenly awash in thick seed. More spurts followed, Jordan having brought her down his length until she was resting against his balls, feeling them twitch as they unleashed his semen. She squealed as her guts took the heaping helping, her anus massaging him, milking out as much as possible, the heat deep in her belly, growing by the second as Jordan dumped more inside her.

“Fucking take all that load,” he grunted in her ear.

She could only whimper back, firmly in the unrelenting grip of euphoria, watching as their voyeur trembled against the car that was her makeshift support, her hand moving steadily.

The flood of cum continued, her belly feeling as if it were starting to bloat slightly. Pam peeked down to check, and although she was unsure, it seemed as if there might be some imperceptible swell there. The remaining spurts fired out hard, just as fierce and fiery as the first ones, lengthening her climactic reverie.

“There we go,” Jordan murmured, the last few ropes shooting out, “all filled up.”

They sighed in the afterglow, Jordan relaxing his grip little by little until his hands moved to her legs, helping her stand, her balance shaky. She looked down towards their voyeur, her hand quickly darting down to her folds, where remnants of Marshall’s load still lingered, joined now by the first escapees of Jordan’s seed. Her fingers dipped into her slit, finding globs of semen, collecting them and bringing them to her mouth. As the voyeur stumbled towards the entrance, eyes casting last looks back to the window, Pam sucked the cream off her fingers, gulping it down loudly and zealously.

“Come here,” she heard Jordan say.

She glanced over to see him sitting on the edge of the bed, still-rigid prick in hand. As she obeyed, walking over, she glanced over to John, sitting in the same chair with a slight smile on his face.

When she reached Jordan, he gestured to his length.

“Clean me off,” he commanded.

She quickly obeyed, sinking to her knees, reaching out to grip the ebony slab by the base, lifting it so that she could run her tongue up the beckoning swath of flesh, quivering at the taste, the flavor of her insides, mixed with the cum that had been shot into her bowels. Her other hand worked gingerly at her sex, catching stray dribbles of Jordan’s load leaking from her anus. Purring at the taste, she glanced up to Jordan, his gaze fixed on her, his hand finding its way into her hair, petting and stroking.

“Damn,” he drawled, looking over to John, “your wife’s a real slut, sucking my dick after it’s been in her ass.”

John chuckled.

“She loves the taste of her own ass.”

She nodded, agreeing nonverbally, her tongue sliding up to the broad head, swirling around it, gathering that indescribable flavor. With her eyes still fixed on Jordan’s, she quickly drove down, swallowing more than half of him. He sighed, leaning back on the bed, inching his hips slightly towards her.

“Yeah, suck that dick,” he murmured.

Her tongue squirmed along the underside, little trickles of drool running from the corner of her lips. The feel of him in her mouth made her drive deeper, more of him pushing over her tongue to nudge into her throat.

She glanced up at him, and caught a desirous spark in his eyes as his hand tightened in her hair, pulling her back off him.

“Suck my balls,” he growled, “you came all over them, they need cleaning.”

Humming at the prospect of a mouthful of cream-coated ballsack, she lifted the shaft and latched her lips onto the fat orbs underneath. Jordan sucked in a breath, his eyes widening slightly. She slid a few fingers through her slit, her arousal sky-high, this position familiar and yet different, as this person was not John or Tanya.

“My cum tastes so good on your balls,” she breathed, breaking away from them for a moment only to tell him that, quickly dropping her mouth onto them again, slurping voraciously, gasping as she did so, the better to breath in more of that divine aroma.

Nearby footsteps heralded John popping up with his phone in hand, fixing it on Pam.

“Another one to send to Tanya,” he told her, grinning, snapping a few salacious pictures.

The thought of her lover seeing those photos made Pam suck harder, leaving Jordan’s balls slick with spit. Her fingers worked harder, pushing deeper, sliding along her inner walls, sending shivers up and down her spine.

“Who’s up next?” Jordan asked, pulling her away from his balls.

“I am,” said Vic, stepping up behind her.

She turned around, already reaching for his thickness, but he pulled her instead to her feet and led her onto the bed.

“Hands and knees,” he ordered.

In seconds, she was in position, and he was sidling up behind her, taking hold of her hips.

The previous two rounds had made her body incredibly receptive, leading to her folds being drenched, in not just her own juices but also the spent seed of both Marshall and Jordan.

As such, Vic hilted in one stroke, sending sprays of the aforementioned fluids all over both of them.

She cried out, her channel having been neglected for a little while, now suddenly subject to the whims of a thick cock, its presence spreading her walls, striking deep into her, his balls bouncing against her as every inch crammed inside her. Vic swore gruffly, his fingers squeezing at her ass, grinding against her even as he found himself lodged to the base.

There was a moment of peace, wherein Vic simply indulged in the feel of her clamped around his manhood.

And then he began to fuck, eager to match his friends in savagery and pace. They shouted encouragement as he pumped his hips, one of his hands sliding up her back to shove her down. She squealed, pushing back at his thrusts, peeking to the side to see John watching them. There was a very noticeable bulge in his shorts, but he was not moving to address it, instead keeping his attention on them. When he noticed her glance, he shot her a smile, the affection there unmistakable, even as she took the punishing thrusts from another man’s cock.

“Has Tanya replied yet?” she managed to ask.

He shook his head.

“Not yet.”

She will.

“Fuck,” Vic grunted, “watching you be such a whore has really wound me up.”

“What’s the matter, Vic,” one of his friends asked, “you ready to blow already?”

“Yeah,” she managed to say, “it’d be really bad to cum much quicker than your friends.”

The other four in the room laughed at that.

“I must not be fucking you hard enough,” Vic growled, “if you can still say shit like that.”

His hand twined into her hair; Pam knew what was about to happen.

He yanked back on his makeshifts reins, speeding up, hammering harshly into her sopping cunt. His other hand slapped at her ass, making her push back, feeling him hilt repeatedly in her steaming depths. Her moans spiked higher from the increased roughness, from the way he yanked back at her hair, her scalp stinging deliciously.

“Damn, Jordan,” he commented, “you shot a huge load inside her.”

His other hand alighted on her ass, and two fingers pushed through her distended asshole, meeting a mess of cum. It did not take long for his fingers to be coated in those clinging strands; still screwing her, Vic slid his fingers back out, reaching up to nudge them against her lips.

With a breathless whine, she opened, letting him push his cum-coated fingers against her tongue. Pam slurped the semen off his fingers, purring in delight as she did so. Once those fingers were clean, Vic slid them back through her anus, collecting more mouthfuls, fresh from her abused insides.

It was a cycle for the next few minutes, Pam being fed cum fresh from her bowels, lapping like a trained pet at Vic’s fingers.

“You’re one cum-hungry slut,” he commented, slapping casually at her ass, turning his full attention now to fucking her.

“I love it,” she groaned, the groan becoming a weak keen as he yanked back at her hair again.

Vic chuckled, slapping again at her ass, reveling in how she submitted to him, squealing loudly every time he pulled on her hair, mewling meekly whenever he drove deep. His strength was evident, and she was by now used to serving strength.

In the brief time between Jordan’s usage and Vic’s, the climactic pleasure had dulled. Now, as Vic laid into her, his callous words labeling her many lewd things, one hand yanking occasionally on her hair while the other slapped at her ass, the pleasure had spiked right back up, the orgasms returning in full force.

“If we’d known there was such a slut here,” he growled, “we would’ve told our team to stay.”

“Yeah,” one of the others said, “too bad they all left.”

“Why did your coach even let you guys stay?” John asked suddenly.

“Because we’re seniors,” Vic answered, “we can do what we want as long as it’s not illegal or against the ideals of the college, in coach’s words.”

“It’s not like we’re entering the draft,” one of the others added.

Pam cooed mindlessly throughout the conversation, Vic having not stopped for one second while answering John’s query.

“When we tell the guys about this,” one of the others began, “they’ll lose their minds.”

Vic chuckled.

“Yeah. They won’t believe us.”

“Why don’t you show them something to prove that you fucked me?” Pam suggested saucily.

There were a few moments of silence, Vic not letting up even through that. For those moments, the only sound in the room was the slick slap of his testicles against her slit.

“We had an agreement with John that we wouldn’t take pictures or videos,” she heard one of them tell her.

“I don’t care,” she murmured, “take a picture of me, show your teammates.”

“That okay, John?” one of them asked.

“She’s the boss.”

One of them moved up near her.

“We’ll at least keep her face out of it,” Vic said, shoving her down against the bed again.

“How considerate,” John snarked.

One of the others walked over to the bed, where Vic continued to pound into her drenched sex, and took a few quick pictures.

“Hold on,” Vic said suddenly, pulling out with a slick sound.

She whined, pushing back at him, but he ignored her.

“Get a good shot of her pussy and ass. Show the boys how they’re leaking our cum.”

Moaning softly at the fact that people she had never met would soon get a close-up look at her nether regions, she kept her ass up, waiting patiently for them to take a few pictures.

“Now get one of my dick sliding inside her,” Vic directed.

The head of his length nudged against her folds, and with a grunt, he shoved past.

“Yeah, now the boys’ll have to believe us,” one of the others said.

Vic chuckled, returning his attention to Pam, his hand finding her hair again to yank back, his other hand slapping at her ass.

“That’s a good bitch,” he growled, feeling her grind back against him, her channel gripping him smoothly.

She licked her lips as he yanked back again, her fingers grasping tightly at the sheets.

He stopped again then, pulling out swiftly, leaving her whimpering pitifully, waggling her hips as if to entice him back into her sodden confines.

Instead, he grabbed her by the hips and dragged her back. Her feet met the floor, leaving her bent over the edge of the bed, Vic hovering over her.

“Wanted to change it up a bit,” he told her.

The bed shifted as he threw his foot forward, putting it next to her head.

His prick found her pussy quickly. Instead of a harsh thrust, he pushed lightly, sending the first inch or so inside.

The next minute or so was torture for Pam.

Vic took his time in driving to the base, sighing as he reached deep into her silken heat. It was slow and steady, but as Pam had gotten used to fast and furious, it was not long before she began to gasp out a plea for more, for him to plunge deep and fuck her hard.

Those pleas fell on deaf ears. He maintained the same slow pace, the fat meat stretching her channel, dragging deliciously along her inner walls. Trickles of her cream issued out to slick along his shaft, reaching down to his balls, dappling them in juices as well.

“Almost there,” he grunted, heralding that moment when he would hilt inside her.

That moment came quickly, but still too slowly for the lust-drunk housewife. When she felt his balls bump against her slit, it provoked shivers to break out along her body, orgasms already erupting frequently.

His hands moved to her shoulders, and with a bit of pressure he pushed her down into the mattress.

“Fuck me,” she begged, knowing that he would but still wanting to beg, to once again wallow in her submission.

He chuckled, taking a moment to savor how she felt wrapped around him.

But then a switch was flipped, and he began to fuck her, using the leverage to slam deep into her, rocking her body with the impacts, making her squeal happily.

“Yeah, you like that?” he growled, his balls now slapping hard into her at the end of each thrust.

“Yes,” she hissed, “I fucking love it, so much, fuck me harder, please…”

“Whatever you say,” he grunted, upping the pace, her flesh jiggling and bouncing from the force.

Her fingers curled into the sheets, holding on for dear life. She could hear the others in the room encouraging Vic to keep going, to fuck her harder, the way they called her whore or slut or bitch adding to the lustful storm swirling around them. The egging-on spurred Vic to greater roughness, screwing her harder, making her cry out in exultation, her cunt grasping at him as if to keep him rooted inside her, desperate to hold every inch even as those inches returned in full force mere seconds later.

“Your wife can take it, that’s for sure,” Vic commented to John.

“Yeah,” he chuckled, “she loves it.”

“We haven’t even fucked her together,” one of the others pointed out.

“True,” Vic grunted, “she won’t know what hit her.”

Pam moaned, her mind flashing forward to that promise of debauchery, excited for it despite already being in the grip of lustfulness.

“Sounds like she can’t wait for that,” one of the others chuckled.

Vic began to move again, pulling her back against him. With his hands closing tightly around hers, he spun smoothly, and let her fall slightly forward, her arms pulled back behind her in a decidedly indelicate way. During this quick maneuver, he had remained inside her, so he started to fuck her again. Her upper half was dangling forward, while he held tightly to her hands, her legs and thighs trembling as he resumed rutting into her flooded sex. Once again, she was helpless, and happy to be.

One of the benefits of this new position was that she could once again see the others in the room. Only one of the quartet had not used her yet; he was standing to her right, appraising her, watching how the pleasure played across her face. The others, save for John, were standing as well, stroking themselves back to full erectness.

It hit her then that she was in for a long night. There were five cocks to please, and she had only had three yet. And after completing that task, they would take her in unison. Pam had during Tanya’s visit taken both the shemale and her husband at the same time. That experience had been sublime, to have two lovers lay claim to her body. To have five do so at once would be something beyond description.

“Yeah, fucking take it,” Vic muttered, pumping away.

She did her best to push back at his thrusts, wanting to fully impale herself.

The two loads recently spent in her lower holes meant that there was a frothy river of cum trickling down her thighs, making the passage of this third cock wetter and smoother. There was an audible squelching sound, one that was obscenely sensual, the proof that Pam had found her pleasure many times in submitting to these strangers.

One of the things that Pam loved about moments like these, when she was physically incapacitated and fucked in some powerless position, was that all she could do was take said fucking. There was no thought, no need for any mental process more complicated than proclaiming just how wonderful he felt plunging back and forth in her channel. Vic was giving his all to pound her senseless; although he would undoubtedly say that he had the better of the deal, Pam found herself thinking the opposite.

So she took what he gave her, cumming constantly, gushing repeatedly onto him. The others watched her, Pam acutely aware of their gaze, the way they stroked themselves to the spectacle, the comments they made to each other, appraising her whorishness, noticing every little expression that flitted across her face when the pace rose a tick, every little sound that spilled forth at one of the aforementioned comments, every little shiver that marked each tumultuous climax. Nothing escaped their notice as Vic kept her vulnerable to their attention.

It was a few more minutes of this exquisite vulnerability before Vic came, shooting thick ropes straight into her without warning. He kept pumping through his peak, grunting harshly, ignoring her wails, her sputtered declarations about how she loved being bred hard by a stud, how it felt to be claimed by such a strong young man, how his load felt so good sloshing inside her. Those statements were very much not faked or forced.

Partway into the breeding, he yanked her back against him, pulling her close, making her purr as she felt his solid weight behind her, keeping her from stumbling away. Her breath hitched at every new pulse that raced up his length, the end of which resulted in another spurt blasting forth to breach her inner sanctum. As elated as she was, her mind created a salacious image of what her womb must look like, a battlefield of surging seed, everything awash in sticky, steaming white. The image made her lick her lips, loving how that most intimate part of her was now a dumping ground for hot cum.

Vic let her rest against him for a few moments. His breath was no less in need of catching than hers, so they stood there, dribbles of his spunk already leaking forth, joining the many little trickles of semen cooling on her lower half.

And then he moved back, slipping out of her with a slick sound.

“You’re up,” he told Luke, who was already moving towards her.

Pam had just been fucked hard by three men, twice in her pussy and once in her ass, having taken three loads inside her body.

A normal woman would be very satisfied.

But in an erotic application of the economic principle, the supply of carnality had created demand for more. Her body was already reacting to the sight of another young, strong male ready to plunder the treasures of the tender flesh before him.

“Let’s get this off you,” he said, reaching out to begin the process of taking off her lingerie.

She pouted, the classic black ensemble adding to the atmosphere of debauchery, but stood still, allowing him to undress her.

Even though his cock was hard and raring, pre-cum beading out from the head, he took his time to strip her, letting his fingers run idly along and across her, feeling her shudder in anticipation. The warm, sex-suffused air of the room caressed more and more of her body, until she was laid bare, her slender form revealed in full.

His hand slid up her belly, taking a few moments to trail up to her breasts, brushing along a hard nipple. The delicate sensation made her suck in a breath; she had felt their touch through the lingerie, but now it was on her bare skin, the pleasure multiplied.

“You’ve got sensitive nipples, huh?” he asked, grinning as he lazily circled the other one with a finger.

She nodded, biting her lip, watching him tease her.

His fingers found it then, latching on, adding just enough pressure on the sensitive nub to make her gasp. Her reaction enticed him to pay further attention to that part of her, spending time teasing at her breasts, alternating between avoiding the most sensitive part and giving it a series of touches, squeezes, and light twists, each maneuver making her mewl and writhe.

He quickly changed up the style, leaning down to suck at her nipples, drawing a cry from her mouth that was part ecstasy, part agony. The measured attention to her breasts had made her nipples painfully hard, in desperate need of stimulation, so that warm mouth was an absolute treat. His teeth came into play ever so lightly, leaving her gasping, arching her back to push more of her breasts into the field of play. The wet slickness of his tongue wrapped around one of her nipples, bathing it with saliva. He only took his mouth off her breasts to lick and lap, leaving rough kisses right on each nipple, making her squeal, sometimes simply running his tongue around the nipple itself, staying on the areola, enough to make Pam grab at his hair and try to drag him less than an inch to one side, to have him focus directly at that sensitive spot. The attempt made him chuckle, but he resisted easily, in fact doubling down on the torture because of her neediness.

Luke spent the next minute or so completely avoiding her nipples, instead kissing and sucking at the area around them. Her desperate moans made him chuckle, the way she tried to direct him via a grip on his hair proving completely fruitless. Throughout the homage he paid to her small breasts, his cock remained throbbing against her thigh, a reminder of what was to follow after this delightful torment.

When he leaned back, looking at her flushed face, a small smile crossed his face.

“I’ve always been a breast man,” he told her.

The others chuckled, but she was too desperate to laugh.

“Fuck me,” she begged, desirous and delirious, the attention to her breasts having rocketed her lust into the proverbial stratosphere.

“Get on the bed,” he ordered her.

“How do you want me?”

“On your back, legs spread.”

She obeyed quickly, shimmying onto the bed, presenting herself just as he had told her.

Just as before, he opted to torture her, by moving slowly, taking his time to approach her. His languid pace made her whine, spreading her legs a bit wider, reaching down to stroke at her folds, spreading her slit to show him what was waiting, to spur him on to greater speed.

And just as before, her desperation only made him take further glee in torturing her. He avoided the prize that was her cunt, instead running his hand slowly up her legs, bypassing her lap to slide up her belly, again bypassing the pleasure center of her breasts, teasing a light squeeze at her throat, finally ending by brushing his fingers across her lips, Pam gasping as he did, her tongue peeking out to take an exploratory lick of the offered digits. Her display of lust made him chuckle, his hand starting the return journey, again avoiding those most sensitive places on her body.

Once his hands reached her feet, he took hold of her ankles, and pushed them back, until they were against her chest.

She watched, breathless, reaching out to hold her ankles to herself, allowing him to aim his cock directly at her weeping pussy.

One thrust, and he was buried in her to the balls. The sudden pleasure resulted in a euphoric fit, Pam trembling and sobbing, her channel clutching to the throbbing slab of flesh.

He allowed her to recover, hovering over her, his hands now on either side of her head, holding him up.

As soon as she came back down, however, he began to move, smoothly pulling back only to drive back inside her. In short order, she was lost again, any chance of her mind returning to rationality done in by his animalistic desires. Her hands slipped off her ankles, but he caught her legs, pressing them back into position, rearing up off her, fucking her harder now, using his handhold to keep her in place. She squealed wildly, squirming on the bed, her hands finding the sheets again, holding onto them as she was pummeled.

Her body was buffeted by the roughness, her breasts bouncing, attracting his attention. He spread her legs wider, and leaned down, quickly finding a stiff nipple, sucking at the sensitive nub. She cried out, caught off guard, suddenly feeling two swirling storms in her body, the pleasure flaring harshly. It was almost too much, almost too raw to handle, but she had already experienced such sublime delights with Tanya. The shemale had been the first to truly test the limits of Pam’s body, and had by doing so awakened some craven creature inside the older woman, one that so desperately needed such wicked pleasure and such rude treatment.

Both of them were spurred to greater heights of lust by his act, him fucking her harder and sucking harder at her breast, her crying out his name, begging him not to stop, to fuck her harder, to do whatever he wanted to her so long as it continued to feel so good. She was unsure if she was actually saying anything beyond making guttural noises, but it did not matter, as he seemed to sense the intention behind the attempt, his hips snapping harder, his tongue abusing the captured nipple. Encouraging shouts came from his friends, the exact content of which escaped her, caught up as she was in the lust.

Luke stopped all too soon, letting up on her legs, sliding back out of her with a slick sound.

She whimpered, gazing up at him, quivering with need.

“Calm down,” he teased her, wiping sweat off his forehead with the back of a hand.

Desperate and wanton, she reached up to grab that hand, and pulled it to her mouth, sucking the sweat off with loud, enthusiastic slurps. A few comments came from the others, but she ignored them, locking eyes with Luke as she lapped at his hand.

“I’m a whore,” she told him in between licks, “fuck me like one.”

He chuckled, letting her kiss at his hand for a few more seconds.

“How does it taste?” he asked.

“So good,” she murmured.

He chuckled again, finally taking his hand away, reaching out to push her back down.

She purred as he took up position again, his hands sending her legs back against her chest.

But this time, instead of targeting her slick folds, he aimed for another hole.

Thanks to the mess of cum still dribbling from her asshole, it was easy for Luke to drive deep into her belly, the fat inches dragging along her walls, shivers breaking out on her body, a series of squeals flowing from her mouth. He grunted as her anus gripped him, his hips starting to pump from the feel of that hole.

In seconds, his testicles began to slap at her ass, his cock hilting quickly, thanks to Marshall having opened her up. She arched her back under the assault, clenching around his thrusts, feeling the thrusts in her belly.

In what was becoming a common occurrence with Luke, his attention turned to her breasts, his hands running up to squeeze and caress them while he pounded into her loosened asshole. The needy mewls that followed drew a laugh in response from him.

“Feels good?” he asked.

“Yes,” she murmured, licking her lips as she gazed up at him.

“You know,” he began, “John told us something else about you.”

“What’s that?” she gasped, the rough thrusts close to triggering yet another climax.

His hand had moved without her noticing; it was hovering just outside her slit.

“You’re a squirter,” he said, pushing a few fingers into her clasping heat.

She gasped, arching her back, the fingers curling inside her.

“Let’s see if we can make that happen now, huh?” he told her, shoving the fingers deeper.

He continued to pump into her debauched anus, while his fingers now began to stimulate her channel. Her eyes went wide as he found her clit; her breath caught in her throat, the moment extending, his thumb an inch above that sensitive nub.

And then he pressed down on it, making her cry out, a trio of decadent sensations now assailing her.

Luke kept up the pace, fucking her ass while he fingered her pussy and rubbed at her clit. That tight feeling in her belly returned, by now a familiar feeling.

It had been Tanya who had discovered this talent of Pam’s, and had taken full advantage. John had been just as delighted to learn this new nugget of information, and had also taken full advantage.

And now Luke was taking full advantage. He was as deft as he was destructive, the subtle caresses at her cunt and clit juxtaposed with the forceful thrusts in her ass. It was a combination that quickly made that tightness swell in her belly.

As he pushed her towards that intense peak, she glanced over to John, still seated in that chair, still sporting a bulge, his gaze affectionate and warm. The love that she could feel from him only added to the desirous atmosphere; here was her husband, taking it upon himself to realize one of her fantasies, sharing her with these young men, knowing that it was something she wanted and needed.

They maintained eye contact as the tightness built higher. She moaned over to him, wordlessly thanking him for having arranged this, aware that at some point she could thank him with actual words. He gave her a small nod, aware himself of the intent, that she was grateful to him for his having arranged this.

The tightness swelled to an uncomfortable point, Luke forcing incandescent pleasure into her body using three specific entry points.

And then it broke, Pam groaning hoarsely as a spray of fluid rocketed from her, covering Luke’s hand, his reaction a surprised grunt, his fingers sliding out, the remaining sprays hitting his wrist, arcing higher to come down and settle on his stomach and on hers as well. She jerked underneath him, gnashing her teeth at the blaze that was consuming her. In a rare show of mercy, Luke paused, the pleasure halting briefly.

“Damn, that’s hot,” one of the others commented.

“Yeah, it’s fucking wild,” Luke grunted, eyes locked on her as she recovered from the climax.

She whined mindlessly, squirming as he was still partway into her ass, having stopped any motion.

“You squirted all over me,” he scolded in amusement, reaching out with his cream-coated hand.

Her eyes lit up at the offered prize, and she pounced, licking and lapping loudly, making sure that both he and the others could hear as well as see how much she loved the taste of her own cream, especially off the hand of the one who had made her squirt.

Luke let her indulge, the scandalous vista amusing and arousing him.

But once his hand was clean, he shoved her back down, and began to move, fucking her ass again. Every inch drove deep with every thrust, robbing her of her breath, her ears ringing with the wet slaps of his balls whacking rudely into her ass.

And then he slid his fingers back inside her.

She squealed, licking her lips, watching as the fingers curled and worked insistently, his thumb once again alighting on her clit, the tightness springing up quickly, her ragged gasps spiking louder.

“I’ve got an idea,” he said over his shoulder to the others.

“What?” one of them asked, the others taking steps forward to get a better view.

“Watch this,” he told them, bringing her ankles together with one hand, pushing her hips further back, bending her lower half closer to her upper half.

It gave her a better view of his prick pounding into her ass, and of his fingers working in her sex, the digits already slick with errant nectar.

This position was a familiar one for her, so she knew what his intent was.

“Do it,” she begged, “make me squirt all over myself, please.”

He chuckled.

“I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that somebody’s done this before to a slut like you.”

She groaned, watching him push her steadily towards another messy finish. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the others gathering closer to the bed, eager to see the result of Luke’s labors.

The tightness swelled quickly.

Luke grunted, pumping down into her ass, looming over her, his ebony skin gleaming with sweat. Pam licked her lips drunkenly as the tightness rose to a crescendo, Luke not stopping as he bulled her to the edge of chaotic ecstasy, and then sent her over.

The tightness burst.

Luke was too slow to avoid the first spray, his fingers in the way, resulting in a jet that erupted messily onto his hand.

But he moved quickly, sliding his fingers out, pushing her hips closer to her face.

The subsequent spurts arced directly onto her face, dappling her forehead, nose, and cheeks, some lingering strands of cum mixed in with her nectar. Pam mewled, opening her mouth wide, catching sprays on her tongue, the taste divine, making her quiver in the grip of such a fiery climax.

“Damn, she’s such a fucking slut,” one of the others said as they watched the spectacle.

The intense ecstasy subsided, Pam shuddering, still feeling some aftershocks.

Luke chuckled, shaking his head in bemusement as she wiped her cream off her face with both hands, quickly bringing those hands up to her mouth to then lick them clean, running her tongue all along them, on and along and in between each finger.

“Want more?” he asked rhetorically, already pushing her hips back into position, as they had slumped forward while she had gorged.

She nodded, that response unnecessary, Luke already fucking into her ass, his hands already at her cunt.

The others were gathered closer, watching her squirm as he again took her along the path to a messy finish. It was almost comical, their interest seeming to overshadow their arousal, the way they watched the proceedings as if it were some sort of sideshow.

Her pleasure rose swiftly, thanks to Luke’s talented handling of her body. The presence of those three others paying such close attention to her only made the pleasure spike, giving her an audience for whom to act like the most craven of whores. Such an act did not feel far from the truth.

“She’s fucking loving it,” one of the others commented.

“Grab her tits,” Luke grunted, “she’ll squirt faster and probably harder.”

She moaned excitedly at his direction, arching her back as best as possible in her awkward position. The other three acted quickly, reaching out to squeeze at her breasts, the sensations acute and intense, making her cry out, the tightness indeed spiking at a faster rate. Marshall shot her a grin while he played with a stiff nipple, rolling it between his fingers, while Vic crushed the tender skin of her other breast in his large hand, and Jordan teased the areola around the nipple that Marshall was now twisting very gently. It stole her breath from her lungs, the pleasure flowing into her body from now five different spots. The view of four young, strong, dark-skinned men crowded around her also added an irreplaceable component to the lustful atmosphere.

The tightness roared to its peak, and burst, her wails ringing out in the room.

The four of them moved back, Luke this time quick enough to yank his hand away from her.

Sprays of cream rocketed out again, some catching her square in the mouth while she cried out. The four of them laughed, Vic high-fiving Luke as they watched her wriggle, squirting straight onto her own face. Her tongue instinctively slipped out to lick at the trickling liquid, to bring it into her mouth to sate her salacious appetite. The volume of juice matted her hair in places, sticking to her eyelashes and forcing her eyes to temporarily close. Luke was quick to help unencumber her eyes, wiping the juices off with his fingers, pressing them to her lips in short order, Pam opening wide to let him slide the glistening fingers over her tongue. She slobbered messily on his digits, savoring the taste of her fluids, opening her eyes to see the four of them watching her intently, drinking in the disgraceful display with zeal.

“One more time,” Luke told her, moving her hips back into position.

“Fuck yes, please, please,” Pam begged, his prick already screwing through her distended asshole, his hand already back at her womanhood, the fingers pushing past her slit while the thumb landed on her clit.

He chuckled at her enthusiasm, grunting as he fucked hard into her belly, his cock throbbing powerfully. His other hand, the one not engrossed in pleasuring her, was locked tightly around her ankles, shoving them back against her chest to line up her drooling sex closer to her face.

“Get in there, guys,” he told his friends.

They laughed, getting involved again, grabbing and fondling her breasts. She keened, gnashing her teeth as the swirling pleasure mounted, as her body was wracked with exquisite agony. Hands were all over her, squeezing and caressing, running from her breasts down to her belly and back up, one hand reaching to her lips, pushing a few fingers into her mouth, Pam sucking happily without even knowing or caring who they belonged to.

The tightness roared back, quicker than before, building to a rapid crescendo, thanks to the amount of pleasure being fed into her body. There was little time to appreciate the pleasure, as it built higher by the second, her finish beckoning, another messy end awaiting.

All that ecstasy swirled in her belly, coalesced around the tightness.

And then it dissipated, bursting out in an intense fashion, lighting up her nerves.

Pam cried out, unleashing another series of jets, the cream splattering out onto her face and breasts, Luke having positioned her hips a bit further back to bring the latter into the equation. Her body jerked instinctively, feeling the wet slap of her frenzied squirting rock against her abused nipples. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, welcoming the oncoming spurts with an excited squeal. The others once again pulled back to watch her, their hands drifting to their lengths, stroking themselves languidly to the spectacle.

Her satisfied purrs made them chuckle, her body winding down.

“You’re such a thirsty little slut,” Luke laughed, reaching out to wipe off her forehead.

She nodded, grabbing his fingers, bringing them to her mouth, sucking voraciously on them. Her slick fluid was all over them, dripping off to wet her chin, Luke letting her show off her lewdness to the room.

“Damn, that’s fucking hot,” Jordan grunted, his hand wrapped around the base of his length.

Luke laughed, shaking his head in bemusement as Pam slobbered around the fingers in her mouth, her tongue still searching for every drop of juice that was on them.

“Tastes so good,” she murmured, giving several last licks to his fingers.

His hands tightened on her ankles, his cock still more than halfway in her ass. He pushed her legs back slightly and began to fuck her again. This time, there was no focus on her cunt or breasts, just a savage preoccupation with pounding her ass. She cooed, sending one of her hands to grope at her breasts, the other sliding down to rub at her folds. His thrusts picked up in pace, the slick slap of flesh on flesh returning to its auditory primacy in the room. Her juices flowed freely, coating her fingers, so she raised them to her mouth, sucking them clean, sending them back to collect more, all during Luke’s unrelenting conquering of her ass.

He grunted out a curse, sweat beading down his chest, a vein standing out in his forehead, obviously close to his own finish.

“Are you going to give me your load?” she asked, clenching her asshole around him.

“Fuck yes,” he growled, squeezing at her ankles, his balls slapping wetly against her taint.

“Give me every drop,” she whined, “shoot it deep inside me.”

“You want it deep?”

“Deep in my ass, I need it, so fucking deep, please…”

He groaned, his pace becoming erratic, the sign that he was nearing the edge, so close, his cock throbbing dangerously, the spurts of cum seconds away.

“Fucking take it,” he snarled, thrusting once, twice, and then three times, stilling with his cock lodged to the balls in her clasping ass.

After the torture he had inflicted upon her, the powerful spurts of his load felt incredible, the rush firing out inside her belly, warming her guts. He growled, grinding himself against her, his balls tight as they let loose with a formidable amount of sticky semen, hosing down her bowels, clogging them further with each subsequent blast. The climaxes rolled over her subjugated body, tearing into her nerves without mercy. Sluggish streams of her juice ran down her folds, pooling at her belly, trickling off to stain the sheets underneath them.

“Fuck,” he cursed, firing off the last spurts.

She giggled, sucking more of her ambrosia off her fingers, shooting him a saucy grin.

He began to withdraw, the fat meat dragging against her insides. She shuddered, clenching around him, unwilling to let him go. Once he pulled out, copious dribbles began to stream forth. Her instinct led her to reach down to scoop up the errant cum, rubbing it into her anus and taint, making the skin gleam with clinging cream.

Luke was sitting back on his heels, watching as she played with the escaping rivers, still rubbing some on herself, sometimes bringing a handful to her mouth, lapping it off her fingers with glee. The shine of combined bodily fluids on his cock drew her eye.

“Sorry,” she said, “I should clean you off.”

His only answer was a surprised grunt as she leaned forward, lapping and licking breathlessly at his meat, once again enamored with her own flavor.

“Damn,” he drawled, “that’s a good slut.”

She purred, slurping loudly on his thickness, the taste of her own ass by now a guilty pleasure.

Or it would be, if I felt guilty about it…

Her fingers slid down to her folds, and she fingered herself as she cleaned off Luke’s prick, taking care to treat every inch to the warm attention of her tongue and lips. From head to base, and back up, she left it gleaming, this time with saliva. With the shaft clean, she dropped lower, closing her lips around the tight sack of his balls. He sucked in a breath, his hand finding her hair, taking a fistful.

The feel and taste of that sweat-slicked ballsack in her mouth distracted her from her the other three moving around her.

It was not until Luke yanked her off his balls that she noticed the other three surrounding her, the naked lust in their eyes telling her exactly what they wanted to do now.

They struck quickly, pulling and pushing her into position. Before she knew it, she was atop Vic, the head of his weapon nudging at her asshole. His hands grabbed her hips, and with a strong downward tug, her anus was once again stretched around a fat cock.

Jordan slid into position next, ignoring her cry of delight, spreading her legs wide as he aimed himself right at her drooling slit, driving to the balls with one rough thrust.

The result was two fat cocks pulsing inside her in short order, leaving her sobbing, bucking wildly between both men. Vic and Jordan gave her no time to adjust, pumping their hips, cramming her holes full. She moaned brokenly, overwhelmed by the sudden savagery, by the dual shafts owning both her lower holes.

“Oh fuck,” she grunted, Vic pulling her back against his chest, one hand coming around to stroke at her breasts, the added stimulation making more wild noises spill from her mouth.

She gnashed her teeth, gazing up at Jordan, his eyes flashing with lust, his grip denting the pale expanse of her thighs as he laid into her slick sex. There was no coordination between the two men; they simply used their chosen hole, grunting bestially as they fucked her.

“You really are a lucky man to find a slut like that,” Marshall told John, the two of them watching from the side of the bed.

“Yes I am,” John chuckled in agreement.

The sound of her husband’s voice drew her gaze.

“How do they feel inside you?” he asked her.

“So good,” she whined, “they feel so…”

She was suddenly distracted by Luke, climbing onto the bed next to her head, aiming for her mouth. The next word she had planned devolved into a ragged whimper as Luke hooked two fingers into her lips, using them to pull her mouth wide open. The straining member plunged into her mouth, over her tongue, packing her throat full in seconds. Her wild squeals were muffled as he began to thrust, fucking from the get-go, his balls whapping angrily against her forehead and nose.

Three cocks now sawed through her holes. Pussy, ass, and throat were all treated to the same savage pace. Another set of hands landed on her body, this time Luke grabbing at the breast that Vic neglected. Where Vic was gentle, Luke was harsh, slapping at her nipple to make her choke around his thrusts, squeezing the pert flesh to elicit a pitiful whine from her, the sound barely making it out around the frantic strokes he was currently unleashing on her poor mouth.

When John and Tanya had given her both of their cocks at the same time, it had been a struggle to take, her body only used to taking one at any given time.

Now there were three pounding into her body, and it was sheer bliss, the wicked sensations assailing her from all sides, the wet slap of Luke’s testicles against her face complementing how Vic and Jordan occasionally managed to hilt at the same time to let her feel them cram deep into her belly, mixing with how they sounded as they grunted and growled while laying into her defenseless body. Orgasms came and went, the same as during most of the night, but this time fiercer and hotter, like the difference between the sun in the early morning and at high noon. There was no escaping the overwhelming ecstasy, the ring of testicles against flesh, the tug of meat against her insides, the slap of a harsh hand on her skin, the grunted comment calling her some tawdry word, no escaping any bit of the experience.

Before she realized it, the tightness was building to a crescendo. The trio did not stop to do much beyond acknowledge her muffled wails. It was not until Jordan noticed the squirts of fluid that any of them noticed it.

“She fucking squirted again,” he commented, pulling out to let the last jets dapple the sheets.

Luke rose off her, sliding from her throat, slimy lines of drool connecting him to her lips.

“You like taking three dicks, huh?” he asked, dragging his balls across her face, callously slapping at a nipple.

She cried out, arching her back, her tongue darting out instinctively when she caught the smell of ripe flesh.

“Answer me,” he demanded, reaching down to squeeze at her throat.

“Yes!” she squealed, reaching up to nuzzle at his sack, her body bouncing between Vic and Jordan, who had already sheathed himself inside her again.

“You’re a fucking whore, aren’t you?” Luke asked, again squeezing at her throat.

“Yes, I’m such a fucking wh-”

Luke had lined up his manhood to her lips, and did not let her finish the sentence, sliding every inch back into her throat. Her eyes bulged from their sockets as she choked nastily around his meat, his balls flush against the bridge of her nose. He pulled back, just to give a hard thrust, and then started up again, fucking her throat, making her gag loudly, the sounds reaching the point of troubling for anyone who might not know that Pam was greatly enjoying having her throat treated to such a rough assault.

“Hey Luke, pull out again for a sec,” John said.

“No prob,” Luke replied, pulling himself from her throat.

“Suck his balls for a bit while I take a few pictures for Tanya,” John told her.

Addled and lust-drunk as she was, the name of her lover got her attention, and she leaned up, locking her lips around Luke’s fat sack, slurping noisily on her treat. Streams of pre-cum ran from the head of his length, dripping down onto her breasts, Luke taking a few moments to massage it into the skin, leaving it gleaming. Vic and Jordan continued to drive into her holes, not even deigning to talk to her the way Luke did, simply focusing on drilling her hard, on finding their own pleasure within her clasping holes.

“Yeah, that looks hot,” John said, snapping a few more pictures.

Pam wondered idly what Tanya’s reaction would be.

This is pretty much her fault.

Luke deprived her then of his testicles. As she licked her lips to gather more of that wonderful flavor onto her taste buds, he lined up his prick to her lips, waiting until she canted her head back for him. With a grunt, he plunged down her throat in one rude motion, forcing an undignified sound from her mouth, his balls slapping against her nose.

“Fuck, yeah, choke on that dick,” he grunted, starting up a quick pace.

She gagged helplessly, her body lighting up with illicit pleasure.

The bed creaked as the four bodies moved on it, Pam’s slender one rocked by the three muscular ones. Her cries were muffled by Luke’s thrusts, her face by now streaked with saliva, tears, and pre-cum. His balls were also liberally coated in the mixture, and they slapped hard at her nose at the end of each stroke, reapplying the fluids to her face.

The continuous orgasms meant that she was drenched down between her legs, making it easy for Jordan to pump ruthlessly through her channel, sending sprays of her fluids all over, his balls whacking into her taint, which was taking quite the pounding from both Jordan’s testicles and Vic’s. The three cocks surged inside her, filling her up to the brim, leaving her mind muddled. Vic grunted, reaching a hand up to squeeze at her throat, the added tightness making Luke growl, his pace increasing.

“Tanya answered,” John told her then.

“What’d she say?” Luke asked, refusing to pull out from Pam’s mouth despite her excited squeal.

“She says she’s disappointed in Pam.”

At that, Luke pulled out, just in time to hear Pam’s confused mewl.

“Why?” she asked.

John chuckled.

“She’s say there’s five cocks here, but you’re only pleasuring three.”

Pam whimpered, glancing over to Marshall and John, her desperate gaze making them move, now entering the fray. Her hands reached out for them, grasping at their cocks. There was no need to think about what to do; instinct took over, leading her to jerk them off with a smooth pace. Now all five cocks were taking pleasure from her.

“Open up,” Luke said, hooking a finger into her upper lip.

Her obedience was immediate, and so was the passage of his length over her tongue and down her throat. She gagged wetly, her field of vision again filled with his pendulous sack as he began to thrust.

Taking Vic, Jordan, and Luke had pushed her to her limits. Adding Marshall and John made her submerge deeper into the miasma of lust, her hands now just being used by them as something to rub against, streams of pre-cum shining on her forearms. Her mind was entirely preoccupied with the pleasure, its corrupting influence evident in how her body moved between the five men, in how much joy she took from being used, in the muffled squeals that spilled around Luke’s shaft.

“Son of a bitch,” John swore, “I wanted to wait before I joined in.”

“Your wife wanted all of us,” Marshall told him.

“I know. But I won’t last much longer. I knew I’d cum quickly.”

“You should bust on her face,” Luke suggested, still pumping hard into Pam’s throat.

She gurgled meekly, loving how that sounded, her husband marking her by dumping his seed across her face.

“Sounds like she wants that too,” Jordan chuckled.

Luke pulled out of her throat, Pam gasping wearily, watching intently as John moved up over her face. As John approached, Luke slid down to her unoccupied hand, not wanting the potential pleasure to go to waste.

“Let me suck your balls,” Pam begged her husband.

The housewife got her wish. The ripe taste of his musk seared onto her taste buds as she slobbered ardently all over the crinkled sacks, her tongue moving wildly, her spit dripping off her chin from the breathless display.

Jordan and Vic refused to let up, the former rutting into her cunt while the latter railed her ass, the dual assault enough to render her senseless. As she slurped noisily on her husband’s testicles, another series of climaxes began to tear into her, her feverish moans flowing out in droves, the pleasure amplified by both the taste reigning over her tongue and the look on her husband’s face, lust and love mixed in equal amount.

“Here it comes, babe,” John grunted, yanking his balls from her mouth, aiming at her face, his hand flying up and down his manhood.

She whined, battered from below by Jordan and Vic, gushing wetly onto both of their balls, her body besieged with sublime thrills. Ensconced in the haze of bliss, she focused on her husband’s cock, on how it strained and pulsed, a hot load racing towards her. The promise of fresh semen made her stick out her tongue.

“Cum on my face,” she whimpered raggedly, bouncing between Jordan and Vic, her hands still moving along the other two pricks, receiving more trickles of pre-cum.

John grunted loudly, throwing his head back for a moment, his hand moving faster.

The head of his length swelled slightly.

A spurt arced out, landing on her left cheek, more spurts following. John aimed all over, hoping to mark every inch of her face. Her forehead took a few shots, followed by several blasted onto her chin, a few smacking across her nose, more landing on her cheeks, the rest dribbling out onto her outstretched tongue, John smacking the head down against it for good measure. The streaks of cum made her shudder, to know that her husband was incredibly aroused by the display of how depraved she could be.

He reached for his phone, snapping a few pictures of Pam, his whorish wife giggling as she reached her tongue out, catching stray streams of spunk, her eyes heavy-lidded and awash with lust.

After taking those pictures, John moved aside.

In a show of friendship and courtesy, Luke gestured for Marshall to take up the position at Pam’s mouth. Marshall nodded in thanks, arranging himself above her, Pam already craning her neck, opening her mouth wide, more dribbles of John’s cum falling through her lips.

With a grunt, Marshall drove deep, matching Vic and Jordan quickly, in intensity and pace. She gurgled around him as her three holes were again put to the test, screwed and skewered and drilled into utter submission.

Her hands flailed for Luke, but he had other ideas.

With a chuckle, he mounted her chest, the pert peaks of flesh affording him plenty of vulnerable territory to abuse. Pam had felt him move, had felt him take up his own position, but could not see him.

So she did not see him lift his cock, aiming it at one of her nipples.

He slapped the fat shaft down.

Pam squealed around a mouthful of meat, arching her back, Luke laughing at her reaction, repeating the action several times to hear more of those agonized cries.

Her cunt clutched around Jordan, the intense sensations making her climaxes extend.

“I’m ’bout to blow,” he growled, hands squeezing at her thighs, jabbing deep into her clasping heat with each thrust.

“Me too,” Vic grunted, hands gripping tight to her hips, hilting in her ass with each harsh stroke.

“What’s say we give the little slut a triple injection?” Marshall groaned, his own pace unrelenting, his balls slapping hard against her face.

She moaned, writhing wildly, her body on fire, her breasts still taking Luke’s vicious attention, now shining with his pre-cum. Her hands, in the same cum-slicked state but unoccupied, now were gripping tightly to the sheets, trying to hold on to something solid so she would not float away in this sea of desire.

“I won’t be far behind you guys,” Luke told them, now fucking her cleavage, sliding between her breasts, further dappling the mounds in his pre-cum.

“Here we go,” Vic proclaimed.

The four of them seemed to ascend to another level of ferocity, pounding into and against her with a singular purpose. She screamed, wailed, sobbed, the ramparts of her mind crumbling steadily.

They came one after another, a rampage of hot semen that inundated her body, clogging and coating, invading every inch, staking a sticky claim to the slender housewife, inside and out.

Luke was first, erupting onto her breasts, the hot spurts blasting onto her nipples, making her cry out onto Marshall’s fervent thrusts. Each breast took multiple splatters, his length then slapping down into her cleavage, frosting that ivory valley, leaving a sticky puddle, dribbles trickling sluggishly down to her belly while more spurts fired out a bit higher, staining her clavicle, the last spurts landing a bit lower, on the soft swell of her breasts.

Jordan finished next, hilting inside her, staying still as Vic gave his own last thrusts. The rush of seed straight into her made her muffled cries ring louder, the flood flowing right into her womb, doing its best to knock her up. The previous loads that had been spurted inside her were still leaking out, the amount of cum now replenished, leaving her insides still soaked.

Marshall was the third to finish, driving deep into her gullet, spurting straight into her stomach. His balls tensed, resting against her nose, the sweat slicking her skin, his hand locking around her neck. Her wet gurgles went unheeded, the warm rush flowing down her throat, spiking her already-inflamed ecstasy.

Vic was the last to reach his peak, slamming his hips upwards, grunting loudly as he came deep inside her ass, giving her four helpings of hot semen at once. All that fresh cream was solely for her, given to her and unleashed because of her. She swooned in the grip of a white-hot euphoria, that familiar tightness forming quickly, building towards a messy crescendo as the four men gave her every drop that they had, filling her body to what felt like the brim. As the last spurts splattered onto her breasts, as the rest of the other loads fired down her throat and soaked her pussy and packed her guts, the tightness built, faster than before, bringing her to dizzying heights of pleasure, leaving her teetering on the edge of a precipice that yawned over a chasm of bliss, the last lingering spurts of cum inside and on her pushing her over.

The tightness burst, a wet gush of her cream bursting forth.

With a meek gasp, she passed out, overwhelmed by the carnal storm.

Her eyes fluttered open sometime later.

The first thing she realized was that she was again handcuffed to the bed, this time on her belly, facing towards the wall.

She heard voices from behind her, and peeked over her shoulder to see John and the other four gathered around a table, playing cards.

Her movement drew his attention.

“Be right back, boys,” he said to the others, getting up to approach her, shedding his boxers by the time he reached the bed.

He clambered on top of her, his cock dragging along the back of her thigh, hardening as it went.

“Hey babe,” he murmured, leaning down to kiss at her shoulder.

She pressed back into him, pulling unconsciously on the handcuffs.

“How long was I out?”

“Not long. Less than an hour.”

His cock sliding in between her legs distracted her.

A moment later, the head nudged in between the lips of her womanhood.

With a slight push, he shoved past, his smooth passage filling her up. She sighed happily, feeling him settle atop her, his hips pulling back to start up a slow and steady pace.

His hands slid underneath her, running up her belly to cup her breasts, squeezing them affectionately. The stimulation made her coo, clutching around his cock, pulling him deeper. The other four paid them no attention, but Pam knew that they were far from done using her.

“I love you, babe,” John murmured to her.

She whined, feeling his thrusts pick up the pace. Wanting his lips on hers, she leaned back, her wordless request granted when he met her, kissing her passionately. This was something so familiar, so regular, and yet she was handcuffed to the bed, with four other men waiting to take their turn with her. That juxtaposition thrilled her, adding to the pleasure building quickly.

The oncoming climax made her squirm and buck, testing the handcuffs unintentionally. John kissed her harder, his tongue meeting hers, their lust spiraling higher, his thrusts upping in intensity as a result. The bed moved slightly to their rhythm as John fucked her further towards her peak.

Pam came with a squeal, John breaking the kiss to hear her soft cries. Her pussy dappled his length in her cream, down to the balls, her legs kicking up unconsciously behind them. He leaned down to kiss at her neck, Pam tilting her head to give him more access, by now used to having her flesh marked by a mate. Although John was less territorial than Tanya, he enjoyed leaving a light bruise on her neck from time to time, like back when they had first gotten together, their furtive and frantic rendezvouses leading to hickeys for both parties.

Throughout her climax, John did not stop fucking her, and as she gasped and writhed in the afterglow, he continued to rut into her wet sex, keeping the pleasure at hand. Buffeted by the bliss, Pam could do little except for moaning and quivering, her body instinctively pushing back into her husband’s thrusts as best as it could. As his hips snapped harder against her, his hands squeezed less delicately at her breasts, capturing her nipples in between the fingers, such stimulation adding to the storm of thrills.

“Do you want me to fuck you harder?” he asked her teasingly.

“Yes,” she mewled, “please, harder, take me harder, please…”

He laughed lightly, his hands now sliding out from underneath her, moving to either side of her head.

His weight rose off her just a bit, a peek over her shoulder showing him steadying himself.

And then he began to fuck her.

Even after Pam had found her sluttier side, even after spending a weekend indulging in that side, John still found it difficult sometimes to treat her like Tanya did. Such unabashed force was not something he could not do, but rather something he did not want to unleash upon her. She was his wife, not some bought whore to be used. But even though Pam loved the romantic approach, she nowadays felt herself craving sometimes to be treated in such a way, to be dominated and fucked hard. Since John lived with her, it fell to him to answer that call when it came, and as a result, he had become more and more comfortable with taking his wife in such a rough way.

So, he very quickly began to bring his strength to bear, driving deep into her soaked cunt. She whimpered, her head tossing from side to side, trying to get a good glimpse of the lustful look on his face. The pace was unrelenting, her body bouncing and jiggling from the impacts, his balls slapping loudly into her taint. Her whimpers became squeals, his name occasionally interspersed in with the random and undignified sounds, offered up as barely discernable praise.

One of his hands snuck up to her head, and took a fistful of hair. Pam knew what that meant, and whined pathetically as she waited for it.

John yanked back on her hair, her cry loud and wild, his pace increasing, her husband putting maximum effort into pounding her into submission. His harsh grunting sounded in her ears, adding to the sensorial delight. The grip he had on her hair was tight and strong, reminding her who was in charge, his desire paramount to both of them. Sweat rolled off him, smearing onto her, more bodily fluids let loose, the room already reeking of sex, the charged atmosphere making it easier for Pam to wallow in the depravity. She licked her lips, taking the punishment with glee.

“Fuck me harder,” she managed to grunt, wanting to see just how far he would go.

The answer to that question was very far indeed.

He shifted position, rising slightly behind her, still gripping at her hair. His hips snapped hard without remorse even as he moved, his new position affording him the ability to add more power, driving into her body relentlessly. She was shoved forward each time he drove into her sopping cunt, but the combination of her own backwards movement, and his yanking on her hair, slid her back into position to take the next thrust. Her juices trickled all over both of them, slicking her taint and his balls, dripping off them to stain the bed below.

As always, John did not disappoint her, throwing caution and concern to the wayside to show his wife that he loved her enough to dominate her, riding her subjugated body with savagery and power. He would occasionally yank back on her hair, her delirious squeals spiking higher each time.

The others behind them took notice, cheering John on, whooping and hollering enthusiastically.

“Yeah, give it to her good!”

“The slut needs it hard, keep going!”

“Damn man, go hard on that bitch, go for it!”

“Hell yeah John, get at that pussy!”

All she could do was sob and wail, trying to egg him on, making sure that he knew how much she appreciated this. The handcuffs limited her motions, but she writhed and bucked energetically, taking him deep and hard, her constant orgasms bathing him in so much heat and warmth.

All that stimulation did him in, but he made sure to give her all he had and more before finishing.

His hand yanked back again, her cries coming out in droves.

He leaned down, his hips still pumping hard.

“Don’t forget,” he growled, “as much as Tanya or these guys might fuck you, you’re mine.”

She mewled, nodding as much as she could, the veracity of that statement gospel for her. It did not matter how hard Tanya claimed her, or how many of these young men would fuck her. Her husband was the only person who she was in love with, who she could never live without, who she truly belonged to and who truly belonged to her.

“I’m yours,” she managed to groan.

“Damn right,” he grunted.

With that, he hilted in her steaming depths, and came, painting her womb white, spurt after spurt breeding her. She whined, and in response, he leaned down to bite at her neck, making her whine rise into a whorish keen, her juices gushing onto the flow of semen. His teeth marked her, likely leaving a bruise, Pam excited to proudly wear it for all the world to see.

They came down together, breathing heavily, her soft trembling calming to stillness after a few seconds.

He pulled out quickly, giving her a kiss on the shoulder before heading back to the card game.

A few minutes passed, none of the others coming over to fuck her, despite her whimpers. Her slit was drooling her husband’s load, but she wanted more debauchery, needed more, craving the type of pleasure these men could unleash upon her.

The truth of the situation occurred to her after a few torturous minutes.

They were not there to fuck her; rather, she was there to be fucked by them. She was their whore for the night, to be used as they saw fit. There was no agency or volition needed on her end. A small moan escaped her lips as she realized this, that she was completely at their mercy, her own desires unimportant in her utter submission to theirs. They could leave her there for hours, unused and unsatisfied, and it would be their right, their prerogative to decide not to take advantage of their property.

Even with this epiphany, and the way that it cemented her as simply an object for their pleasure, she was still desperate for cock, for cum, for carnality, whimpering pitifully, hoping to attract one of them to her, hoping that her need would inspire a sort of mercy in one of them.

Finally, after what felt like so long, one of them deigned to use her.

It was Vic, sauntering over to the bed, Pam gazing at his veined thickness as he climbed up behind her.

His hands spread her ass cheeks, the head of his length nudging up against the hole in between. They had fucked her ass enough to loosen it up, allowing him to push through her anus in short order, her breath hitching in her throat. He said nothing to her as he began to fuck her, pumping into her ass with no preamble, silently and ruthlessly.

When he finally spoke to her, it was with a disrespectful air and disparaging remark.

“Yeah, that’s a good whore,” he growled.

His hand came around, his thick fingers pulling her mouth open. She slobbered onto the digits as he hooked her lips callously, treating her just the way she needed, railing her ass, his fat shaft stirring up her insides.

“How’s the whore?” one of the others asked.

“As good as ever,” he shot back, “she’s fucking nasty, loving that dick deep in her ass.”

A few chuckles came from the group.

Pam came helplessly, drooling onto his fingers, her tongue dancing around the rude intruders. The meat drilling into her guts dominated her mind as it did her body, demanding all the focus and attention. From all the built-up bodily fluids, the area between her legs was wet and sloppy, his balls now slapping into that mess, sending more fluids splattering out further on her legs, reaching to the backs of her thighs.

His other hand moved as well, slithering underneath her to find her sex wet and needy.

The sensation of that fat cock pounding deep into her belly made her ignore the movement of his hand, until he shoved a few fingers into her channel, crooking and questing. She cried out, dappling those fingers in more juices, more stimulation driving her crazier, making her hips snap back harder against him.

As one hand worked at her pussy, the other one left her mouth, taking a grip on her hair. A hard tug yanked her head back, the sudden motion making her squeal, her scalp burning slightly from the discomfort.

“I know you love it, bitch,” he growled, getting a pitiful whimper in reply.

Vic chuckled at her submissiveness, at how she moaned, obviously loving the treatment, loving how he fucked hard into her ass. His fingers curled deeper into her channel, already coated with the constant streams of her juice.

Just like John, Vic did not hold back as he sought his release. Her body had taken a lot of punishment, soreness cropping up here and there, but the swirling pleasure still felt so deliciously decadent, more than enough to override any exhaustion and keep Pam wanting more. Even as the pace increased more, Vic hammering away at her asshole, all she did was grunt and gasp, her body juddering from the impacts, her anus clenching and clasping around the brutal invader.

“Please,” she whimpered, sensing easily that he was nearing his finish, “cum inside me, blow your load deep in my ass.”

“You sound so fucking hot when you beg me like that,” he growled down at her, the furious pace unrelenting, even as the rhythm broke down, the thrusts more staccato, harsh hilting strokes that made her toes curl and her eyes flutter.

“Please, please, fill me up, shoot that fucking load in my guts,” she begged shamelessly.

He growled, yanking back on her hair, his other hand still working inside her, making her voice hitch at certain points in her breathless pleading.

“Give me your load, please, give your whore your load, deep in my ass, please…”

“Fuck, here it comes!”

“Yes! Cum inside me, please, oh please! Give me that fucking load!”

He slammed deep, staying still atop her, his cock throbbing inside her.

“Fuck,” he exhaled as the spurts fired out, blasting deep into her bowels.

“Oh yes, shoot it deep,” she sighed, feeling that lovely warmth bloom in her belly.

Her own climaxes reigned over her broken body, as numerous and powerful as ever, her nectar streaming out onto Vic’s fingers, tremors breaking out all over her. Vic ground himself against her, shooting his load deep, coating her insides in yet more sticky spunk. Sweat shone on their bodies, smearing from one to the other, mingling more bodily fluids. A stream of spent cum trickled lazily from her stretched anus, leaking out despite the fat shaft keeping it gaped.

Vic sighed, rising off her, sliding back out of her. The handcuffed housewife quivered, her sphincter clutching at air, more sluggish trickles burbling forth.

Without further acknowledgement, Vic clambered off the bed, heading back to the group.

By now eagerly embracing her role as their fuck-toy for the night, Pam laid there, waiting for one of them to come use her.

When her patience was rewarded, it was two of them, Marshall and Jordan, coming over to the bed.

They turned her onto her side, both holes vulnerable, Marshall sliding in behind her while Jordan positioned himself in front of her. Despite the slight ache and the uncomfortable position, Pam was delighted to take them, cooing mindlessly as they lifted her left leg to give each other easier access.

Two thick cocks lined up at her lower holes, and with two rough shoves, she was doubly impaled. They made no effort to let her adjust, instead fucking her from the get-go, driving steadily into her conquered body, their hands roaming territorially all over her. Marshall reached around to grope at her breasts as he pumped deep into her bowels, while Jordan had one hand on her hip and the other on her shoulder to keep her steady for his harsh thrusts. Her climaxes came quickly, a constant stream of bliss, leaving her delirious and breathless.

The duo had no interest in treating her as Vic had, in taunting and verbally debasing her. All they wanted to do was fuck her hard, and so they did. At first, they figured out a rhythm, one hilting while the other drew back. But after a few minutes, they threw that coordination to the wayside, instead rutting her together.

Even without being prompted to beg, Pam did so, pleading with them to unleash their loads inside their chosen hole. She was too far gone to care that they had not demanded such behavior; her submission was so ingrained by this point of the night that it needed no domination on their end.

When they came, they came together, filling her with dual spurts of cum. She cried out hoarsely, her asshole clenching around one cock, her pussy massaging the other, more bursts firing out, hot and thick. Her slender body was trapped between the thrusts, both of them still fucking her through their orgasms.

Pam had to wait a little while after that bout before Luke came over to use her, his hands holding her down while he slammed into her dripping sex. The young, strong man railed her ruthlessly, yanking at her hair as the others had, occasionally slapping at her ass. When he finished, it was also deep inside her, adding to the numerous loads coating her channel.

They each used her a few more times that night. In between each time, Pam squirmed on the bed, excited to be used but happy to wait for them to use her, all the better to bask in her submission.

“Are you thirsty?” Vic asked at one point, a small plastic cup in his hand.

“Mmm-hmm,” she replied, nodding, canting her head back to let him put the cup to her mouth.

When the saltiness and bitterness hit her tongue, she moaned lewdly, realizing what was actually in the cup. She kept her lips wide open, letting the cum trickle forth.

“A little treat we saved for you,” he told her, feeding her the rest of the spunk.

Pam swallowed it all, imagining them jerking off into the cup, giving her a tasty snack.

After a while, each of them having used her again in the interim, she heard them discussing her, the five of them gathered at the foot of the bed.

“Let’s do the usual finish,” Vic suggested.

“The usual finish,” Pam repeated, “you guys do this often?”

“Luke’s girl is as big a slut as you,” Vic told her, “so we gangbang her once or twice a month.”

“Does she know you’re gangbanging me?” she asked Luke.

“No, but we have an open relationship, so she won’t care. As long as I tell her all about it.”

She nodded, her mind moving on to the more pressing question.

“So what’s the usual finish?”

“We all jerk off onto her face.”

She purred at that, the five of them chuckling at her reaction.

John came over to unlock the handcuffs, and helped her down off the bed. Her knees trembled as she was directed onto the floor, the five of them gathering around her.

Vic took hold of her hair, dragging her unceremoniously to his balls, the whorish housewife eagerly sucking at the crinkled flesh. His hand stroked quickly along his length, Pam cooing around her mouthful.

They passed her around, her lips moving from one fat sack to another, her hands grabbed and directed to straining pricks, to help get them off. Drool ran down her chin as she slobbered nastily. She urged them on in her mind, wanting them to drown her in their semen.

“She’s fucking draining us dry,” Vic grunted, taking her back from Marshall, one circuit completed, Pam going back to that first sack, slurping noisily on the sweat-slicked orbs.

“We ready?” Luke asked the other four after a few minutes.

They each sounded off, letting Luke and her know that they were primed for the last bit of action for the night.

An insistent hand in her hair tugged her off her husband’s balls. She positioned herself in the midst of the quintet, gasping breathlessly as she watched all five cocks throbbing and pulsing, surrounding her, looming over her, hemming her in on all sides.

Vic was the first to finish, stepping closer to dump his load all over her forehead, some of the harder shots arcing down over the bridge of her nose.

Marshall finished partway through Vic’s orgasm, his own spurts slapping against both of her cheeks.

Luke was third, his aim steady as he blasted out onto her chin and lips, frosting her features.

Her husband was next, simply letting his cock spurt out onto her upturned face without aiming, further covering her in sticky semen.

Jordan was the last, stepping up from behind her to drop his cream onto her from above, his spurts crisscrossing her face, filling in the spots that the others had missed, making sure that every inch of her face was streaked with the evidence of their lust.

The five of them came in sequence, overwhelming her with all their cum, the hot spurts splattering against her. Her cunt gushed wetly, the climaxes washing over her, leaving her a squealing mess. The deluge of semen felt wonderful, both the physical experience of all of it spurting onto her face, and the psychological experience of being marked by the five of them. They grunted and groaned, giving her every last drop they had, a few of them pressing their lengths to her face as they shook out the dregs of their loads. Thick strands coated her face, dribbling sluggishly down, her tongue peeking out to catch some of the runoff.

Each one staggered back, breathing heavily, leaving the housewife on her knees with a cum-blasted face. She moaned, still in the throes of orgasm, reeling from the sublime sensations.

The feeling of all that cum, marking her features, coating her face, was divinely salacious. Warring desires sprung up inside her, one part of her wanting to leave the combined loads there, another part wanting to scoop it all up and eat it as a pre-bedtime snack.

The compromise was to take some of it off, her fingers curling into the sticky mess, collecting a mouthful to feed herself. She cooed as the spent seed dominated her taste buds, swirling on her tongue before trickling down her throat. After a few gulps, she left the rest on her face, to cool on her skin.

The four young men had begun to gather their things.

“Mind if I take a picture of her for my girlfriend?” Luke asked.

“Go for it,” John said.

Pam kept her face tilted upwards to help him get a good picture. Her fingers slid down her belly to play at her slit as he took a few pictures of the ravaged housewife.

“Spread your legs wider,” Luke directed her, “so she can see how much we fucked you.”

She giggled, parting her legs to show off her abused pussy and gaping asshole. Streams of cum still flowed liberally from both holes, showing off the amount that had been shot into her. Ever the eager slut, Pam began to feed herself some of those trickles, hamming it up for the photos, sticking her tongue out, letting the cum drip off her fingers into her mouth.

“Yeah, that’s great,” Luke murmured, taking a few more pictures.

“It’s not fair,” Pam whined, “she can see me being a whore, but I’ll won’t get to see her the same way.”

A few of the others chuckled; Luke just smirked.

“Tell you what,” he said, “give me your number, and the next time we gangbang her, I’ll send you a few pictures.”

Pam beamed, still sucking cum off her fingers.

“It’s been fun,” Vic said to her and John, “but it’s late, and we need to sleep.”

“Of course,” John replied, “thank you guys for helping us out.”

“It was our pleasure,” Jordan said smoothly, the other three nodding in agreement.

Before they left, Luke took down their number, promising many salacious photos of the next gangbang.

And then just like that, the four of them left, leaving husband and wife alone.

“I love you so much,” Pam sighed, heaving herself onto the bed, John sliding in next to her.

“I love you too,” he said, leaning down to kiss at her neck as they settled into bed.

Aches were springing up all over her body, but she was sated and happy, snuggling into her husband’s arms.

“Good night, babe,” he murmured, reaching over to turn out the light.

“Good night,” she replied, already feeling the exhaustion wash over her.

Sleep came quickly for the tired housewife.



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